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Issan was an energybender and a captive of the Paladins during their war against the Northern Water Tribe. Following the Paladins defeat, Issan helped the energybenders found their own town in the United Republic, which would house hundreds of former Equalist members and supporters.


Issan was born in the Earth Kingdom in 166 AG and was the son of two farmers and an only child. During Harmonic Convergence, he witnessed the event from outside and passed out. Issan continued on living with his parents until his farm was burned down. Issan was terrified when he realised it was his parents who had committed the act in a fit of rage. Issan ran from the farm, hearing something chasing after him. He spent days on the run, until he came across a small village that was rather populated.

He found the help of a young woman named Orjanti, who was eager enough to help him, taking him with her back to her home. Before they arrived, they were attacked by an unknown force.

War against the Northern Water Tribe

Founding Yanjun

Issan and the other energybenders were eventually taken to the United Republic and offered citizenship. Almost all accepted, including Issan. Issan helped found a town for the energybenders.

Later Life

Issan eventually married and had a number of children, two of whom had the potential to become energybenders. However, Issan believed energybending only brought trouble and refused to teach them. This was a belief held by the other energybenders.


Issan was originally an optimistic but sheltered young man, seeing the good in people. During his years as a captive of the Paladins, his demeanor became dark. He believed his darkened personality was due to an excessive use of energybending messing with his mind or Bagguk's Mindbending influencing him, as he had been the main Paladin watching over him.


Issan developed energybending abilities following Harmonic Convergence. Through his forced training by the Paladins, Issan, like the other energybender captives, was able to grant non-benders bending abilities and was forced to bestow the ancient arts of Lightbending and Darkbending, the first of whom was Gohonn, who was bestowed with Darkbending.

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