It's Never Too Late (Part 2)
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Next Generations


Book 1: "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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24 September 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Hikaro: "Then okay, We will discuss that later. Now, two Airships arrive and attack New ZeaZhao and Gaoling. Earthbending Powered Tanks will arrive from Omashu to New ZeaZhao and attack, and when the it's the time, we will reveal our secret weapon, the Avatar and the Air Balloon. Energybend the OGG to end them."

Zuko: "Okay then, the Earth King will go to Omashu and set everything up. Me and the generals will work here, Minji will go back to the Temple and work on the inventions, and Aang can be free."

Chapter 12: It's Never Too Late (Part 2)

Aang talked to Zuko before he left the Fire Nation. "Your majesty.." Aang said, but Zuko interrupted: "Please, call me Zuko." He paused, then continued "I think you can understand it, it isn't right to be called a lord and everyone doesn't say your majesty gets his head off, I need to change some rules."

Aang: "What? You re going to end the Firelord role? It has been there for ages!"

Zuko: "People of the Fire Nation have very aggressive personalities, they can re-start the war, like what Sozin did, he re-started the war."

Aang: "Re-started?"

Zuko: "I learned in the past few days from the royal library, that Sozin was not the only one who made a world war. It was Firelord Zozix, Sozin's great-grandfather's father. He once thought that the Earth Kingdom is the biggest nation and doesn't deserve to be, he decided to destroy Omashu before Avatar Yangchen interrupted, she imprisoned him and said he was killed by a soldier. But when she died, people discovered the Firelord and he told his story, took a dagger from the people, and stabbed himself immediately."

Aang: "What?"

Zuko: "He destroyed a very small part of Omashu, but it was rebuilt."

Aang: "Why doesn't anybody know?"

Zuko: "That's in the royal family-only section of the library."

Aang: "So.. I just want to tell you good bye, and remind you of reminding me when the attack will happen." He smiled.

Zuko: "Okay."

Aang said goodbye and went to Appa and flew on him, south to the Southern Water Tribe.

A month have passed, Zhao expanded New ZeaZhao and they have gotten bigger, the Fire Nation have built an airbase to launch the balloons and airships, Minji made as many Earthbending Powered Tanks as he could as well as Hot Air Balloons and Fire Nation Airships, he had many helping hands so he could invent the first Airbending-Powered-Balloon and send it to the Southern Water Tribe to be tested. Aang tested it and it was fine.

A messenger hawk flew to the Southern Water Tribe, to Aang.

he read the message :

Avatar Aang,

I just like to inform you that we need you in the Fire Nation Capital in a week,

Firelord Zuko

Aang informed Katara with the news...

"Oh.. By the way.. No, no.. You know what? Never mind," said Katara, seeming unsure.

Aang: "What is it, Katara?"

Katara: "Well.. I was.. thinking.."

Aang: "Don't hesitate, just tell!"

Katara: "Maybe I can teach you how to bend blood?"

Aang: "That is.. That's an amazing opportunity!"

Katara: "But it's so bad!"

Aang: "Well I won't do anything bad..."

Katara: "I guess you're right, let's go on."

Aang and Katara went out as they started the lesson.

Hinku: "So great..."

At Omashu Palace, a guard replied: "What?"

Hinku: "The attack is in a week."

The guard: "Oh.. great!"

Hinku: "Shut up and order the workers to work harder!"

Hing-Lu walked into the room and said: "Your majesty, the workers are doing good."

Hinku: "Your majesty, Okay."

Hing-Lu: "Do you want anything?"

Hinku: "Shijango, go outside, make room for a kings-only private chat."

The guard said, "Okay!" as he left the room.

Hinku: "Do you think we can make our plan, I mean our plan?"

Hing-Lu: "It is going really fine, the airbender balloon would be 'accidentally' shot and I have ordered a fighter I can trust."

Hinku: "Cool... Very cool. In like five years the Earth Kingdom will rule the world."

Hing-Lu: "What are you thinking of?"

Hinku: "We have Minji, we can invent alone and with him many inventions, including the balloon, we won't sell anything, we will keep them for one year as 'testing' and then nations will beg for inventions and raise the price. Our technology is the most powerful in the world, but let's keep that private and wait, but our main aim at the moment is to destroy the new Fire Nation, or should I say the old Fire Nation which was born recently."

Hing-Lu: "Hinku you're a genius."

Hinku: "Thanks." He stopped for a while then yelled: "Shijango, get in!"

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