By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: The Revision continuity.
Circus dragon performers
Ita and Zura
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Spirit World


Foggy Swamp

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Aura reading, illusionist, levitation

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"(A:TR) Ep.22: Swamp Visions"

Ita and Zura are two twin dragon spirits that reside in the Foggy Swamp. They're twin brothers and they both left the Spirit World to toy around with humans.


Ita and Zura are pretty identical, both physical and emotional. They both love to pull pranks on others and trick humans. However, Ita is more subtle than Zura and sometimes Ita has to tell Zura when he's going too far with his insults. Zura is also a bit more brave than Ita when it comes to their illusions.


Ita and Zura were born in the Spirit World, often helping themselves to tricking other spirits. However, as time went on, their antics began to get caught and their usual tricks didn't work on the spirits as well as they used to. So without any second thoughts, they went to the mortal world. Eventually on their travelling, they'd made home in the Foggy Swamp, the perfect epicenter for their illusions and pranks.

They first appeared indirectly when they both saw Team Avatar and caused a tornado to form in order to get them all in. As the team was split up, Ita and Zura both worked their illusions to trick the members. They first did it with Aang, making the illusion of Miku appear. They were going to try Katara, but her waterbending bomb made them change their mind, and so they went for Sokka and Ty Lee instead, making the illusion of Suki. They both targeted Haru, but they ended up revealing themselves once the whole team was there. Ita and Zura explained a bit of their actions, Zura eventually calling Katara fat due to her huge splash. Ita reminded Zura though to watch his mouth and things eventually calmed down. As Ita was getting Appa and Momo, Zura toyed around with them some more by reading Aang's aura and making the illusion of a hot Katara in a swimsuit, mainly to embarrass Aang in front of everyone. Zura was hit aside by Katara soon after. When Ita returned with Appa and Momo, they both ventured back into their home as Team Avatar left.



This isn't an exact case, but Ita and Zura are able to use airbending, shown to create a tornado so Team Avatar could venture in the swamp.


Their best known ability is the ability to create illusions, able to make an extremely real vision to trick humans into believing they're real.

Aura Reading

Although Ita isn't known to do this, Zura is known to read others' aura in order to make an exact illusion. This resulted in Aang's embarrassment when Zura read Aang's aura and made a hot looking Katara in front of everyone.

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