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The Storm Flower, the last Ish Kash to be made

The Ish Kash, or Ghost Swords, were ancient weapons created in a forgotten era. They were made of a mysterious material that made them strong, sharp, and able to affect the supernatural of the world. They were in fact created by magic from the Nifrin. By the time of Avatar Tala, only one Ghost Sword was known to exist, the Raven Rose.


Created in a bygone era for a forgotten war, the Ish Kash, or Ghosts Weapons, were incredibly powerful and capable of killing spirits even, or so the tales said.

With the war that required the weapons gone, the weapons waned in use and care. It was millennia and the weapons were forgotten. A few were recorded in ancient tomes of where they were stored and what their histories were.

Regent of the Fire Nation, Rishu, had found one such weapon, the Raven Rose, a black-bladed wakizashi with a rose pedal hilt and a black rose engraved into the handle. Hidden and safely stored in the Fire Nation Royal Family's personal vaults, it is the only known weapon of its kind in existence as of 319 AG.

Known Weapons

Raven Rose 2013-03-14

The Raven Rose, the only known Ghost Sword in existence as of 320 AG.

There is only one known sword in existence, however there are records of at least six Ghost Swords, also known as Ish Kash. There were two subsets of Ish Kash, the Greater and the Lesser.

Greater Ish Kash

Greater Ish Kash have powers that can affect the emotions and minds of people around them, reflecting the users' own emotions. The Greater Ish Kash also have physical powers that can be accessed by those who reach the peak of their mental powers. It requires a realization of their weapons' personality.

  • Gin attacks

    The "Spear of Light" coming from the Mortal Blossom.

    Mortal Blossom: A weapon recorded in the same tome as the Raven Rose. While it has a complete history, the weapon has never been found. This white and red blade was said to be the oldest of its kind when records faded. The katana supposedly reflected positive emotions from the user to its radius. This sword has incredible light powers that reach any facet. A user can create blinding waves of light as well move at the speed of light, though it is straining to the body. To activate its powers, one must realize the inner light of the user and the sword and reach harmony. Abilities include Spear of Light, Rain of Heaven, and Peace of the Soul, and Heavenly Petals.
  • Raven Rose: The deadly weapon that was kept in the Royal Family of the Fire Nation. This weapon is the only Ghost Sword known to still exist. The wakizashi seemed to reflect the users' emotions, negative or positive. The Raven Rose was the smallest of the Ish Kash in size. The Raven Rose bestows incredible speed and agility that surpasses any human's limit. This requires realization of the versatility of the soul and the shorter weapon that the Raven Rose is.
  • Kurohitsugi Full Power

    "Kage no Seru", The Cell of Shadow.

    Black Soul: For its time, this weapon was considered foul and evil. Blacker than anything that could be imagined, the blade had no tint or reflection in the light and seemed to defy the physics of its environment. The katana projected negative emotions on opponents, such as fear and hatred. This black sword has dark shadow powers that are activated upon realization of the darkness within. True mastery requires subjugation of one over the other. The powers include the Shadow Bloom, the Kage no Seru, and Kurai Tamashi.
Note: The Black Soul and Raven Rose were initially brother weapons, forming a Daisho. The Black Soul is the larger katana and the Raven Rose the smaller wakizashi.

Lesser Ish Kash

11eyes SDAG Misuzu Atk4

Melasa carrying the Storm Flower.

While the Lessers don't emit emotions like the Greater Ish Kash, they project more physical powers such as fire and healing.
  • Fire Lily: A fiery blade known for use by both the courageous and women who wanted to prove themselves. This sword was also the largest of the Ish Kash in size and the strongest.
  • Thorn Cutter: A powerful but feared sword that fed on life. It had healing properties but had a deep price for them.
  • Storm Flower: A young weapon held for its manipulation of the weather. The only known wielder of ancient times was a half-witch. History states it was the last Ish Kash made in the war.
  • Ice Bloom: An ice-blue katana, it has no record and no details of its abilities or deed names. Why this weapon seems to be forgotten is unknown but it was held by at least two users. Sakuyuki is one of its few known powers.

Deed Names

The Ish Kash are known for having multiple names that are short definitions of the deeds the weapons have done in time. For example, the Mortal Blossom is also called the Siege Breaker for ending a siege on a great city in the past.

Deed Names serve as the history of the weapon that give it honor and shame. Some have their histories carved into the hilt and blade, as the Ice Bloom did.

The Ish Kash have detailed lists on their personal pages.


There have been various users of the powerful Ish Kash. Some have been for brief periods while others were famous carriers of the weapons.

Kash Rak: The Kash Rak, or Sword Hands, are those honored by the Nifrin and given one of the few Ish Kash to wield in war against the Spirits. As a group, they were also called the Kash Rak and were treated as the greatest warriors amongst both humans and Nifrin.

  • Kuro: The first wielder of the Black Soul and Raven Rose. This warrior was the most powerful human in the First War.
  • Akira: The cunning wielder of the Raven Rose and brother of Kuro. This one-armed snake of a man earned fear for his merciless use of the weapon.
  • Nagrim: The wielder of the Ice Bloom. This hotheaded Nifrin witch-warrior is known to attack first, think later.
  • Ikari: The first to use an Ish Kash, he wielded the Mortal Blossom. 
  • Mira: A courageous woman who took the Ish Kash from her fallen father to fight Spirits and avenge her village.
  • Azusa: The wielder of the Thorn Cutter, he was infamous for not using the sword unless he absolutely had to.
  • Elasa: The forger of the Storm Flower as well as its wielder.
  • Mira's father was also a wielder of the Fire Lily though he died shortly thereafter.

Other users: Long after the war, several Ish Kash remained and found themselves used at various points in time.

  • Rishu: The Black Dragon has possession of the Raven Rose and has used it since the Fifth Nation War has broken out.
  • Melasa: A red haired half-witch, Melasa carries the young Storm Flower. As a witch, her access to various powers of the weapon vary from an ordinary human.
  • Huam: A Water Tribe warrior who traveled south in his youth and found a purported Ish Kash called the Ice Bloom.
  • Hakki: After killing Nagrim, this shapeshifter took the Ice Bloom for himself.
  • Lesun: A warlord who took the Thorn Cutter and became a Dosh Rak.


  • The Raven Rose is not actually a katana, but is in fact a wakizashi. It is the companion weapon to the katana, Black Soul. Whoever had the two would have had a complete Daisho. While a wazikashi, the Raven Rose is still long enough to be a short sword.
  • Historians dispute Rishu's claim about the history of the weapon, believing it is merely a meteorite sword like the one Sokka made during the Hundred Year War.
  • Several of the Ish Kash and their powers are directly influenced by Misuzu's Five Treasures from 11eyes, namely the Storm Flower after Raikiri.
  • The Blood Magic used to make the Black Soul and the Thorn Cutter specifically has dangerous side effects if the swords' powers are abused.
  • The Ish Kash are sometimes referred to like individuals with genders. The Raven Rose, Fire Lily and Storm Flower are considered feminine while the rest are considered masculine.

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