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A Typical Day

A Fire Nation Prison, 100 AG

The prisoner stared at the full moon. So many things had happened and so fast. She was put in the cell so quickly it made her head spin. She heard the guards approaching. "Hey Qin Lee, you don't look so good. Maybe you should stay up there." "I don't think it's a good idea." "She's been quiet for a while. I think it's safe." She smiled wickedly as she saw her opportunity approaching. The prisoner raised her arms as the guard climbed down into the pit. Poor Ty Fung didn't even have time to yell before Hama forced him to unlock her chains. She sent him up the ladder and followed quickly. Ty Fung quickly attacked and disabled Qin Lee, then dropped like a sack of hammers as Hama released her hold. She ran for the exit, a blur of motion that streaked past the guards surprisingly quickly for an old woman. By the time that they got over their shock, Hama was gone. The two guards awoke and immediately dashed off a messenger hawk to Firelord Zuko that Hama had escaped.

Three Days Later

Hama was spotted several times over the next three days, most notably when she stole a boat and was pursued by a hot air balloon. However, after being hit with an ice spear, the airship was forced to turn back. Hama pushed north, the last time she was seen. "Time to destroy the Northern Tribe, for hiding from the rest of the world."

Author's Notes

Ty Fung is Chinese for typhoon.

Hama's prison is basically one big pit, with a ladder for food and water. There is a window. There's just one long hallway out of the prison, with guards every so often.

Firelord Zuko knows who Hama is from Katara.

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