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Fire Nation emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Iroh in tea shop attire
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Fire Nation


35 AG

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5 ft. 6

Hair color

Gray (Black in youth)

Eye color


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Chronological and political information

Tea shop owner & Firebending instructor


Fire Nation, Order of the White Lotus





Voiced by

Greg Baldwin

Iroh is the operator of the popular tea house, the Jasmine Dragon. His successes in liberating Ba Sing Se have made him a hero in the Earth Kingdom, and many go to his tea house just to hear his old war stories and wisdom, but they come back because of the tea.

Before Guardian

Iroh has become a hero in the Earth Kingdom and became a long distance adviser to newly coronated Fire Lord Zuko. He has spent his free time playing Pai Sho and recently had a new tea house built in Omashu, named the Jasmine Dragon of the West, run with the help of Bumi.


Opening Day

While on a break, Iroh sits down for tea with Bumi. While waiting, A young Earthbender arrives and asks him for advice. He is surprised to be addressed by his old war nickname, but still is interested in this boy. They have a long conversation that brings up a lot about Iroh's past; bringing up his visit to the Sun Warrior's city and his meeting with Avatar Roku. Iroh assists the boy in finding a master, Bumi.

Being mentioned

After Zuko makes a dark reference to how Aang refused to kill Ozai, Iroh is referenced several times. He is mentioned by Aang to be the person to give Zuko advice when he shows this attitude, and then Zuko performs his poor imitation of him. Katara also notes that she is the only one to never have tea at his shop, despite being the only one to have entered his tea shop.

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