Iroh to the Rescue
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March 8, 2014

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The Dark Lord Returns

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Attack on the Northern Air Temple

Darth Vader knew the danger he faced.

Although Avatar Aang was a Fully Realized Avatar, Vader sensed that he was not in control. Aang assaulted Vader with a powerful blast of air. The Dark Lord was sent flying through the air, but landed on his feet. Aang unleashed a fire slash, but Vader blocked it with his lightsaber. The Avatar fired a bolt of lightning at the Sith Lord.

It hit him right in the chest.

Vader screamed as lightning surged through his suit, zapping him.

Yet the Dark Lord stayed strong.

Aang lashed out with a fire whip, but Vader jumped and dodged the attack. Aang shot another bolt of lightning at Vader.

Vader swung hard...

...the lightning bounced off his saber...

...and Aang was struck by his own lightning.

The Avatar screamed and collapsed to the ground, exiting the Avatar State. Vader raised his lightsaber, ready to strike the final blow.

Suddenly, Zuko charged at Vader and created a fire dagger.

"Enough of this," Vader said.

He threw out his hand, and clenched his fist. Zuko began to choke. Suddenly, a fire bomb smashed into Vader, and the Dark Lord was sent flying, and crashed into Team Avatar's house. Zuko, on his knees, looked up at who had saved him.

He knew this man.

"Uncle!" Zuko said.

"Get up!" Iroh said. "Get the Avatar and his friends inside."

Zuko did just that.

Vader was on his feet again and turned to face Iroh.

Iroh created a fire whip and lashed out at Vader. The Dark Lord raised his lightsaber and blocked the attack. Iroh breathed fire out of his mouth. Vader leapt to the side as Iroh shot several fire blasts at him. Vader dodged them with ease.

"Your powers are weak, old man," Vader said.

Iroh then created a fire dagger and charged. He swung the dagger, but the Sith Lord was too quick. Iroh breathed more fire at Vader. Iroh then shot a huge fire blast. Iroh also shot a burst of fire at Vader. All three attacks hit Vader at the same time, and the Dark Lord was sent flying over the horizon.

Iroh raced inside. He found Zuko and Sokka wrapping bandages around Aang, Katara, and Toph.

"I still can't believe Vader knew where I was going," Zuko said.

"Quiet, Toph's waking up," Sokka said.

"What just happened?" Toph said sitting up.

"Long story," Sokka said.

Katara woke up herself.

"What happened?" she said.

"That's just what I asked, Katara," Toph said.

Aang finally woke up.

"What-" he began.

"Don't say it," Toph said quickly.

On board the Executor, Darth Vader arrived on deck after having his suit fixed.

"Admiral Ozzel," Vader said.

"Yes my Lord?"

"Prepare the attack fleet, and set coordinates to the Northern Air Temple."

"Yes my Lord."

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