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It All Comes Together
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30 July 2011

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It All Comes Together is chapter 3 of Engagements: Katara and Aang. This is the series finale of Engagements.

Set date: 13 December, 104 AG

Crafting a plan

Four long days had passed since Aang put the final touches on the necklace he would use to propose to Katara. Enough waiting! His thoughts were yelling at him, but his nerves were stopping him.

Slowly, he crafted a plan to lead her to the proposal. He found it hard to be direct, like how Zuko appeared to be with Mai. Aang wanted to be sure to make this proposal more than a simple "Will you marry me?". His thoughts flowed like the river and air as he thought of ways to make it spectacular.

Suddenly, a little flame of light flickered in his mind. An idea came to him. He decided he would make his move-have it all come together-under a scene most appropriate. He recalled that the moon had just reached its full stage the night before, so it would be full once again tonight. It needed to be there; after all, the moon was her symbol, representing the essence of all Waterbending. This proposal was for her. So it could only be appropriate that her symbol looked over them as he hoped to make her forever his.

He needed more than just the full moon though. It would help to set the scene, yes, but he needed to do the rest. It was up to him to set up the date.

His thoughts flowed...until he once again got his idea.

"Penguin sledding!" Memories of their first bit of time together came to him. He figured that, before he could make her his wife, they could relive this "first date". A good memory can't hurt...can it?

The scene was set, but he still needed a true way to express his love for her with this proposal. What could I do? He scratched his chin and paced the floor, thinking of the best way to say "I love you" right before popping the question. This did not come easy to Aang at first.

Wait! Of course!

The Avatar smiled and suddenly had the way to say it. It was all up to him, now, to show her.

Putting it into action

Aang pulled open one of the drawers under his desk. There, he took out a wooden box, which had been painted blue and white to represent the colors of the Water Tribe. A secondary gift from the elder craftsman who had taught him in the art of jewelry-making, lessons that had now paid off, the box had the symbol of the Water Tribes on it: The moon at left, cresting over the top and on the bottom, with waves on the lower half and stars illuminating the upper half. He picked up a golden key, opened the box and saw the betrothal necklace he crafted for her, the ultimate symbol of his love. "Accept this, Katara, and we can be together..."

He sneaked the box under his Air Nomad robes. Afterwards, he picked up the coat Katara had gotten him shortly after the two moved permanently to the South Pole. He donned the coat and made his way out. It was the early morning, so his girlfriend was still asleep, all the more ensuring he could get by to set up the surprise. He also added a series of torches for another special plan, where they could enjoy themselves, away from the attention.

Aang located the penguin habitat-the perfect place in which to plot his surprise. Using Waterbending, he opened up a hole under the snow. Then, he melted some snow with Firebending, and returned to his Waterbending. He covered the box with water and froze it, allowing it to look just like the iceberg from which he was released just over five years ago to the date.

"Katara, you unfroze me from a block of ice, and thus we became part of each other's lives. Now, unfreeze this symbol of my love for you, and we can make it forever, until death does us part..." the Avatar whispered quietly to himself. There was only one thing left to do. He placed the small iceberg under the snow, and marked the area with the symbols of the Air Nomads and Water Tribes, symbolizing the eventual coming together of him and Katara...or so he hoped.

The Avatar took a walk up into some isolated hills. He looked within for a secluded area, trying to find a place where he and Katara could be alone. There in, he found a safe area near the top of a hill. Using his Waterbending, he brought up some of the snow and froze the newly-created structure into place. He made it big enough for him and his girlfriend, then he turned to see that the magnificent ocean was also in range, giving them the right scenery for a romantic date. He added in a few torches he had acquired the day before, which would allow them some lighting.

With this, everything was set.

The plan was soon to be in action.

Inviting her

As the morning grew late, Katara arose from her sleep, and stepped outside her igloo. She spotted her boyfriend coming towards her.

"Hey, Katara!" Aang called out to her.

"Aang!" Katara quickly turned around, and ran towards him. She threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "How are you?"

"I'm doing well, Katara. I saw you around, and I was just wondering if...well, you'd like to do something tonight..." His words were slow as he grew a little nervous about proposing to her that night.

"Aang, why are you still nervous? Do you really think I'm going to reject you at this point?" She chuckled and placed her hand on his shoulder. "I'd love to do something...just like I love you. Meet me right back here, later tonight. I'll be waiting for you."

"Of course I don't think that! I'll be ready, then. See you tonight, Katara. I love you." He opened his arms, allowing her to step into another embrace. "I love you too, Aang." She hugged him. This time, though, he gave her a kiss. "I'll see you tonight!"

Katara walked away, now with a new set of plans for tonight. She looked back at Aang as he walked back towards his igloo. He seems so worried about something...what could it be? Could it he... Her mind explored the possibilities, including the chance that he may finally invite her into life together.

Aang had the first part of his plan done. This is more stalling. Tonight is the night. Katara...I hope you say yes to one more question.

The night falls

Partially written by Vulmen

She sat nervously on a cold metal chair by her desk, staring into an ice mirror at her reflection. Asking me on a of all places? He just doesn't do this. She ran her whale tooth comb through her flowing brown hair, turning her head fretfully side to side to ensure she looked her best and her hair loopies were in place. Something is up tonight, it has to be.

She lowered her eyes from the mirror, staring off into space. He's been acting so weird lately and he's been gone a bit more frequently lately. Maybe...this is it? Is he finally going to ask me? Am I ready? Her eyes darted to their corners, narrowing her eyelids instinctively as her pulse raced. Tch. I'm nineteen, and I've been expecting this for awhile now. Of course I am...maybe he is too.

She only just realized she was trembling, as her chair seemed to ever so slightly rock of its own accord. Stop it, be patient. She slapped her comb to the desk, slapping her hands to her cheeks to cover her eyes with a quick shake of her head. He might just try to be romantic again. She huffed, swallowing hard as she slid her palms down her cheeks to reveal her quivering expression, resting her hands in her lap. I going to have to talk to him about this? Is it because he's an Air Nomad? Downheartedly her eyes drifted to the desk, waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. Will he ever ask me?

As she finished this thought, a familiar voice called to her. "Katara! Are you home?" The Avatar's gaze wandered around the house, looking for his girlfriend. Where is she?

Her fears melted away, a smile crossing her face as she heard his deep, heart-soothing voice. She slid the chair back, rising to her feet as she slid her boots out from under the desk. Seizing her lavender mitts, her heart beating swiftly, she turned to approach him. "Don't worry; I haven't run off on you." She smiled shyly, tipping her chin forward to set her brilliant eyes upon his. "I'm ready."

Right in time with hers, his fears faded away. It was as if a raging sea and wind had just calmed to smooth waves washing on the shore as a small breeze lightened the mood. He smiled as Katara approached him, looking down into her crystal blue eyes. "Hello, Katara," he said softly, opening his arms to her.

She smiled warmly; gazing with earnest at his open invitation for her. Quickly she stepped forward, entering into his hold as she turned her head and laid it against his shoulder, wrapping her arms behind him to fall into his loving embrace. Here, her eyes drifted shut, and she sighed softly while locking her hands together behind his back. "So what do you have in mind?" she quietly questioned from her current position. "Are we going anywhere special?"

"As a matter of fact, Katara, I did have something special in mind. This night is just for us. So, I have a couple of surprises for you tonight," he said to her, smiling. I hope I'm not revealing too much...this has to stay a surprise. As his thoughts rolled, he turned his head into the distance, a little worried that she might catch on to this plan. "Well, I would like to have a dinner ...with you, Katara. I planned it myself, to let you have this night off," he said, returning the quiet tone. "There is somewhere I'd like to take you, but this is a surprise, so I'll need you to close your eyes as we go to it. Trust in love for you."

With her face hidden beneath his, her eyes widened in awestruck wonder. Trust in love? Somewhere secret?, you... Her grip about him tightened, the corners of her lips tugging away into a satiated smile. This had to be it. "Okay," she breathed softly, lifting her head from his shoulder to step briskly away from him. "I like it when you cook; you have some very interesting dishes." She beamed her joy to him, slipping her mitts on in what she felt was a perfect mask of her guesswork for the evening.

Aang held his smile at her. He proceeded to hold his gloved hand out to her. "So, will this master Waterbender and great person grant this humble Avatar the pleasure of being her guide for the night?"

"Do I have to close my eyes now, or is that for after dinner?" She reached out, clasping her mitt into his extended hand elegantly.

"I would prefer you do so now, Katara. As I said, this is a surprise I have planned for you," he said as he grasped her hand.

"Lead on, my humble Avatar," she joyfully teased, closing her eyes to hold the hand that she willingly would allow to guide her anywhere, anywhere he asked her to go.

"I shall, my master Waterbender," he teased back as he led her outside her igloo, beginning the walk to the special place he had made for them.


Also partially written by Vulmen

Aang looked straight ahead, but ensured he kept a consistent eye on his girlfriend, making certain she didn't peek. Does she know this is the night? I'll have to keep her mind off of it.

The two made it outside the confines of the main village, reaching the isolated hills. Aang continued to peek at her face, seeing her eyes had remained closed. Okay, let's just get to the area...

Steadily lifting her feet to climb a rising mound, they just cleared the top of it as she continued to lift her foot slightly higher to brace her climb. There was no ground. A slight gasp escaped her as she slipped forward, her foot finding ground but lower than she expected. She gripped his hand tighter, pulling against him for balance. "Whoa, sorry." She pressed her eyes shut again, having cracked her eyelids during her quick scare to see only the snow beneath her feet. "Well, you've gone and turned me around hon. I don't know where I am," she chided with a smile. I trust him. But, where is he taking me?

He stopped walking for a second and pressed a finger to her lips. " don't want to ruin your own surprise, do you?" He grew a little worried, hoping he could reach the top faster. Don't blow this, can do it. He continued to guide her to the building he had crafted.

They reached the structure a few moments later. "Okay, Katara, I will need you to let go of my hand for a moment. Keep your eyes closed, though!" He walked up to the structure's opening, turning back to make sure her eyes were closed.

No, no. Don't peek, I'm sure the wait will be worth it. She bit her lip eagerly, smiling like an idiot as she obeyed his wish to remain still. The sudden rush of fire caught the air, causing her to jump in fright and flutter her eyelids, though snapping them shut when she noted only Aang's boots ahead of her. "Aang?" she questioned, followed shortly by his request to open her eyes. Her eyelids gave way to her icy sapphire eyes, glancing to the burning torches in the walls of ice ahead of her. She blinked in confusion, seeing nothing but two ice walls holding up a sheet of ice, the rippling waves of the ocean in view beyond this arch. Okay...I'm sure there's a point to this. She tilted her head, giving an earnest smile to her boyfriend before gently questioning him....

Aang turned back to her, seeing her curious look. "Katara, like I told you, I wanted us to have this night to just ourselves. I wanted to make it beautiful for you. What better than a torch-lit dinner with a stunning view of the ocean ahead of us?" He looked out at the ocean, then turned back to her. "Although this view may be captivating, it still could not be more beautiful than you are..."

Oh. She lifted a gloved hand to her mouth, chuckling merrily into it before shaking her head. "I should have guessed that, sorry." She approached him quickly, advancing through the snow to join his side beneath this simple creation. You're just making me too anxious! Are you going to ask me, or is this night just us being romantic? She withheld a fervent sigh, allowing these worries to drift away as she took his arm in her hand. "Okay Aang, we're here now. I'm all yours."

Aang took her hand and led her within.


Aang laid out a blanket over the snow and the ice, giving them a soft support to lie down on. They each turned to see the view of the beautiful ocean, which was a breathtaking view.

"'s beautiful," she said as she placed her arms around him.

"Not as beautiful as you." He kissed her forehead as she dropped her head under his. " about that dinner?" She asked.

He opened up the basket and took out some dishes. For her was a dish of polar bear meat, something he admittedly did not enjoy picking up. It's all for her...forget about you for a moment, he remembered thinking as he picked it up. For himself, a dish of vegetables, keeping up with that tradition of the Air Nomads. Aang warmed up the food with his Firebending.

After some time eating, the couple took time to enjoy the view before their dessert. "Aang, how do you do all this?" Katara smiled at him, looking into his grey eyes.

"Well, being the Avatar has its perks," Aang chuckled.

"Then, is this a perk for an Avatar?" Katara laughed, then leaned in and gave him a soft kiss.

"Katara, I could never consider you just a mere perk. True love isn't just a simple perk." He smiled at her, allowing her to relax in his arms.

She teared up slightly. "'re so sweet..."

They ended the dinner with a pair of fruit pies, their favorite dessert. "Where do you get the fruit pies?" Katara wondered, as they seemed to keep getting these.

"I've got some friends in high places," Aang chuckled, seemingly pointing out another Avatar perk. "The Earth Kingdom still makes some."

"I'm glad you introduced me to them, Aang. Monk Gyatso taught you well in taste."

As they finished their dessert, they continued to soak in a romantic view, until they noticed a pair of passerby penguins off the distance.

"Say, Katara...does that remind you of anything?" Aang asked her, growing a curious and conniving look on his place.

"Oh, yeah...our first, well, if you can call it a date. Still that was your introduction to me," she laughed a little.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun once in a while, is there?" He reached into the basket to pull out two fish.

"I suppose there isn't. After all, we don't have to be all serious, all the time," she smiled.

Katara released her arms from Aang and took a fish. She and Aang walked to the penguins, each presenting them with a fish. Within a moment, they had them caught, and it was like the clock was being turned back. Only this time...

Re-living our first time together is the key to that much more time together, Katara....


The penguins fell easily for the fish, allowing Aang and Katara to take them over. With a small forward push, the two made their run down their hill, enjoying every second of it.

Aang, however, kept making certain they were headed in the penguin habitat's direction. After all, that was where he had to take care of something. "Katara, this way!" He turned his penguin to the left.

Huh, a turn? That's odd. Katara just followed her boyfriend's instructions. "Where are we going, Aang?"

"You'll see!"

The two continued to enjoy their ride, albeit with Aang constantly moving his head around, ensuring the habitat was still in sight. They continued to near the bottom of the hill.

"I haven't had this much fun in years, Aang! Great idea!" Katara yelled with a big smile, laughing as the trek continued.

The snow flew up in their faces, but they didn't seem to mind, enjoying the breeze to go along with the ride.

Suddenly, the penguin habitat arrived out of the corner of Aang's eye. "LEFT!" He called to Katara.

They each took their turn, making it to the bottom of the hill. "One more left..." he murmured, although loud enough for her to hear it. The penguins came to a stop with the turn. Katara was still laughing, having enjoyed the whole ride.

Aang Airbended away the snow that had flown onto their clothing.

"That was great, Aang. I really enjoy re-living my time with you," she announced warmly, approaching him then holding his hand, thankful for the sledding. "Like I said, it's always nice to have fun again once in a while."

"Katara, whatever it is you like, I don't mind. Because all I's all for you." Aang allowed her hand to grasp his.

"Awww, Aang..." He's getting romantic again. He's gotten very romantic tonight...I still wonder...

"Katara, there's one more thing I need to show you." One important thing...

She gasped with a slight hint of nervousness and excitement. "What is it, Aang?"

"Just come with me." He held her hand and led her to within the penguin habitat.

I'm ready. His thoughts echoed.

'Could it really be... Her thoughts echoed.

The question

Aang led Katara to the large habitat. Within, several penguins rested, quietly enjoying their own night. The moon shone in, its brilliant beams reflecting off the snow and ice, creating a natural like within.

"This is a weird spot to be, Aang," she remarked curiously. Why the penguin habitat?

"The scene seemed appropriate for tonight, Katara. Taking you back to the place where we began. Remember when I chased the penguins around, trying to catch one?" They both laughed at the memory of that cold day five years ago, the moments after Aang's release from the iceberg.

"You certainly were something else, walking around, trying to grab hold of a penguin," she chuckled, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You taught me well, even that day. The proper penguin catching technique!" he added, keeping up with his chuckling. "I certainly did learn a lot from you."

" did..." her laughter trailed off into a smile. I remember when he was still a goof...he's just not like that anymore...

"There are many things I remember back then, Katara. You were still a novice Waterbender, I didn't know anything about being the Avatar, and I didn't want anything to even do with it..."

"We have changed, quite a bit, haven't we?" She played with her hair slightly, smiling and blushing at the memories.

"We have. Katara, when I first met you, like I said, you were still this young Waterbender, still just learning your basics. Over just a few short months I watched you evolve into a master, knowing basically every move in the scrolls. I'm the Avatar, and I think you're a better Waterbender than I am."

Katara's eyes watered up slightly at the compliment. "Aang..."

"That's not all. You overcame so much to get to where you were. You made it through the death of your mother, having been forced to bear the burden of taking over that role, and also dealing with being away from your father for so long. You had to get through the whole no female benders situation at the Northern Tribe, with a courageous duel against Pakku to boot. I have always admired your drive, Katara. You came so far, against such long odds. The last southern Waterbender, having to be the mother of basically the whole village. Now look at you. You are a master and a fully matured woman."

"Aang...oh my gosh..." she broke down into tears, now following down her turned-scarlet cheeks over her boyfriend's compliments. She threw her arms around him. "You're so sweet...I love you so much."

"I love you too."

"I think it's only fair that I return the favor," she whispered slightly.

"Katara, you don't have to."

"Aang, please. I insist." The Waterbender recalled when she started onto similar comments just before the Invasion of the Fire Nation, thinking about much he had grown. It had only gotten better.

"Aang, when I first found you, I thought you were just a nice guy, kind of like a brother. Just someone to talk to. You really started to grow up though not too long after that. I have to admit, once I began to see you as well..Aang...that's when I started to really like you. You started to change not too long after you first talked to me," she recalls that stormy night, when, within cave walls by a fire, Aang poured out his whole past to her and only her. "When you died in Ba Sing Se, a part of me died too. It was the worst day of my life, least like the day I lost my mother..." She cried a little at this memory.

"Shhh...Katara, it's okay. You saved my life, you know..." He placed his hands on her cheeks and gently rubbed away her tears.

"Yeah...I suppose I did. Then, that night we danced, that was the night I really saw just how mature you had become. We had some misunderstandings along the way, but I found it hard to stop liking...well, I guess..loving you," she finished, brushing her hair a little. "All said and done, Aang, you have gone from a total goof to a mature, caring, duty-driven, Not too bad for someone whose first words to me were 'Will you go penguin sledding with me?', right?" She laughed a little. "Seriously, you take much more charge, you don't run away from your problems anymore, and you're just...there."

Aang's cheeks turned red. "Thanks, Katara." He kept his smile on as he turned towards her. "There's one thing that hasn't changed though..."

"What's that, Aang?"

"My love for you. I've always liked you, Katara. I just didn't know if you liked me."

"Does this answer your question?" She reached up to him and kissed him.

"Yeah, I think that does," he chuckled.

A slight awkward silence sunk in. The two looked around a little.

It's time...just go for it. You've brought up past memories, you've reminisced, this.

"Katara, look around. Notice how the moon and the stars are shining in on us. It's all so bright, isn't it?"

" really is. It looks so beautiful. Look up there." She pointed up to a star just below the full moon. The star appeared to stick out more than others. "An old Water Tribe legend calls that the guiding star. One night, an old man was lost at sea, looking for his way home. The legend says he saw that star, and he found his way back to his home, here, at the South Pole. Since then, sailors have relied on that when they feel like they're lost."

"That sounds familiar. Not that it's an Air Nomad legend, though."

"What do you mean?"

"I've felt lost quite a few times, Katara. In the end though, when I found you, I no longer felt lost, because you were always the one who talked to me, who always gave me hope again, who helped me assure it was all going to be okay.'re my guiding star. In this world, you always stick out to me the most. No amount of world travel and meetings with global elite will ever change that."

She hugged him tightly, once again growing emotional. "Aang..." she whispered. "In a way, you can be my guiding star, too. You're the one who stopped me from ending Yon Rha. If I killed him, I may not have felt the same. You understood me that day. You've cheered me up, too. You gave me hope."

"I always will. The stars never fall out of the sky. The guiding star will always be there. I'll always be there."

"Aang, if you ever need me, I'll be here for you too."

The two embraced for a new few seconds, before Aang broke the silence. "There's something I would like to show you, Katara."

He turned her around and showed her the symbols of their two nations, encaptured in a heart.

"Wow...that is...pretty cute, Aang. Our two nations, together, in love." What's up with this? Is there supposed to be something here?

"I came up with the idea myself. It shows that we are in love. An Air Nomad and a member of the Water Tribe. A bird and a fish." Even more than that...

"Well, I like it. This fish is in love with this bird." She placed her finger first in front of her face, then moved it onto his nose.

"This bird also loves this fish," he chuckled, making the same movements. "Katara, what I want you to do, though, is remove this symbol. Brush all the snow there out of the way to find a gift." It can only be for you...

A gift?

"Thanks, Aang," she said as she placed herself into her Waterbending stance. She moved her arms down, then shot them up, removing all the snow, along with the love symbol. A block of ice revealed itself from below. "Aang?" Another iceberg?

Aang placed the small iceberg in his gloved hands. "Well, how about this? It's like your finding me all over again," he said as he began to shake slightly, getting ready to ask the most important question of his life. This is it, Aang. Place all fear aside. You have her right now, at your attention and yours only. It's just you and her. He placed the ice down.

Katara melted the ice away, allowing the box to reveal itself. The blue box appeared to her for the first time, with a lock on it. He's playing real hard to get with this gift. a lock.

"Aang? What is it?" She handed him the box.

"This? Well, all I have to do is pull out the key." He reached under his coat and under his Air Nomad robes, looking for the key. However, he struggled to find it. His cheeks turned back to scarlet. "Heh, it's around here somewhere."

"Aang...below you."

The golden key appeared under his feet. He had knocked it out of his robes and down to the snowy ground. "Right, thanks Katara."

His palms sweated feverishly, with his hand shaking as he placed it in the lock, and turned it to the right. I'm more nervous than when I was battling Ozai...

With a rapid heartbeat, he finished the turn, opening the blue box.

"Katara..." his voice dropped to a whisper.

"Yes, Aang?"

"Five years ago, you freed me from the iceberg..." his words shook as he tried to control his nerves. "You freed me, and we became a part of each other's lives."

"And...?" her words dropped to a whisper as well. What's your point?

"Tonight, you just freed something else from an iceberg. When you freed me, you first welcomed me into your life. Now, with that you freed, we can make it...forever."

Her crystal blue eyes lit up, and she felt tears coming on. He's going to...

"Katara..." He turned the box around slowly, revealing the betrothal necklace to her, and dropped to a knee. He made the box face her and slowly asked the words he had been waiting to ask for several nights. "Will you...m-m-marry me?"

She lost control of her emotions. Behind those eyes, it was like a full river had just broken through its dam and started to flood. Her tears poured down her cheeks as a smile lit up her face. Finally after all these years...

"Aang, yes! I will!" She nearly yelled the words like she had just accomplished a major feat. It was a major feat, though. She now had her husband.

The Avatar got up and placed the betrothal necklace around her neck. She looked down at it to see the combination of air and water, each flowing in time. It was truly a symbol of love, their two elements brought together. Her tears constricted her voice, but she choked out the words, "'s beautiful..."

"I made it myself, Katara. Air and water seem so different, and yet so close. Without one, life can't be sustained. Push and pull. Life and death. Yin and yang. Without you, my life couldn't be sustained. You're the yin to my yang, Katara. The water to my air."

He one-upped himself! Oh, Aang...

"Just when I thought you couldn't get any sweeter...oh, Aang...I'm so glad you have decided to marry me! I want to be with you...always."

"Like I said once in a, you're my forever girl."

"Then you'll be my forever boy."

She threw her arms around him and held him in a deep embrace, her tears running down her cheeks and onto his clothes.

"I'm sorry I'm getting your clothes wet...husband."

"It's okay...wife."

Katara pulled her face off his shoulder and then moved her lips towards his. The two shared a deep kiss, just like the one they shared in the sunset of a Ba Sing Se evening after their victory over evil.

After some time, their kiss stopped.

"I love you, Katara," he whispered into her ear.

"I love you, Aang," she whispered into his ear.

The shining moon beams lit up the soon-to-be husband and wife as they exited the penguin habitat. Perhaps it was the spirit of Princess Yue smiling at them both. The Avatar for fulfilling his duty to the world, and to one of her own, a Waterbender, for making the right decision.

Whatever the case was, they knew it was meant to be.

They had always had each other.

Now, they would...forever.

Until death did them part.

Author's notes

TAD is rubbing off on me. Let's see:

All the bird/fish references...take a wild guess as to where I drew that from. I dare you.

"Air and water seem so different, and yet so close. Without one, life can't be sustained. Push and pull. Life and death. Yin and yang. Without you, my life couldn't be sustained. You're my yin to my yang, Katara. The water to my air." <---Daang it TAD, chapter 22 of ABCLAF is too good! XD

Who do I owe thanks? Let's see:

  • Vulmen for contributing ideas in IRC for some Katara thoughts.
  • Lady Lostris tossed me a few scene ideas for this chapter.
  • TAD, of course, with the needed corrections, mostly to grammar. Hail, Grammar Ozai! Oh yeah, part of my inspiration for writing any of this fanon was ABCLAF (P.S.: Read it! If you're a Kataanger, especially! In fact, if you haven't read it yet, here's chapter one to get you started!). Thanks, TAD.

Oh yeah, one user reference (It's a first for me): "The shining moon beams" <---refers to Moon_Beam, who I also owe a thanks for the series logo. ^^"

Wow, it's over. My first completed fanon. This chapter is my longest writing ever...

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