Uncharted Island Beach
Island Castaway
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Lost Avatar



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July 5, 2013

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The beach

This point in time, the nations were just starting to show among the world. The Earth Kingdom were just starting to colonize, the temples were being made for the Air Nomads, and many other revolutionary changes are being made. But although these main lands aren't fully considered spirit wilds anymore. There are still areas undiscovered and uncharted.

One of these, a lonely figure walks along the beach. the soft waves stretch across the coastline as it walked along, the sand make for a soft landing for each step. The clouds far off to the sea might of shown a storm of sorts but it's not coming their way so he didn't worry...but today there's a very special, and worrying discovery just ahead.

Up the beach, laying on the sand. He couldn't exactly see who it was, but it was clear it's not moving the slightest. As he got closer, he soon saw who it was...A human girl. Her cloths, adding to the staff fallen next to her, indicated she was an air-bender. An Air Nomad this far out? She looked to be a teenager, her messed up brown hair laying around her head. It almost appeared she was asleep, she looked so calm but He knew she wasn't just sleeping on the beach. One clue to her identity and it became clear to him...the yellow flower laying not too far away...

Almost instantly, he knew who she was. She is a very special girl not only to him, but to the world...she is the next Avatar. Avatar Sapphire! But...what is she doing here? He looked down at her motionless body for a while until she began to move...she's still alive. Hardly but still alive non the less.

Sapphire could hardly hear him coming to her. She felt like she was hit by lightning, she was so sore. She slowly, and weakly, started to open her red ruby eyes. Everything appeared as a blur at first. she looked up to whoever was standing there. But the him isn't what she expected it to be...instead of a human face, or ANY face for that matter, It turns out to be that of a white mask. 5 red beads on it, with two black holes for eyes. It was attached to an animal's white body.

"...Who...who?..." Sapphire groaned.

The figure helped her up and got her on his back. She was too weak to stand up herself so he had to carry her. Sapphire wasn't sure what's going on here but she couldn't do anything. Her mind was fogging up and then...she passed out.

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