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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Emblem of the Outlaw.

By MibuWolf Part of the Emblem of the Outlaw continuity.
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Ishio is the Earth Kingdom Avatar proceeding Avatar Korra and the main protagonist in the fanon Emblem of the Outlaw. He is currently an in-coming third year at Kyoshi High School, though he has unofficially abandoned his education in order to travel the world and become a powerful bender. In addition to being the Avatar, he is the self-elected leader of New New Team Avatar (Team Avatar being the Gaang, New Team Avatar being Korra, Bolin, and Mako). His most commonly used alias is "Leroy Dirty-Money", because he thinks it sounds scandalous and dangerous.


In a few words, Ishio is brash and stupid. He would sooner dive head first into a dogfight than plan out a plausible method of winning, and for this reason he is far from New New Team Avatar's strategist. Even so, he is dignified and honorable, and would never even dream of fighting dirty. Sometimes his dignity and honor mixes with his stupidity and brash attitude, causing chaos to ensue; Ishio will always undo any chaos he causes. A good heart, fiercely loyal, and wanting to make a difference in the world, Ishio makes an ideal Avatar in several different ways.


Master Earthbender

Thanks to thirteen years of training with Odraz, Ishio has mastered Earthbending. He bends as though the earth is an extension of his being; because of this, he doesn't even necessarily have to have any sort of vision (though in his own words, he would prefer to see things). Ishio's Earthbending style is based on the Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, keeping his feet firmly planted with several quick and agile stances, stomps, and quick hand movements contributing to his powerful bending.


Though he is by no means a Master, Ishio is trained in the art of Firebending. As he puts it, he is trained enough to move on to training in other bending arts.


As of the end of Book Two, Ishio has learned Airbending enough to be considered a proficient user or a novice master. According to Haneul, his movements are still "heavy", but he has learned enough to continue to mastering Waterbending.


In Book Three, Ishio learns Waterbending from Hiraoka. Due to the importance of the timing of his mission, his training was cut short. Overall, Ishio's training in the four elements could be considered hasty, but he is still now a fully realized Avatar.


  • Ishio is based on my imaginary dog, Woofington
  • "Ishio" is a form of the name "Ishi", which is a Japanese male name meaning "Stone"
  • Like many Avatar characters, Ishio doesn't really have a last name

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