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It's Never Too Late (Part 1)
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Book 1: "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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18 September 2011

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Previously, On Next Generations

Zuko sent a message back to Aang with Hawky :

Dear Aang,

We will meet (by we I mean everybody you mentioned) in three days.


Fire Lord Zuko.

The leader of the Gaoling forces, as advised by Jimg, surrendered to the Old Glory Gang. Everyone was shocked by the decision, but Jimg said to the leader "Don't worry! We will live in peace under the rule of a ruthless organization, but with as few losses as possible. The Avatar will come here later, we will attack from the inside and the Avatar from the outside, we will knock them down!"

The leader: "I'm counting on you, everybody in this town is counting on you. You have to be sure, and think good. I am listening to you because I believe that you are the most clever person in this city, I hope I am not wrong."

The leader was worried, but Jimg was smiling.

Aang slept at his home at Katara City, and Zuko slept at the Fire Nation Palace, both thinking about the decisive meeting.

Chapter 11: It's Never Too Late (Part 1)

Aang, flying on Appa, to the Fire Nation, was thinking: I defeated Ozai, why couldn't I defeat Zhao? Ozai had many more forces.. I guess it is.. friends. I need Katara, I need Sokka, I need Toph, I need everyone.

Zuko, while his servants were preparing the war room, was thinking Can we beat Zhao? I could defeat Azula, why with more forces, I couldn't defeat Zhao? I guess it is.. friends.. I need Katara, I need Aang, I need Mai, I need everyone. Then he shouted: "Did you make sure The Mechanist has got the message and the balloon?"

A person yelled: "Yes, a hawk flew by, said he was coming!"

Zuko: "How dare you!!?"

The same person: "Sorry, your majesty, I was arguing with Humshi."

Zuko: "Come here.. both of you!"

They came, and Humshi, another servant, said: "Your majesty, what do you want with me and Ginco?"

Zuko: "What were you two arguing about?"

Ginco: "We were.. erm..." Humshi continued: "Arguing who will clean your chair in the war room!"

Zuko, said angrily: "Don't lie!!"

Gnco: "Okay.. I wanted to enter his room."

Zuko: "Now get off my face! Go away!"

They both went away, frightened.

The Mechanist was traveling with a Hot Air Balloon (Firebending-powered-balloon) he invented, with a driver driving the balloon.

The driver: "So Munji, how did you figure out these inventions."

The Mechanist: "Well, my real name isn't Munji, that's my stage name." He laughed.

The driver: "Erm.. How did you figure out these inventions?"

The Mechanist: "My real name is Minji. When I settled at the Northern Air Temple, I watched the history of the Air Nomads, I wasn't a bender, so I thought I can invent something like airbending. Then, I started to plan more advanced things like clocks and safety devices, but when the Fire Nation attacked me and my people, I was forced to create weapons."

The driver: "Cool."

The Earth King was in a tent, a royal tent, made of earth, covered with jewerly, and contains food and tea, and outside it, two earthbenders were driving it through the earth, cruising to the port which can take them and their tent to the central Earth Kingdom, to reach Omashu and sail to the Fire Nation Capital. Two guards were besides the tent cruising as well.

At the Old Glory Nation, specifically Gaoling, residents were asked to join the Old Glory Nation, some people liked the ideaof being free from elements so they joined the OGN Military, while the others...

Jimg has already told everyone to say yes and he stated When we "fight" the Avatar, we will be along with the Old Glory Nation Military, instead of fighting the Avatar, we will fight the military. So everybody at Gaoling accepted, while a part of the military spread in the city, wandering, and making sure that nothing bad happens.

Beifong estate

The OGG Headquarters

Zhao and the Old Glory Gang were in their luxurious headquarters, each having fun their own way.

The King reached the central Earth Kingdom, and started cruising to the port. Aang could see some Islands from the Fire Nation.

When everyone was present, the meeting was started.

Firelord Zuko, Generals of the Fire Nation, Avatar Aang, Minji The Mechanist, and Earth King Hinku.

Zuko: "We are all here because there is a conflict starting. The Old Glory Gang, led by Zhao, has conquered two southern Earth Kingdom locations. We need a plan. I'll leave the talk to General Hikaro now."

Hikaro: "I, Hikaro, and my fellow generals, have made a plan. We need to create an Airbending-Powered-Balloon, which can move very fast. We need to re-create a Waterbending-Powered-Submarine and hire waterbenders from the Northern Water Tribe. We will need Firebending-Powered-Balloons and Fire Nation Airships. First of all, can we create these inventions, mechanist Minji?"

Minji: "Of course, I got plans for weapons rolling in my head. I am also thinking of using Earthbending Powered Tanks!"

Hinku: "Me as well."

Hikaro: "Great. Submarines will carry as many earthbenders as they can, and when they arrive, earthbenders break into Gaoling and attack, do everything you can."

Aang: "Wait! Will we kill the innocent people of the city?"

Hikaro: "If we have to, we will."

Aang: "I won't do that!"

Zuko: "Maybe he's right."

Hikaro: "Then okay, We will discuss that later. Now, two Airships arrive and attack New ZeaZhao and Gaoling. Earthbending Powered Tanks will arrive from Omashu to New ZeaZhao and attack, and when the it' the time, we will reveal our secret weapon, the Avatar and the Air Balloon. Energybend the OGG to end them."

Hinku: "I think this is a great plan, but you have to notice that OGG have got two or three Airships and four warships!"

Another general: "Our Airships and Fire Balloons can deal with them, as well as the submarines."

Aang: "I agre with... eh.. erm.."

The general: "Fungi, my name is Fungi."

Zuko: "So that's it, we will have three bases: the Fire Nation Capital, where we fire the Fire Nation weapons, the Southern Water Tribe, where we release the submarines which contain Aang, and Omashu, where we release the Earthbending Tanks. Any more suggestions?"

Aang: "We don't have to ask the Northern Water Tribe for help, the Southern Water Tribe has many skilled waterbenders, including Katara, my wife."

Zuko: "Yes, Good point.. Yes. More?"

Nobody Answered.

Zuko: "Okay then, the Earth King will go to Omashu and set everything up. Me and the generals will work here, Minji will go back to the Temple and work on the inventions, and Aang can be free."

Aang: "Agree."

Minji: "Agree."

Hinku: "Agree."

Zuko: "Okay then, meeting ended!"


  • This is the first three-part chapter in the story

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