It's Never Too Late (Part 3)
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30 September 2011

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Chapter 13: It's Never Too Late (Part 3)

Another three days have passed, Aang has mastered Bloodbending, and another messenger hawk came to him, it says :

Start flying now, we need you now.

From Fire Lord Zuko.

After Aang told everybody the news, he hopped on his Airbending powered balloon, it looked like a very small boat with big sails on its left and right sides, and it had many metal arrows arranged in three columns on its front side. When Aang was in, he took a deep breath, lifted his arms slowly, then he started bending heavy wind from his hands which was directed into the sails. He started flying fast and he had a map in front of him which was stuck very well on the wood. Aang wanted to test the arrows, he lifted his leg to the direction of an arrow, the arrow got shot and an arrow which was bellow it got up and replaced it, that was a very good machine, a powerful weapon.

When he arrived at the Fire Nation Capital, he stopped bending air in the sail and used Airbending to land slowly. He was greeted by Zuko.

Zuko: "We will invade now, once we get a messenger hawk from the Earth King that he released the tanks we will attack."

Aang: "Okay, but be careful with the civilians.."

Zuko: "No! They were fighting alongside and supporting Zhao, they deserve it."

Aang: "Okay, Okay.."

At Omashu..

Hinku: "Everything ready?"

Hing-Lu: "Yes."

Hinku: "Okay then, here's the message. Dirato, to the Fire Nation Capital!"

His messenger hawk flew to Zuko, then he continued: "Release the tanks!"

Earthbenders and fighters were traveling to New ZeaZhao in the tanks, fighters were getting ready to duel with whatever their weapon was.

Back at the Fire Nation Capital, the hawk arrived...

Zuko read the message and ordered: "Attack!"

then he talked to Aang: "I'll send a messenger hawk to the Southern Water Tribe to make them attack, are they ready?"

Aang: "Yes they are. But wasn't I supposed to be in the submarines?"

Zuko: "I need you with me, I want to discuss something, and an airship is a better place to take off a balloon, or whatever it is called."

Aang: "I don't think balloon is suitable, maybe we should call it the airboat."

Zuko: "Yeah that's a good name."

In Katara City, the messenger hawk arrived, Katara was leading the forces, the two submarines.

Katara: "Sokka and Suki, the invitation is open, you can come with me if you want."

Sokka: "I think we better stay and do our babysitting jobs."

Suki: "Yeah he's right."

Katara: "Okay... Forces, Attack!!!"

Katara led the driving crew of one Waterbending powered submarine while a male bender name Horao led the other one.

Airships and balloons at the Fire Nation took off, five airships and ten balloons, five Earthbending tanks from Omashu, and two Waterbending submarines from Katara City. Zuko, Aang and his ship were in an airship.

Zuko: "So Aang, I was thinking... The Fire Nation should not be a kingdom and treat its people like this, my royal family bloodline is full of bad ideas. I was thinking that maybe every four years, the current Firelord and two more people elected by the people compete in an election process. Every resident of the Fire Nation will be asked to choose between the three, and the most voted for person gets the Firelord role and the whole palace for him and his family."

Aang: "Now that's a great idea! But.. If the Firelord was dead during his four year rule?"

Zuko: "His son will compete."

Aang: "If he had no son?"

Zuko: "He should write that in his will."

Aang: "Great! Then people can have a fair leader elected by their own selves!"

Zuko: "Okay."

After some time, they arrived to the Old Glory Nation territory, Zhao was informed.

Zhao: "That is awesome. Let's kill them. Go fire bombs."

The man: "Okay."

Zhao yelled: "Jong Kong! Hiku! Fu Gan! Roy Dest! Gow! come all of you lazy bones! We have a massive attack!"

Another man ran into the room and said: "My lord! Submarines have been located on the shores of Gaoling, Waterbenders are attacking!"

Zhao: "Go get the forces!"

Another man ran into the room and said: "My lord! Earthbenders and fighters are on New ZeaZhao!"

Zhao: "Collect forces, Fu Gan and Roy, go with them! NAHHWW!!"

Zhao ran along with Jong Kong, Hiku, and Gow and went to fight the airships and balloons.

They started firing bombs, while others were fighting with Earthbending. Earthbenders were fighting with Waterbenders and on the borders on New ZeaZhao Earthbending tanks, individual Earthbenders and fighters were against Earthbenders, Fu Gan, and Roy Dest.

Aang flew with his airboat, many rocks were shooting at him and bombs as well. He avoided and shoot arrows back at them. Airships were shooting as well as balloons, Old Glory Nation airships flew to fight, they knocked down two balloons and an airship before they got knocked down both. Katara was injured heavily by a rock which almost struck her neck, the Waterbenders were fighting very well and could make many casualties to the Earthbenders, but they were loosing, their casualties were much more. Fu Gan could take down every single swordsman from Omashu, he was really a master. Alongside him were Roy and an Earthbender firing bombs at the tanks, and with other Earthbenders, the tanks were caught and forced not to move, the people in it got out and started fighting. They started going in and in and injuring as many people as they could, the Old Glory Nation's "defense line" was going back, but they could stop at some point and defend well, the three fights were held well, both sides were shooting and getting shot... even the Waterbenders' battle, they could go on while Katara was kept in a submarine and was getting aided. Zhao could burn and end Aang's airboat after he ran out of arrows. Aang used his glider to fly away and land on a balloon, were he bended earth, air, and fire. He took a rock to his hand and bended air and fire to create a smoke which covered the balloon, he released the rock from the smoke without anybody seeing, and he knocked down three Earthbenders with one shot. Zhao soon realized that he was loosing, so he sent two benders of his to inform the other Earthbenders to create earth walls and get his nation sieged. He also ordered all of his crew to get the airships and balloons back, they did.. and succeeded, they knocked down four balloons and one airship, so Zuko had to go back, he did and saved the weapons, the Old Glory Nation fighters and benders surrounded their whole nation with earth walls and themselves, they created a line of people all around their territory which they could keep, and the Earthbenders maintained every piece of wall they could access. The outsiders didn't stop shooting before they realized that they are working hard for nothing. They stopped, but sieged the Old Glory Nation.

Zuko said to Aang: "Are you okay?"

Aang: "Yes, I am.. But I want to go and make sure that Katara is fine."

Zuko: "Okay. Go." He paused for a while, Aang left, then Zuko thought, Of course he has a plan, I need one too. I need more weapons, and new airships. Aang needs a new airboat. We need refreshing. The Old Glory Nation is too strong. Before he completed thinking, he heard a big noise coming out of Gaoling...

Aang ran to the submarine after he heard that Katara was injured...

Aang: "Katara?"

Katara: "Aang? AANG!"

Aang: "What happened to you?"

Katara: "An injury during the battle.. An almost-broken shoulder.. Blah blah blah.. Not so important. Now how are you?"

Aang said angrily: "No it is so important!" he paused for a while, "You are more important than any of the warriors to me!"

Katara: "Oh.. Sorry."

Aang: "I'm fine, glad you are too."

While back at Zuko's place, behind the Old Glory Nation walls... Zuko ran to see what's happening, and he saw bending.. He saw bending like never before. It was massive. Earthbenders from the Old Glory Nation line were increasing the height of the wall, and curving it, forming a ball-like ceiling for the whole nation. As they stepped back, the ceiling was getting built more and more, Zuko quickly flew in a balloon to see what's happening, Earthbenders also built walls to keep it standing. People located Zuko in the balloon and reported to Zhao. "Leave him," he said. "Continue with the plan."

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