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It Would All Be Worth It
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Messing with the Clouds



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December 12, 2013

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Chapter Two: It Would All Be Worth It

Chapter Two: It Would All Be Worth It

Aang sat down at his desk, wondering, thinking. What are the things that I should do? This proposal must be perfect! First, I should make the betrothal necklace... No no no I should ask her father first! But what if he doesn't consent? At least I know Sokka approves, but that that make any difference? Aang felt more stressed than he did three years ago, being forced to face the Fire Lord. If only there was a Lion Turtle to teach me Lovebending.

Aang leaned against his chair, his hands dangling by the sides of the chair. He scrunched up his face in annoyance. Perhaps the fresh air will do me some good... He stepped out of the apartment and walked among the quiet streets of the Upper Ring. The cool night breeze flapped at his robes. He continued walking. And walking. He heaved... and sighed. "Okay.. So Father first, then betrothal necklace. No wait. Will there be enough time to make the necklace after I travel all the way to the South Pole to ask her father? Okay, so, neckla-"

"Hey Aang!" Katara's familiar figure appeared just a few metres away from him.

Aang shopped short, his finger which had a habit of subconsciously moving as he was deeply thinking was still in the air. And for some reason when he saw Katara, he put his finger behind his back, as if afraid she would know what he was thinking of.

"He-he-hey Katara..." Aang smiled nervously. What if she heard the whole thing?

"What was about that necklace you were talking about?" Katara probed, raising an eyebrow.


"Are you sure? Is there something you're hiding from me?"

"Yes! Er, no, no! Absolutely nothing! Er, Appa's hungry! Gotta run!" Aang ran at top speed in the other direction. Aang felt wrong to lie to Katara, but he had no choice. He couldn't possibly tell her that. Hey, I'm gonna propose to you on your birthday, you excited?

Katara was left all alone, what is wrong with him? She was furious. And even more hurt. Why would he want to hide something from me? Katara walked towards her apartment, her mood affecting her every step. He never was like this in the past...

Aang ran towards Appa's barn, full aware of Katara's anger and sadness. Well, it would all be worth it. I hope...

Aang slowed down at the entrance of the barn, watching Appa as he snored. He silently took some hay next to him and set it right in front of Appa's mouth. Appa woke up despite Aang's attempts to be as swift as possible. Appa groaned lazily as Aang rubbed his nose. "What do you think I should do, buddy? Katara's probably really mad at me right now and I still have so many things to do!" Appa groaned again and licked Aang's face.

Aang airbended himself towards Appa's saddle, and lay there, hands behind his head, as he reminisced about the past, where he first met that beautiful waterbender which he had all the luck in the universe to be able to be with. If it weren't for her, he would probably be still in that block of ice.

"That's it!" Aang shot up suddenly.

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