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It Begins Here

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The two gangs bump into each other and conflicts arise as intense as the heat.


The Freedom Fighters and the Kyoshi Warriors are on Kyoshi Island.

The sun beats down on the tiny fisherman island causing the young men to become hysterical. "Come on, Smellerbee, can we PLEASE go get some water? We've been out here looking for food forever." Liang complains, causing his voice to crack wildly.

"We left two minutes ago, calm down." Smellerbee orders.

"Why did you bring us to this island? My skin is going to burn and my perfect skin will be... Imperfect. I agree with Liang, let's go indoors and get water." Kohei cries.

"Do you agree with those two hooligans Kuzon?" Smelerbee asks.

Kuzon, the shy, wimpy one contemplates about which side. What should I do? If I pick Smellerbee's side Liang will probably put sea slugs down my back while i'm sleeping. But Smellerbee has eyes as intimidating as the Unagi, who knows what she'll do to me? Kuzon thinks.

"LET ME BE I'M JUST A BOY!" Kuzon cries and runs behind a bush.

"Longshot?" Smellerbee says.

Longshot walks over to Liang and Kohei.

"Fine then. Let's go get you babies some water." sneers Smellerbee.

There's a rustle in the trees.

"Did you hear that?" Kohei says.

"Yeah, it's coming from over there." Liang says pointing east.

Three figures pop out and ambush them.

The boys wake up to see the Kyoshi Warriors.

"Sorry we thought you were a Platypus bear." Suki apologizes "Have you caught any fish in the river yet?" Suki says looking at Liang's empty game bag.

"River?" Kohei starts "Do you think I'll be able to see my reflection in it?"

"Oh shut it! You're more annoying than a screeching hog monkey." Kuzon snaps. Did I just say that? Kuzon thinks to himself. Everyone in amazement stares at him with eyes bigger than a lion turtle's. "I mean, uhh... AHHH!" Kuzon runs behind a nearby tree in mortified.

"Anyways, the girls were wondering..." Suki starts.

"Come on, say it" Heiwa nudges her on.

"Say it so I can get home and write in my diary about how annoying you guys are right now." Amai monotonously complains.

"We were wondering, sigh...if you'd like to stay with us since you obviously have nowhere else to stay." Suki spits out faster than a two- headed rat viper going after its prey.

Smellerbee looks at the rest of the gang and they nod back. "I guess we have a new home guys."

To be continued


  • There's a reason why Ty Lee wasn't in the first chapter.

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