By The Magnolia Killer Part of the The WolfbatMan! continuity.
Ja-ak Ni-Kuro
Biographical information
Birth place

Republic City


Republic City



Physical description



Slim and boney





Hair color

Orange (uses veri-dye)

Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Bloodbending



Chronological and political information

Pro-Bender (formerly), Dentist (formerly), Actor


Varrick Industries Viper-Bats (formerly), Tahno's film industries

Voiced by

Jackson Crowe


Ja-ak is a slim, boney boy of average hight. He has orange-dyed hair and blue eyes, and oddly pale skin for a water-bender. He wears a white, buttoned shirt and black leather pants and boots.


He is a rather weird and semi-sadistic individual. He uses blood bending to get what he wants.


Pro-Bending Career

At the age of 16, he started the pro-bending team "The Viper-bats". His team was sponsored by Varrick Industries. In the matches, he would cheat by using blood-bending to paralyze the other team. He was eventually discovered, and permanently banned from pro-bending. He was able to avoid getting arrested after a few yuans changed hands.

First taste of acting

Looking for a job, he landed a small comic relief role as a masochistic dental patient in a short horror mover called "Florist Store of Terrors". This was the start of a short acting career in which he would play small roles of creepy or insane characters. When he heard a local theater troupe was making a musical stage adaptation of "Florist Store", he jumped at the chance. He landed the role of the minor villain, a dentist named O-Rin Sukuro. This was his first major role, and first on-stage role. When the many shows were over, he again couldn't get a job. One day, someone told him that in the play, he made a convincing dentist. So he decided he'd actually become one.

Short Dentist Career and Arrest

Shortly after becoming a dentist, he was fired and arrested for using blood bending on his patients. He was sentenced to life in prison.

New Acting Career

Tahno bailed Ja-ak out of prison to star in his movie series as the main villain: Wild-Card. He's been doing that ever since.

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