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Iroh forgives Zuko
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Fire Nation

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Black (formally) now gray

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Tea shop owner, former crowned prince, retired general


Team Avatar, Zuko, Order of the White Lotus




Zuko, Ozai

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The Journey Begins

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Iroh as he appears in Dennis Fielder's fanon.


In fics that take place after the series, Iroh still maintains his slimmer physique.


Iroh maintains his happy but wise self from the series.


Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book 4: Air

The Journey Begins

When Zuko and Team Avatar prepared to go look for Ursa, Iroh agreed to watch the Fire Nation for Zuko and assured him that he'd be fine while the gang was out searching.

Return to the Swamp

Iroh visited Ozai in his cell, asking why Ozai had to be so stubborn and asked if Ozai really had to make the search for Ursa harder for Zuko. Iroh then agreed to leave Ozai after he finished his roast duck. He also pushed some roast moose-lion towards Ozai.

Avatar: The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai

40 Years Ago

Younger Iroh

Iroh at the time of his Agni Kai with Ozai.

When Iroh was twenty-four, he had breakfast with his father, mother, and three-year-old brother, Ozai. When Iroh heard about Ozai having a dream he couldn't remember, Iroh advised him to tell them when he did as Iroh was sure it would be interesting. Iroh then said he could hang out for a bit after breakfast but had to go to a war meeting with his father, Fire Lord Azulon. When Ozai protested to hanging out with Ursa for the rest of the day, Iroh pointed out that his only other option was hanging out with their mother, Fire Lady Illah.

33 Years Ago

Seven years later, Iroh had married and became more active in the war effort. One day, his mother died, and Iroh saw Ozai attacking a guard. Knowing that Ozai wanted the same type of training Iroh was getting, Iroh promised to teach Ozai the same techniques he was learning. Iroh also agreed to keep the lessons a secret.

27 Years Ago

Six years into Ozai's training, Iroh had gotten married and had a son named Lu Ten, who was a year old at the time. Iroh also complimented Ozai on generating Lightning twice as fast as anyone else. At this point, Iroh was also stated to have killed the last dragon and become the Dragon of the West. During supper one night, Iroh accepted an Agni Kai challenge from Ozai. During the fight, Iroh was barely able to deflect Ozai's attacks and was eventually knocked down. While Azulon congratulated Iroh on his endurance, he accused Ozai of spying on Iroh to learn his techniques. Iroh tried to talk to Ozai about this, but Ozai refused to listen and stated that he hated Iroh from that moment on.

25 Years Ago

When Iroh heard that Ozai planned to look for the Avatar, Iroh urged Ozai to reconsider as their father and grandfather had previously tried and failed, but Ozai just ignored him, sighting he wouldn't fail and telling Iroh to stay out of his way.

19 Years Ago

A slightly more rotund Iroh met up with Ozai after he returned and offered his condolences to Ozai about how he didn't find the Avatar. Iroh also ended up being Ozai's best man when he married Ursa the following year.

The Life and Journeys of Ursa

28 Years Ago

During Iroh's Agni Kai with Ozai, he was barely able to deflect Ozai's attacks and was eventually knocked down. Afterwards, when Ursa was looking for Ozai, Iroh explained how Azulon had accused Ozai of spying on Iroh. As such, Iroh told Ursa that he believes Ozai needed to be by himself for a short time.

20 Years Ago

Iroh met up with Ursa to give her good news about Ozai gaining some respect from Azulon over his dilligence and the recapture of Han Tui.

Author's Notes

Iroh's portrayal is shown to always be the mentor to everyone, including his brother Ozai, and especially towards Zuko.

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