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Earth Kingdom

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Royal Palace



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Bending, Mace

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Earthbending, Metalbending


The Snowbold (son), Kuei (ancestor)


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Omashu, Urri, Order of the White Lotus, Northern Fortress

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Earth King


Earth Kingdom


The Snowbold

Earth King Iruei is the Earth King as of 319 AG. As ruler he has spent his life building a new reputation against the legacy his ancestor, Kuei, created. He is now leading the nation in the war against the United Forces.


Iruei was born in Ba Sing Se and has spent his life being groomed to be a leader by his father. As grandson of the weak Earth King Kuei, Iruei was disgusted to even be related to the man his father killed. He spent his years training as warrior to prove he wasn't weak. This mindset would follow him for the rest of his life.

Iruei became the Earth King after his father passed away. He immediately began his rule by consolidating his empire and setting the standard that he ruled the Earth Kingdom.

Iruei would have a son born to him, Kuir, whom he sent out to train in the real world. Kuir would adopt his father's view that he needed to set an image of authority and power.

Iruei went across the continent to affirm rule of the Kingdom but listed specific locations that would have to be punished for their quiet rebellions. The Northern Air Temple was resided by the Mechanists and their ancestors had built the fearsome weapons that helped the Fire Nation wage war on the Earth Kingdom in the latter years of the Hundred Year War.

The other was Omashu. Led by Urri, a hostile entity as King of the city. Urri had even declared to a then-prince Iruei that Omashu would become independent of the Earth Kingdom in time. Iruei has since held a poor view of Urri and Omashu. Determined to place it under his heel to remind them of who is king.

Iruei was approached by Grand Marshal Rishu with a plan to take back Republic City. Iruei eventually joined this conspiracy which involved Fire Lord Ma-Tin, Grand Marshal Rishu, Earth King Iruei, and Prince Kuir.

As tensions heightened between Republic City and the Fire Nation, many mistakenly assumed Iruei would come to Republic City's aid. When the war broke out, Iruei marshaled his forces and marched while also summoning Omashu to march at their side.

Urri defied the summon and sent forces out there as well as to the Northern Fortress while he marched to Republic City. He helped invade the city with the Fire Nation, although news hadn't reached anyone.

When The Ba Sing Se Regulars attacked Omashu, his alliance with the Fire Nation was revealed. Iruei was overseeing Republic City and held it against the attacks and guerilla warfare before, through, and after the Solar Eclipse. After the Northern Fortress broke the Earth Kingdom siege, Iruei left to manage the war himself.


Iruei is a master earthbender. He has focused extremely on the sub-bending skill of metalbending, where he is strong enough to bend a massive set of armor, and actively use it for a complete fight whilst also bending beyond the suit.


Toph in metal armor

Toph's metalbended armor is refined by Earth King Iruei into a formal set of armor.

  • Iruei's metal armor suit is based on the concept of Toph's armor from Sozin's Comet.
  • Iruei is a master metalbender, and as such uses it in combat to an extreme degree.

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