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"My name is my identity, my identity is my life, my life is all I have. That is why I will not give it to you. Even if you are the Fire Lord. I shall not surrender my life to you."
— Ithar to Zuko, while being interrogated in the Firelord's Palace.[1]
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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Beyond the Void.

Biographical information

Fairy Dust (by Toph Beifong[2])
The Flute Warrior (by Cun Duchi village[3])


Timeless Zone


Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation

Birth place

Shao Hui Village, North Western Earth Kingdom


85 (biologically 15)


c.17 AG

Physical description
Hair color


Eye color

Hazel (Green-Brown)

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Void, Flute dagger

Fighting style(s)

Voidbending, Tessenjitsu (Kyoshi Warrior and Unagi Style), Chi blocking, Firebending and Earthbending (Hung Gar kung fu) Forms


Benki (father, deceased)
Nela (mother, deceased)


Shi, Daika (formally), Tulia, Zuko, Iroh, Suki, Ty Lee, Order of the White Lotus, Zonshuk, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, more . . .


Daika, Hama, Combustion Man, Shen, Long Feng, Hahn

Chronological and political information

Voidbending master


Fire Nation colonies (formally)
Flute Warrior
Order of the White Lotus
Team Avatar
Timeless Zone

First appearance

"The Void"
(Avatar: Beyond the Void)

Ithar is the only known Voidbender in existence, born sometime around 17 AG.[1] He is chronologically over 80, but due to remaining in the Timeless Zone for so long, his aging has halted, keeping him biologically 15 years old.


Early Life (17-25 AG)

Ithar was born in 17 AG in the village of Shao Hui, in the Hu Xin Provinces of the North Western Earth Kingdom. The son of Benki and Nela.[4] Benki was a Fire Nation colonial soldier while Nela was an Earth Kingdom villager. Out of the two Benki was a firebender, and likewise wanted his son to be, though after years of trying various forms from both Firebending and Earthbending without any luck since the age of five.

When Ithar was nine, his father returned home from fighting. But on the same day the village came under attack and Ithar was told to flee. He was the only known survivor, as both his parents, as well as the rest of the village, presumably perished.[4]

Discovering the Void (25-28 AG)

Alone with no home. Ithar spent the next three years living by travelling around and working as a labourer on several farms in the colonies.[5]

On one such occasion he heard a story referring to Lion Turtle's that grant people gifts of knowledge and became determined that he would find one, only to be told that Lion Turtles were believed to be extinct. Disappointed he went to sleep on the beach. While trying to sleep, he heard a voice call to him and swam out to an island that arrived in hopes of escaping it. he awoke the next morning to find the beach was gone and discovered the island to be a Lion Turtle. The Lion Turtle asked Ithar if he was given a gift, would he use it for revenge, to which he answered no. For that he was granted the ability to bend Void, the fifth element.[5]

The Voidbender (28-102 AG)

Ithar spent the next seventy years perfecting his unique form of bending.[1], during which time he found the Timeless Zone and met with its guardian, a Dragon Bird Spirit called Shi.[6]

At another point in time, he became a member of the Order of the White Lotus.[7]

Some point during this time, he saved an airbender[8] named Daika,[9] (a friend of Aang's) and invites him to join him in the void after saving his life during the Air Nomad Genocide.[10] While it was accepted, at some point their friendship ultimately ended on a bad note. He described the end of their friendship as being "stabbed in the back".[5] It is later revealed that Daika at some point unlocked an old airbending technique and became a chaotic spirit monster known as "The Wind Walker". Ithar took on the alias of a spirit that many came to know as "The Flute Warrior". Using no bending skills he thwarted off the Wind Walker by using a unique hollow tune that rendered the spirit physical and able to hit it.[3]

In another point in time, Ithar rescues a waterbender named Tulia from a Fire Nation naval attack.[11] But despite Ithar's best efforts to make her happier, she was visibly upset over the revelation of her parents being dead while she was still alive by pure chance. In an effort to cheer her up, Ithar played her a song he was working on, which did make her smile. Ithar then took her for another surprise to keep her happy.[12] He later took her to Ba Sing Se, where in one instance he fought a duel and won against the future General Zong.[13] Following victory, he made friends with the young earthbender and he promised that they would fight again.

The pair of them continued into Ba Sing Se where Tulia dragged him to the shopping district. Tulia and Ithar started talking about their respective cultures, admitting that neither of them really knew what the others was like, which led to Ithar showing her his mother's necklace, which Tulia originally thought could have been a betrothal necklace, but there was no proof for it. However, as they were about to move on, Ithar spotted Daika again, and attempted to rekindle their friendship again, but Daika was so betrayed that he refused to do so. Ithar caught up to him and they argued for a while before Daika asked Ithar if he loved Tulia, to which Ithar couldn't answer at the time, but presumed that he did. Seemingly forgiven, Daika rejoined the Ithar with Tulia, even trying to persuade him to go after her.[14]

Tulia is confirmed to be deceased sometime between these events and Ithar's reemergence.[14]

Sometime before his self exile, Ithar left his father's chest plate, with a huge dent in the chest, and the dagger stylized like a flute with King Bumi. The dagger was apparently a gift from Bumi.[7]

Fire Nation and Loss of Bending (Early Autumn 102 AG)

After spending a number of "years" in exile playing his flute in isolation, Ithar stared into a mist which revealed an anomaly in the timeline. Realizing someone was altering the timeline, he took it upon himself to re-enter the Physical World to correct it.[6]

Upon entry, he found himself in the Fire Nation Capital City. Stumbling into the Cabbage Merchant and breaking into a home after mistaking a scream as a cry for help rather than a burn received from hot tea. He then accidentally bumped into Fire Nation guards, which lead to a panic induced bending reaction leading into a chase away from the guards. He eventually found himself cornered and apprehended by the Kyoshi Warriors. He was left chi blocked by Ty Lee before being taken to the halls outside Firelord Zuko's palace hall under the guard of Suki and Ty Lee.[15]

He was brought forward, but slowly getting feeling back in arms. He is brought before Zuko and Iroh, but avoids answering any questions through cryptic responses in order to stall for more time. Using the time he stalled for he eventually gained enough feeling back in his limbs to bend again, resulting in a short lived fight against Suki and Ty Lee. the fight is however ended after Ithar loses in a riddle challenge set for him by Iroh and agrees to co-operate over dinner. He speaks to Iroh and Zuko alone and fears that the Avatar may be in danger and prepares to leave the next morning despite their protests. After a discussion after dinner, Hama enter the room having immobilized all Kyoshi Warrior guards, including Suki and Ty Lee. Iroh is too immobilized and Zuko is saved by Ithar's intervention, which led to a short battle, ending in Ithar losing his bending via bloodbending shortly followed by Hama's arrest.[1]

Air Temple Encounters (Mid Autumn 102 AG)

The next morning he is provided with a war balloon to make the journey in compensation for losing his bending, on the condition that Zuko, Suki and Ty Lee join him. Though against the decision, he is convinced by Iroh and the group set off. While on the journey, his fear of heights gets the better of him and he goes into a rage filled panic that he unfortunately takes out against the rest of the group while leaving them unaware of his fear. His terror induced scare ultimately leads to Ty Lee Chi blocking him. He is knocked out of his madness by this and takes the first moment he has to escape the group when they land at the Southern Air Temple. He makes his way to the inner sanctuary where he engages in a short talk with Zuko, telling him at the end that he exchanges favours for answers, something that they use later in the future.[16]

The next day they all leave, but there are a few tensions between the group following the madness seen the previous day. Suddenly they find themselves under attack by the return of the Fire Nation assassin known as Combustion Man, who has been newly upgraded and has much deadlier precision. The balloon is struck and Ithar is knocked unconscious, left hanging by a rope caught round his foot. He awakens as Zuko yells to him. Realizing that they are in danger, he uses the tune "March of the Dragon" and a particular note that makes causes a rock slide that knocks Combustion Man from the mountain side. The Balloon was knocked from the peak as it was ripped through by a concentrated combustion technique through the peak. Ithar is caught and hauled back up to a ledge with the others. For saving his life (and his flute) he gives the others two favours. One was exchanged for information about his early life with his family, which he tells up until the Acolytes arrive from the Temple. They are picked up and ride back to the temple with he use of the gliders. By closing his eye while gliding he inadvertently reveals that he is scared of heights.[4]

Departing after a few days of awaiting for alternative transport after the loss of their balloon. leads to a long glide through the archipelago to a ship that takes them to Kyoshi Island. Upon entering the bay, the Unagi attacks them, isolating an incapable Ithar, whom without bending had no other fighting skills, and was likewise a sitting target. He is saved in the process by Zuko, Suki and Ty Lee's intervention, and afterwards asks Ty Lee (and later after being intervened by Suki) to teach him how to fight without the use of bending.[17]

He begins his training with Suki, which starts well but he is ultimately distracted and requests a time out to clear his head. Heading out the bay, he hums songs to himself while playing his flute, including "Girls from Ba Sing Se", "Don't Fall in Love with the Travelling Girl" and "Four Seasons". His tunes eventually catch the attention of the Unagi, who appears more interested in the songs than Ithar as food. Observing the Unagi's movements, starts copying them in order to develop a similar style of fighting to Kyoshi Warrior Tessenjitsu and Southern Styled Waterbending. He is eventually caught by Ty Lee, who originally attempts to get away, but ends up warming up again over a shared memory over a Fire Nation Lullaby. They are stopped when out of the mists appeared an invading Water Tribe fleet.[18]

Having engaged the men, Ithar and Ty Lee found themselves fighting good experienced waterbenders. Ty Lee easily handles herself, while other can only block or dodge the attacks. Zuko and Suki finally reach the beach after battling waterbenders in the village. Though moments later, all four of them become trapped in ice, with Ithar being the only one with his arms free. Ithar gets battered and smashed with water, hopelessly trying to block all their attacks. Faced with no other option, Ithar pulls out his flute and plays "March of the Dragon", which ends up calling the Unagi, whom he ended up calling Kisu out of respect. Kisu uses his jet streams to knock away the benders and smashes some of their ships with its tail as the others retreat, before returning to the bottom of the bay. After saving Kyoshi Island, Oyaji informs them that they have made arrangements for them to get to Omashu, and from their they would receive help from King Bumi. Before they leave, Oyaji tells Ithar not to reveal too much information to the others, to which Ithar agrees.[19]

On the road to Omashu, Ithar asked Suki if she had spent any time with her family while they were on Kyoshi Island, to which she replied she had not due them living in another village on the island. The conversation grew to include a few details into Zuko and Ty Lee's families before it came to Ithar's turn. Ithar told them about the friend he once had before they went their separate ways, and the story of how he became a bender. During part of the discussion about what became of his friend, Ithar started sobbing. Zuko attempted to comfort him by referring to how hard it must had been for Ithar, but he mistakenly assumed that the Fire Nation had destroyed his village, to which Ithar corrected him by telling him that his father was a Fire Nation soldier (a detail he previously left out). Before long, their ride stops at the gates of Omashu.[5]

Trouble in the Earth Kingdom (Late Autumn 102 AG)

Arriving at the gates, a new passport restriction allows Zuko, Suki and Ty Lee to enter, while Ithar cannot as he doesn't have one on him. However, while the other three enter the city, Ithar uses his Lotus Pia Sho tile to gain entry. Meeting King Bumi in his throne room, the five of them have a feast, in which Bumi attempts, and succeeds in revealing Ithar's affiliation to the Order of the White Lotus in front of the others, forcing Ithar to confess. Bumi, realizing that Ithar had grown colder than he was last time drops the floor underneath him and into his pet's enclosure below. Becoming acquainted by Bumi's pet gorilla goat, Flopsy, Ithar struggles as he is smothered by the huge beast. Bumi tells him that Flopsy would only let go if he stopped struggling. Left with little choice Ithar agrees and finds that Flopsy actually let him go (but it's debatable whether Bumi's whistling was the real cause). Returning to the throne room, Bumi explains that he was getting the Ithar to relax more and stop being so uptight. Bumi provides them all with some winter coats, and Ithar is given back his father's armour and dagger he left with Bumi the last time he came to Omashu. While Ithar is skeptical about taking it back, he takes it.[7]

En route to the next settlement, Ithar began taking chi blocking lessons from Ty Lee. However the wagon they were all travelling on is destroyed by a group of earthbenders. Taking cover behind a rock, they are confronted by Daneya, Suki's second-in-command. She reveals that the Kyoshi Warriors were ambushed by the group of earthbender and are now scattered around the town. Avoiding the incoming projectiles, Suki devises a plan to help liberate the town and the warriors, with her, Zuko and Daneya securing the center, while Ty Lee and Ithar take the ones by the market (originally, Ithar was supposed to be with Suki and Zuko with Ty Lee, but Ithar asked Ty Lee if he could go with her, to which she accepted). Ithar distracted the earthbender's fire, while Ty Lee knocked them out, but as Ithar approached, five earthbenders erupted from the ground and attacked. To save Ithar from the incoming attack, Ty Lee Chi blocked him, by striking him in the forehead and the throat, which causes him to temporarily go limp, while the rock hit Ty Lee and throw her through a building. Ithar gets up after the limpness wears off, but finds his bending restored (though the effects later turn out to be a temporary side effect) and uses it temporarily in combat till the effects run out. About to be confronted by ten earthbender, Suki, Zuko, Daneya and the Kyoshi Warriors arrive and save his skin. Ty Lee was injured bad and needs time to recover, which means that she could no longer travel with them. Breaking the news to her, they exchange final words of sentiment and kiss each other on the foreheads to symbolize them parting as friends.[20]

Reaching the next town in the rain, Ithar immediately enters a White Lotus outpost. He comes back with money to buy a rain coat. He finds Zuko and Suki staring at a statue of his guardian spirit persona, the Flute Warrior, Ithar shakes it off like he isn't interested and buys the group rooms for the night. Settling down for the night, the Wind Walker attacks, which prompt Ithar to take up the mantle again to fend it off. Fending off the spirit and escaping after being approached by Zuko, who was unaware of his identity at the time. Ithar is exhausted for the following morning, but dresses up again the next night. He climbs to the roof to await his next battle when Suki and Zuko confront him, having worked out his identity. Ithar ends up confessing, and jumps straight into the final battle against the Wind Walker, playing a special melody that made the spirit physical and allowed Ithar to Ch block it and cut it's connection. He walks away and hides round a corner to listen in to the cheers of the appreciating townsmen.[3]

The group take to the road again en route to a port in the north of the Earth Kingdom, that will take them to the Northern Water Tribe. While on the journey. Ithar tells Zuko and Suki about the origin of the Wind Walker, telling them about the conquest of Han Huang, the Phoenix King and a voidbender. The similarities to the title Firelord Ozai used makes the subject uncomfortable, but it turns out that the Air Nomads developed a sub skill that allowed them to transcend their bodies. The Wind Walker is one of those, but Ithar also tells them, but only implies, that the Wind Walker was someone he knew before hand.[8]

Journey to the North (Early Winter 102 AG)

Having finally reached the port, Ithar is denied access due to lacking possession of a passport, and is seemingly forced to stay behind while Zuko and Suki continue on to the Northern Water Tribe. He waits on a rock, until he manages to sneak on with a crowd of willing Water Tribe warriors, led by Zonshuk, on their way home. After the boat leaves the dock he reunites with Suki and Zuko. He introduces them to Zonshuk, who explains to all of them the current situation of the tribal succession being passed by Chief Arnook's nephew, Palagaq and will be decided amongst himself, Sangok, Qaniit, Shen and Kapik.[11]

Spending days on the boat, Ithar entertains passengers by playing tunes with his flute, which results in a sore throat on the final day of travelling, which he puts aside to practice some techniques with Zuko. Upon reaching shore, he is introduced to the Gaang. He talks alone with Aang before seeking treatment in the tribe. He comes back clean without anything being done to fix his bending block. He, and eventually the rest of the team convince Aang to try and energybend him in hopes of restoring it. However, due to Aang's lack of knowledge of returning bending, he unwittingly instead takes Ithar's bending from him and causes him to collapse into a coma.[10]

Ithar spends the majority of the next three weeks in a coma, tended by Katara. Tough during the coup he is unknowingly left behind in his tent when everyone else retreats.[21]

A week after, having been left behind, Ithar is taken to another location to be drowned when it is discovered that the Gaang are lurking around the North after retreating. When Aang and Katara finally found him, the guards push him into a hole in the ice, hoping to drown him. Aang jumps in and saves him, and both he and Katara carry him the spirit oasis. Despite all the delays with Aang's initial distrust of giving Ithar's bending back, Ithar is awaken from his coma and his bending restored. carried into the middle of the battle, he stumbles across Daika in person. Telling Aang and Katara that he could handle him, he faces off against his former friend and after a brief struggle and war of words, Ithar pins Daika to the ground. With a last words, Daika escapes using an unknown bending technique. As the sun rises, Ithar stands with the rest of the Gaang as they watch the Fire Nation dock up in the ports.[9]

Departure with the Avatar (Late Winter 103 AG)

Having regained his ability to bend, Ithar left on top of Appa, with Aang, Katara and Toph. Still afraid of heights, Ithar kept his eyes closed the entire journey, even with Momo nesting on top of his head. landing on an island between the Northern tribe and the continent. Ithar was soon asked by Aang to be his voidbending teacher, to which he refused, stating that Aang shouldn't even be a voidbender to begin with, and walking off. Despite being confronted by Katara, Ithar still refused, to the point that Aang and he started to argue on the third day. But despite his protests, Aang tried to replicate what he had seen Ithar do and, after an intervention by Ithar, both were consumed in a bright light.[2]

The collision between Aang and Ithar caused him, Katara and Toph to all be transported away into the Timeless Zone. Frustrated in how Aang ignored him, he eventually starts to cause an argument with Katara the moment they return to their camp. Toph intervenes and informs him of a mirror lying deep below the earth. They stop arguing long enough to inspect the mirror. Ithar uses his voidbending to pass into the mirror, where he begins to look for Aang. He finds a strange figure in the smoke, spewing out haiku, but brushes it off when he finds Aang. Pulling him out of the mirror, he realizes that Aang's voidbending is uncontrollable, and decides to train him, to control it, not as a full mastery of the bending art.[22]

After dropping off Toph at her school, Ithar proceeded to do the best he could in teaching Aang how to keep himself calm and not explode with the power of void. But the tensions between Itahr's reluctance to teach Aang any real forms of voidbending, and Aang's determination to receive proper training rather than simply meditating, forcing Katara to almost always having to break it off between them. Ithar revealed to them the basis of his technique being reminiscent of the bending styles he learnt from his father, Tulia and Daika, before they all called it a night on their way to Ba Sing Se.[12]

Appa finally lands in Ba Sing Se, where the group were surprised by the emergence of Dai Li agents, that were under Earth King Kuei's command rather than Long Feng's. They followed them to Lake Laogi where Kuei was waiting for them, however Ithar's encyclopedic knowledge on the Earth Monarchy led to him spilling a lot of information in such a short time that he had to be nudged to stop talking. Aang had to explain Ithar's voidbending, which Ithar then prompted to demonstrate to the skeptical King. Though distracted, Kuei agreed to meet with Aang later to discuss the new threat. Later however, General Zong was making his way to the Palace, where he recognized Ithar and the two prompted to fulfill their promise to duel again, which resulted in Ithar's victory again.[13]

The next day, Ithar is asked to meet the Earth King in the palace early in the morning, which as it turned out was for small amounts of information about voidbenders, as yesterday's demonstration had fascinated Kuei and wanted to know more. Ithar explained what little he could about the original voidbenders that would have been information easily found, seeing it as something that he could have come across anyways. He prompted to leave, looking back at where he and Zong had scuffled years ago before returning to Aang's house in the city. Katara will still there and she finally confronted him about why he refused to teach Aang, to which Ithar reminded her of Daika, and the conversation ended with Ithar telling her the rough depiction of how Tulia died before leaving. Ithar walked sobbingly to the shopping district, where he again remembered where he had been with Tulia. He moved on to find Aang and gave him a short lesson in advanced voidbending skills he knew how to do, without actually teaching him, before they parted ways. Ithar ended his day walking up the same hill overlooking the lower ring and concluded his remembrance walk..[14]

Upon the time came that they would leave Ba Sing Se, they took an over night trip in which Ithar stayed up for a short time. He thought about how he has trouble sleep, and more about the figure in black that he saw, not knowing why or how. He falls asleep, but wakes up five hours later to swap his shift with Katara. He swaps over with Aang after about three hours and falls back asleep until daybreak.[23]


Ithar is fiercely independent. He attempts to accomplish anything he puts his mind to and doesn't give up. He is perfectly suited to being on his own and not the most social of people, but has hinted that he may not actually prefer to live on his own, but likes to be in control of the situation.

Possessing an excellent memory and combined with an inability to let things go, rarely being able to forget. On the other hand, he always remembers a kind gesture forever and will repay it. Any kind selfless gesture allows him to trust and respect people more. On the outside, Ithar has great secretiveness and mystery, but is known to be honest, only when the information is widely known amongst who he communicates with.

He is able to re-survey a situation and take a different approach if necessary, having learnt to re-adapt after losing his bending and started learning other martial arts. This makes him very adaptable and versatile. Combining his powers of observation and excellent memory, he can easily recall facts and when necessary, bring them to the table at the time of need.

He is somewhat ambitious, persistent and determined which is shown through a power hungry, controlling attitude. Not in a stubborn sense however, because he will work for what he wants and control with justified reasons. This is obvious to any onlooker. Ithar never gives up, he is so determined to reach his goal. The key to his success is his flexibility. He is able to re-survey a situation and take a different approach if necessary.


Ithar's name is written as 爱乏.[3] His name means "to lack love" referring to him losing his family at an early age and being isolated for so many years.



As the only known Voidbender, he has taken seventy years in mastering and developing it.[1] His main use for it is defensive purposes and likewise never uses it for attack, while there has been evidence that it can be used on the offence.[5]

Ithar is a master of several advanced skills in voidbending, such as manipulating and contolling the growth of tree branches and other organic matter to his advantage[13], using the void of other living objects rather than exhaust his own reserves[14], and also be able to use void to reverse the movements of living matter.[15]

His skill in voidbending is so advanced that he is currently the only known voidbender to have ever reached the Timeless Zone.[6]

Other skills

With the loss of his bending[1], Ithar took up learning other martial arts in order to defend himself, taking a combination of Kyoshi Warrior styled Tessenjitsu and an inspired Unagi styled movements into a unique form of the two.[18] He also took up chi blocking lessons with Ty Lee while travelling on the road.[20] With the restoration of his bending he has become less reliant on these skills as of this point.[9]

Ithar is gifted at playing the flute and at making haiku.[6]



  • Ithar comes from the Telugu word ఈథర్ (Īthar) meaning "aether", the European equivalent to the Japanese element Void/Space.
  • Ithar is the only known master voidbender in the series.
    • He was likewise the only voidbender in the entire series to be alive[5], until Aang gained the ability as well.[21]
  • Despite claiming that he doesn't want to share information in fear of changing the course of history, he does if he owes anyone a favour.[4]
    • Though this isn't always true, as he absolutely refused to teach Aang voidbending when he was asked. [2]

Preceded by
Avatar's spiritual mentor[12]
103 AG
Succeeded by


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