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The Second Prince

Prince Iroh is the son of Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Ilah. Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, he is expected to become the next Fire Lord as soon as his father passes away. At age 15, he also got a little brother, named Ozai.


Young Iroh

Iroh at age 15, after a Firebending training

Born the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, Iroh had to study every possible thing, from Pai Sho to tea brewing, in order to become a good Fire Lord, at a young age. Recently he started practicing advanced Firebending with his father, Fire Lord Azulon.

In 52 AG, when Iroh was 15, his mother gave birth to a second son, named Ozai. At the time, he was already known to enjoy tea and loved playing Pai Sho with his strategy tutor, Sifu Hayao. He was also known to have a love interest in the person of a girl named Cixi.

Teenage life: Cixi

Two weeks after the birth of Ozai, Iroh, with the help of his faithful friend Jiuan, finally managed to get near Cixi without interference at an underground dance party. However, the sudden arrival of the Crown Prince crashed the party, and soon only Iroh and Cixi were left in the dangerous Harbor City, by night. They were attacked by thugs and they only escaped alive because of Hayao's unexpected arrival and Firebending prowess. After that epic night, Iroh and Cixi officially began a relationship.

Adult life

Iroh would eventually grow up, marry a noblewoman, have a son named Lu Ten and become a fierce and fearsome Fire Nation general. However, a tragic course of events would lead him to lose his throne to his younger brother, who by the time had become a power-hungry and cruel man. For more details on the events following this, see Iroh.

Personality and Traits

Iroh was a young man who loved his two parents very much, despite the coldness of his father. At some moments, this led Iroh to question his father's love for him. Thus Iroh would try to achieve his father's wishes and obeyed any order without question.

Iroh also had much respect for his strategy tutor Hayao, who helped him in times of sorrow and was almost a second father figure to him.

Physical appearance

By the time he had reached age 15, Iroh had developed an impressive build because of the intense physical exercise he had to practice. His eyes were of a light amber shade, almost pale gold. His brown hair was kept short and tied in a top-knot, as most Fire Nation citizens did.

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