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"Civilization isn't as wide as you think. Out here, you draw first or not at all."
— Jack explaining the nature of the places he visits
John Rider Jr.
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United Republic




173 AG

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C96 Mauser

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Soldier(formally), Airship Captain


John Rider

John "Jack" Rider Jr. was the eldest son and child of John Rider and Avatar Korra and one of the main characters in the Avatar fanon The Invasion.


Two years before his birth, John Rider foresaw moments of his son's life in a dream, although he was unaware of who he was at the time. In late 173 AG, Jack was born to John and Korra on Contention Ranch. Due to financial struggles, an infant Jack was sent to live with his grandparents in the Southern Water Tribe. However following his mother's disappearance and then recovery, he was returned to Contention Ranch. From an early age he displayed talents for bending like that of his parents. Like his mother, Jack was hothead and quick to pick a fight in his young age.

Jack joined the United Forces in 189 AG at the age of sixteen and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant. A few years later in 191 AG, Jack participated in the United Forces Intervention in the Earth Kingdom Civil War, an effort by the president to bring an end to the fighting that had lasted for almost two decades.

Due to an incident on the edge of the Si Wong Desert in which a number of sandbenders were killed, Jack left the United Forces at the age of 21. Using money that he had saved, he bought the Columbia, an old prototype airship and hired a crew, swearing to never follow another person's orders for the rest of his life.

Things changed in 200 AG when a dispute over a small set of islands in the South Sea quickly erupted into full-scale war between the Fire Nation and the United Republic. Jack was persuaded by his younger sister Kya to enter the fight and help wherever he could.


In his childhood, Jack was a hotheaded and short tempered, much like his mother. Always quick to pick a fight, and never one to back down, Jack was regarded by his younger siblings as being the toughest. These traits lasted into his young adult life and helped him rise through the ranks of the military. His personality drastically shifted following an incident in the desert.

Jack became far more serious then he originally was and began to work on getting his temper under control. By the age of 27 in 200 AG, he had changed so much that his sister Kya, who had not seen him in almost ten years, did not recognize him.


Jack was originally inspired by the character Jack Marston from the game Red Dead Redemption. This style of the character was abandoned in favor of one based on Booker DeWitt from BioShock Infinite.

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