By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory continuity.
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Fire Nation


Fire Nation


21 (Book Five: Memory)


167 AG



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Zuko (father), Iroh (son)

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Fire Lord

Izumi is the current Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, her reign beginning in 167 AG, preceded by Zuko.

History (after book 4)

Izumi's time in the past months had remained unchanged in comparison to the others; she remained the Fire Lord since the battle with Kuvira.

While Team Avatar was at the Northern Water Tribe, Izumi heard reports of the Qishi and quickly phoned the North Pole for assistance, instead getting to Ikki. After hearing Avatar Korra was there, Izumi told Ikki that Korra should head to the Fire Nation as soon as possible.

During that time, Izumi was confronted by El Niño himself and was informed about his plans for Fire Fountain City, to turn it into a breeding ground for his Qishi species. That, along with the more violent reports, made Izumi decide to face the problem head on, and she went out to Fire Fountain City to meet up with Korra. Soon after Korra arrived, Izumi explained the situation to her and her team and went on patrol with her soldiers to find El Niño. During the search, she heard the fight between Korra and El Niño and went over to find a drunken Korra. She agreed that Korra had to go back to the airship as she was in no condition to continue.

After more patrol, Ikki informed Izumi about El Niño and she hurried off to stop him. Unfortunately, she ended up trapped by him and was unable to stop him from flooding Fire Fountain. She decided to help Fire Fountain as Team Avatar continued on ahead, Izumi saying she would meet up with them later on.


Izumi, being the Fire Lord, is a calm, collective, and open leader. For those equal to her, she prefers to be called by her original name, instead of just "Fire Lord".

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