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It All Ends
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July 24, 2012-February 3, 2014




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Spirit War Trilogy


It All Ends is the action-packed finale of Mageddon725's Spirit War Trilogy, a trilogy that began with Avatar- Aftermath and Burning Earth. It will close all remaining storylines left open by the previous two works.


The Avatar has always been a force for balance within the world, but, as of late, it seems as if the Spirit World has been encroaching on the human world in ways that could have disastrous implications if left unchecked. Now, Avatar Argho, along with his allies, must face some of the most powerful and ancient spirits that have ever existed, spirits that have been vying for power since time immemorial. Can they face down the darkness, or will the world crumble?

Dramatis Personae

Team Avatar

  • Argho: Earth Kingdom Avatar after Korra, mid 30's
  • Shen: An ally of Argho, intentions unknown, 19 years old
  • Kuan Ti: Leader of the Equalists, mid 20's
  • Moro: Waterbender/Bloodbender, joined to avoid being conscripted by Susanowo
  • Rioku: Earthbender, Argho's former protege


  • Kenshin: Spirit of Ice
  • Lin Quei: The Judge, patron spirit of non-benders
  • Noulaq: Spirit of Rain
  • Otokami: Spirit of Sound, patron spirit of Airbenders
  • The Protector: Keeper of the status quo among the more powerful spirits
  • Susanowo: Spirit of Tempests, inventor of Bloodbending
  • Tunturia: Spirit of Tundra, an ally of Susanowo
  • Usha: Spirit of Dawn, mother of both Otokami and Susanowo

Human Antagonists

  • Kyrie Kenshi: Bloodbender, one of Susanowo's lieutenants
  • Petrine: Grand Elder of the Air Nation
  • Rena: Bloodbender
  • Turi: Bloodbender

More characters will be added as the story progresses


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Book 1: Blood

Prologue: Changes

  1. Kenshin Outpost
  2. Searching for a Waterbender
  3. Old Enemies, New Allies
  4. Proving Ground
  5. First Contact
  6. Sealed
  7. Frozen Tundra
  8. Reaching Out
  9. Blood Ties
  10. Rescuing Turi
  11. Counter, Pt. 1
  12. Counter, Pt. 2
  13. Resolve
  14. Cold-Hearted

Book 2: Sound

  1. Restructuring Priorities
  2. A History Lesson
  3. A New Ally
  4. Warriors
  5. The Ancient Master
  6. Ever Onward
  7. Dragon of the Caldera
  8. The Dragon's Flames
  9. Survival of the Luckiest
  10. Crushed, Pt. 1
  11. Crushed, Pt. 2
  12. Lost
  13. Separate Paths

Book 3: Dawn

  1. War Unseen
  2. Light and Secrets
  3. Prelude
  4. Arrival
  5. Rumors of Wars
  6. The Needs of the Many
  7. The Clash, Pt. 1 - Willpower
  8. The Clash, Pt. 2 - Turning Point
  9. Dust Settles, War Begins
  10. The End, Pt. 1 - Sealed Bonds
  11. The End, Pt. 2 - Freedom and Chaos
  12. The End, Pt. 3 - Reactions
  13. The End, Pt. 4 - Finality
  14. The End, Pt. 5 - Symbols
  15. The End, Pt. 6 - Resolution

Epilogue: Brave New World



IAE has received praise from Omashu Rocks of the FRS, who gave it a 9.36 in his review.


- The author of one of the most popular fanons on the wiki, Avatar: Energy Saga, ARG expressed excitement at the developing story: "I definitely wasn't expecting to see Avatars, Equalists, Bloodbenders and Airbenders join forces when I started reading this story!"

- The author's knack for suspense (much to the annoyance of his readers, most of the time) was noted by the author of the fantastic fanon Air. Wordbender said that "You reveal just enough each chapter to shock us, but still keep us on our toes".

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