By Jacob13Kyle Part of the The Gunfighter continuity.
"You didn't seriously think that there are only Twelve, did you?"
— Jacob to Korra and John
Jacob Kyle
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Jacob Kyle is a character that helps John and Korra during their visit to our world. He is the personification of the author of the series.


Jacob Kyle was born and raised on a farm in Northeast Central Kansas, in the United States. His life was set to be a normal one, until fate intervened. At the age of seven, Jacob and his cousin Ellis discovered an abandoned missile silo not far from their home. While Ellis was hesitant to explore, young Jacob was filled with curiosity and ventured deep into the abandoned underground structure alone.

Inside, he found a glowing crack along the back wall. The crack was not in the wall, but rather in the fabric of the universe itself. Upon touching the crack, Jacob was blinded with visions and images he did not understand. Haunted by what he had seen, the young boy returned to his cousin, forever changed.

Overtime, he began to understand more about the crack and the visions he was seeing. He realized that the crack had actually been a junction point in time, and was there because the silo had been the cause of a nuclear war in an alternate reality. By making physical contact with the crack, he had unlocked the ability to peer into other worlds.

John Rider and Avatar Korra first meet Jacob after an emergency jump between worlds in order to escape an attacking spirit. Jacob, along with his cousin Ellis and friend George, help the couple by taking them to their farm. Once there, Jacob befriended John and Korra, offering to help them in anyway possible. John was weary of the young man, as he appeared to know more about the couple's situation then he let on.

Later, the local sheriff's department arrived at the farm looking for the couple, but Jacob and Ellis hide them from the police. Korra revels to Jacob where she comes from and shows him bending, knowing that this is the reason the police had arrived due to her hearing stories from John. Much to her surprise, Jacob is well aware of where they come from and the fact that they are benders. He claimed to know more, but refused to tell due to the fact that he had already said too much.

When John realizes that he cannot travel with the device for unknown reasons, Jacob again offers his services. He tells them of the Eternal Storm, a seemingly timeless prison at the heart of creation that sometimes breeches into the universes. Due to the night being a Wolf's Moon, the storm would open around the farm and they can escape by using it.

Angered by the fact that yet more information is being hidden from them, John forced Jacob to the floor and ordered him to revel everything under the threat of death. Jacob revels that he is Clear Sighted, someone who can see through the walls of reality and look upon other worlds. He also claims to know both of their pasts and futures, warning that his death will only result in ill fate for both of them.

At Korra's urging, John released the non bender, although he was hesitant to believe his story. Jacob states that although he would wish to tell them more, events in their futures were not set and were constantly in flux.

As the Wolf's Moon rose and the storm broke through the bounds of the world, Jacob sent the couple off with a warning for each of them. He warned Korra that men like John didn't always stick around, and he warned John of a betrayal by someone who was close. As they part ways, it is hinted that Jacob will go on to write a story about the two.


Jacob is a rather cool and laid back person. Naturally secretive and hesitant around others, he constantly wore a gun on his hip, but rarely drew it. It appears that he knows who John and Korra are, and it is hinted that he actually the writer himself. His friends and family state that he is usually more reclusive around people and is a natural writer.

Both Korra and John note that he appears to be the odd one out in his family. Korra notes that she can sense a lot of suppressed anger and rage, believing that an event from his past had left him scarred. Despite this, Jacob appears to be a master of his emotions and is generally a happy person, often striding to make those around him comfortable

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