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Iroh as a civilian
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35 AG

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  • Tea Shop Owner
  • Grand Master of Order of the White Lotus
  • Fire Nation
  • Order of the White Lotus



50,000 Gold Pieces

Iroh is one of the people the assassin Nero is sent after. Aside from running his tea shop, The Jasmine Dragon, he also gives Zuko some political advice from time to time.

The Assassin Nero

Three years after Ozai's defeat Iroh is making good on his promise and has not only "reconquered" his tea shop, but is even giving Zuko some assistance in running the Fire Nation. Unfortunately someone is not happy with the way the war turned and has hired a dangerous group of assassins to kill him and Team Avatar. The first one sent is a man named Nero.

Iroh's Pai Sho

Aang mentions that while in Ba Sing Se he visited Iroh and played a game of Pai Sho with him, Iroh won.

Agni Kai with Nero

Iroh encounters the deadly assassin Nero. Iroh serves tea to the assassin not knowing his purpose for being there. Once the Jasmine Dragon is empty of all other patrons, Nero attacks. The resulting Agni Kai burns the tea shop to the ground. Iroh's age however catches up to him as Nero eventually gains the upper hand, and throws him into the burning tea house. Once Nero completely destroys what's left of the tea shop Iroh does not emerge from its ashes. He was presumed to be dead.

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