By Jacob13Kyle Part of the The Sole Survivor continuity.
Jack Cartright
Biographical information

Jackie Boy



Birth place

Dallas, Texas


25 (19 biologically)


May 5th, 1956

Physical description


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Bending, Rifle

Bending style(s)

Air, Water, Earth, Fire


Bending, Sharpshooting, Avatar State


Taylor Ryan


Bender Hunters

Chronological and political information

Unrealized Avatar


Taylor Ryan


10,000 American Dollars

"I thought I'd just lie here and look at the sky" -Jack upon meeting Taylor.

Jack Cartwright was an Avatar in the mid 20th century and the main character of the Fanfiction The Sole Survivor. He is tasked with keeping peace in a world on the brink of self-destruction.


Jack was born to a single mother in Dallas, Texas. His mother died during childbirth, leaving the boy to be sent to an orphanage. He learned of his bending early, which allowed him to adjust to life better than normal. At the age of thirteen, he escaped and began to live on his own.

Jack's teenage years had him moving all across the country. All the while he developed his bending, mostly teaching himself. However, with benders being captured by the government, Jack was forced to lay low.

But his time in hiding didn't last.

In November 1975, the government stumbled across his bending and him being the New Avatar. With his back to the wall in Superior, Wisconsin, Jack stowed away amongst the bender friendly crew of the freighter Edmund Fitzgerald. In an effort to keep the federals off of them, The Fitzgerald sailed with the Arthur M. Anderson through a heavy storm on Lake Superior.

However things went wrong on the night of November 10, 1975 when the Fitzgerald suddenly sank, taking her 29-man crew and single passenger with her. At the last possible moment, The Avatar State kicked in, saving Jack's life and freeing him from the sinking wreckage.

The ball of water and air he had formed around himself froze, causing a now frozen Jack to sink to the bottom of the Lake. With the sinking making national headlines, the government thought that Jack had died along the rest of the crew and turned their search for an Avatar elsewhere.

For Six Years, the ice casing around Jack's body sat in the frigid waters at the bottom of Lake Superior. Then in 1981, the currents shifted and Jack was unfrozen. He washed up on a nearby shore where he was found by Taylor Ryan. With Taylor, Jack began to travel and train, all the while keeping off the radar.


Jack was humble and untrusting due to his time of living on the streets. He also held a lot of sarcasm and used it on a regular basis. However, Jack had a sense of survivor's guilt due to him being the only survivor of the Edmund Fitzgerald. This was evident as he cried when he heard "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", a song about the sinking for the first time.



Out of all of his main skills, one of Jack's most outstanding is his near superhuman ability to hit a target from almost a mile away. Aside from long distance shooting, he can also hit a needle being held in someone's hand from a hundred yards away.


Jack's last name, Cartright, is the correct spelling of his name, rather than Cartwright.

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