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It's a Small Monorail
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And Everything in Between


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It's a Small Monorail is the third chapter in the Fanon, "And Everything in Between." It was released on August 22, 2011.


Aang and Katara leave Ba Sing Se to find Sokka and his girlfriend to bring them back. Meanwhile, Sokka and Wei Bei leave the city, but have problems figuring out where to go; Sokka is trying to get used to being broken up with Suki.


Aang gazed out the window. Outside sat large Platypus Bears in the titanic zoo outside the wall. Glancing beyond the zoo, the rising sun glistened on the distant Lake Laogai. To his left, the humongous inner wall stood, infinitely striving to save the city from a single threat to the delicate utopia. To his right, the even-bigger outer wall stood, protecting the vast Agrarian Zone from the same threat. Miles of metal rails sat above the flat plains of Ba Sing Se. Standing before it were herds of peaceful Antelope-Squirrels, the sun shooting a glare off the eyes of the majestic beasts. It was a perfect day, but it was the second worst day of Aang's life. It's not gonna happen again. He decided. I won't let it.

Aang looked before the window across the aisle. In the seat just beyond it sat Katara, her beautiful blue eyes now filled with tears. He had seen her cry only two other times, and only one other time from emotional distress. But it was clear that, as of now, she was torn to pieces. Aang had tried calming her for hours, but she couldn't. She kept sobbing about how she was, "about to lose another one." He couldn't understand what she meant, try as he might. Aang stood up and walked across the aisle to his gorgeous girlfriend. Wrapping his arm around Katara's neck, Aang's shoulder suddenly felt the weight of Katara's head. "It's okay," he tried to assure her. But even he, the relentlessly optimistic Aang, couldn't tell himself that things would be okay.

"Aang, why didn't we just tell him in the first place?" she asked, tears raining from her eyes onto Aang's broad shoulder.

"Because...we were afraid of this happening. It's funny. If we had told him, this wouldn't be happening, and this happening is the very reason we didn't tell him," he replied, gazing out at the view, hoping it would calm his nerves. It didn't.

"Aang, what if we don't find him?" she cried.

"We will. I know we will," he thought. We have to.


The train came to an abrupt stop, throwing Sokka into the back wall of the train. "Ow! My head!" he screamed, pain throbbing through his cranium. Sokka glanced across the room. He hadn't realized before that Wei Bei was laughing. She had the most amazing laugh. Nothing like Suki's. He thought. He half-smiled at the thought, but he couldn't help but miss that warm, loving smile. That short, red hair, those warm, soft lips. The thought left his mind when Wei Bei walked up to him, pressing her lips against his. I love you, Suki. He thought, but it swiftly left his brain.

"Attention passengers, please exit out the backdoor of the train, and thank you for visiting Ba Sing Se. We hope this was pleasurable experience, and that you will be returning soon, and have a nice time on your future travels," rang a voice over a large intercom at the top of the train. Sokka pulled away from Wei Bei. The two opened the backdoor.

"After you," offered Sokka. Wei Bei resisted.

"No you first," she retorted.

"No you!"




"No, you!"

This continued for over a minute. Finally, a grumpy lady screamed. "Hey, kids! Get off the monorail!"

"Oh, sorry," Sokka said, finally exiting the train. Wei Bei followed close behind. Sokka noticed the lady glaring.

"Say, you're Mushi's friend, aren't you?" she asked.

"Mushi...Oh, you mean Iroh?"

"Iroh? Who's Iroh?"

"Well he's...oh yeah, he was in disgui...yes, I'm Mushi's friend," Sokka finally finished.

"When you see him, tell him I said, 'hi.'"

"Will do. Bye, ticket lady!"

"Bye," the lonely woman called back. "Ah, Mushi. Those were the days."

Sokka and Wei Bei exited the city. Only after exiting Ba Sing Se had Sokka realized what lay ahead. "Wow. So now what?" he asked, desperation in his panic-stricken voice.

"I don't know. I figured you had a plan, seeing as you're so smart," replied Wei Bei, clearly infatuated with Sokka. Sokka stared back.

"God, you're beautiful," he said, gazing into her big eyes. Suki, you are more beautiful now than ever. He thought, not catching himself this time. He leaned in, still fixed on Wei Bei's eyes. After coming close enough, he could finally realize that those weren't Suki's amazing eyes. Finally regaining control of himself, he pulled away. "So, where do we go?" he asked.


Katara's lips sucked on Aang's like nothing else. I love you. He thought. Katara pulled away. "Aang," she began, while Aang said her name. "You go first," she impaired.

"Katara, we've been around the world together. We've been through so much. I've seen you change so much, and you've said yourself, you've seen the same in me. And no matter what, we've always been there for each other. I've never been happier that I've met someone in my life. Especially not someone I love as much as I love you," he explained, an adoring look in his eyes.

"Wha...what did you just say?" she asked, in shock. Finally. He's finally saying it!

"I'm saying...I love you. Baby, you're my forever girl!" he said, remembering an old daydream of his. That sounded so much better in my hallucination, he thought. He immediately shrugged the thought off. Katara's cheeks turned a bright crimson, and the corners of her mouth turned upwards. Her eyes turned to the floor, and glared back up.

"Aang, I...I love y..." at that moment, Sokka's voice rang in Sokka's head. Sokka had told Suki he loved her no less than a week before. Katara had awed at that moment for a long time, and she was so happy. A week later, they were on a monorail, desperate to find Sokka and take him back to the person he had loved no more than a week ago. The moment was gone, and Katara caught her breath. Her expression suddenly turned from joy to sadness, from happy to grief. After a deep sigh, Katara finished. "Aang, I can't. Look Aang, I feel the same way, and I've been wanting you to tell me for quite a while. But now isn't the right time. We have been on a monorail for hours, I'm carsick, we're barely half way there, and we have no idea what we are doing once we go beyond that wall. I'm sorry, Aang. But I'm not ready to take the next step. Not now, anyways. I'm really sorry."

Aang was in shock. Without another word, Aang walked into the bathroom. I'm so stupid!


Sokka inhaled the dust particles. They had only been walking for half an hour, and they had barely made it past the first hill of the Serpent's Pass. Sokka was exhausted, but Wei Bei seemed oddly lively. "We have been walking up a steep hill for over five minutes. How can you not be out of breath?" he asked.

"Well, my Earthbending training has been kinda tough lately, and I've had to get in shape. Nothing has tired me out lately," she stated. Sokka heard nothing past, "Earthbending training."

"Wait, you're an Earthbender? And we're WALKING?" he asked, getting irritated.

"Well, I just barely made it past the beginner's level. So I can't get us very far with it."

"How far can you get us?"

"If we're lucky, I can get us through the pass."

"Then let's go! Now!"

"Okay," she said, nervous. Sokka felt the Earth pull beneath his feet. He looked over at Wei Bei. And she's a bender?! He thought. Yep, she's got it all over Suki. He decided unsurely.

Trivia and Notes

  • When Aang says, "I know we will. We have to," this is a reference to Katara's line in Sozin's Comet, Part Three, when she expresses concern about Aang coming back to face the Fire Lord.
  • The Ticket Lady is the same lady Iroh and Zuko met in The Drill, who, as you can see, had a crush on Iroh.
  • "Baby, you're my forever girl!" Aang says exactly the same line in "Nightmares and Daydreams," while daydreaming about getting together with Katara.
  • This is the shortest chapter so far.

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