Aang and Tenzin
Is It, Aang?
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Busy Mama Katara



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May 3, 2013

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Bumi's Birth

"You've gone too far, Kya!"

"Oh, Bumi!"

"You wanna fight!?"


"So Katara.. You say that Kya is nice, right?"

"Sure! You say that Bumi is good and polite.."

"Yeah! Let's check on them!"


"Bumi, I trained with mom! The master of waterbending!"

"Kya, I trained with dad! The Avatar!"


"See, they're laughing each oth..."

"What the!?"

"Damn it!"

"Oh! Dad, Mom! Yeah! We.."


"We're practicing!"

"No we weren't!"


"Never mind, children.. You won't get a punishment by the way.."

"Thank you, dad!"




"If this is a story of your children, do you have to say with 'ARGHH!!'?"

"My tummy is hurt!"

"Baby brother!"


"Don't say that!"

"Why? We love to have a baby brother!"


7 months later...

"Well, this just take too much time!"

"I know, Bumi!"

"I can't stand it!"


"What is it, Kya?"

"Close your eyes!"


"Just do it!"


"Psst.. Bumi, we'll take the baby out from mom's tummy!"

"Good idea!"

"1.. 2.. 3..!"


"What do you think you're doing?"

"Dad! We are trying to.. heal mom!"

"No we weren't!"





"It's freezing in the South Pole!"

"I know!"

"We make something with pink!"

"Yeah! I'll use it in my old age!"


2 months later

"Yay, the baby's coming!"

"Katara, push!"

"I understand doctors! Go!"

"Let's do it, Bumi!"



"Bumi, you're just like your uncle!"


"Oh darn.."


"But.. We need to make sure everything's okayeeeyyyy!!!!!!!!"

"Go home! You're drunk!"

"She's save with us!"

"Alright mom! 1.. 2... 3!!"



"Tenzin! Tenzin!"



"Is it Aang?"

"It is Aang!"

"What? I'm here!"


Aang began to cry..

"It's an airbender... I'm happy now.. Tenzin..."


"You got a green eye. But, you'll soon got an eye which is not a green eye.." -Aang



Few years have past.. Tenzin is 9

"Ha! Tenzin and Lin sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Stop it Bumi! You're too much.. Young love is so romantic isn't it?"

"You two!"


"Honey, time for lunch!"

"Yay lunch!"

"Pstt.. Bumi.. 1.. 2.. 3..!!"


Kya waterbends the water to Tenzin's pants

"Mom! Tenzin peed!"


"High 5!"

"Ha ha ha!!"

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