Iron Man is Born
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Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes




Micro-Episode 1

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December 8, 2013

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Hulk VS Ba Sing Se

Iron Man is Born is first micro-episode of the story, Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


At the Royal Plaza...


"What's going on?!" asked The Man before seeing A.I.M ships fly over his head.

"Attention people of the Fire Nation. I'm the Scientist Supreme of A.I.M. Surrender and let us rule this land! Or die!" said the Scientist Supreme. Then...


"Iron Man! Everyone target all cannons at him!" Shouted Scientist Supreme and then a web shoots from below him. He looked down and see Spider-Man crawl below him.

"Hello!" said Spider-Man and he pulled Scientist Supreme down to him and punched him in face.

"OUCH!" said Scientist Supreme. He grabbed his laser gun and got ready to shoot at Spider-Man but then...


"AHHHH!" Screamed Scientist Supreme when he was air kicked by Avatar Mei.

"Need some help?" asked Mei.

"Technically... no," said Spider-Man and Scientist Supreme called his other ships.

"KILL... THEM... ALL!!!" shouted Scientist Supreme and his A.I.M Agents began to drive their ships and target at his ship but Iron Man shoots a laser to them and destroys them.

"NOOO!" shouted Scientist Supreme and he's wear his jet pack and fly away back to the Black Cliffs.

"See ya!" said Spider-Man.

"And don't even think about returning! If A.I.M are smart like you say!" said Avatar Mei.

"Well put, my love!" said Iron Man.

"Thanks, Chong!" said Mei and her cheeks turn red.

"Now problem gone. Who wants to eat?" asked Spider-Man.

"Count us in," said Iron Man and he carries Mei with him to the noodle shop.

Meanwhile, at Western Fire Nation in Makluan Temple...


"Whatever you are stay away from me you... you... monsters!" said Shan-Yu and he crawl inside mouth of Dragon Statue to hide from Melter and Grey Gargoyle.


"What are these things? The rings?" asked Shan-Yu. He put one on, only to realize why those two are after him. Then, energy surrounded him and he was inside black dragon armor.

"What happened to me?!" Asked Shan-Yu. He crawled out from the mouth of a Dragon Statue and accidentally activates the red ring. He shot fire to Grey Gargoyle and destroyed it.

"Hmm.... AHAHAHAAAAA!" Laughed Shan-Yu and he shot his freeze ray from a yellow ring and imprisoned Melter in the ice.

"Not for long... the Fire Nation will be ruled by me! The Mandarin!" said Mandarin.


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