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Chapter 2: The Mystery
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Chapter 1: The Dragon


Chapter 2: First Attack on Ba Sing Se

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Chapter 2: The Mystery

Part 1 of 4: The Facts

"Dragon Slayer! Dragon Slayer!" The cheers grew louder and louder and Iroh felt guiltier and guiltier. Perhaps he should tell these people what had really happened, but then he would lose honor. What was he to do.

"So where is the dragon's body?" someone asked him. Whew, thought Iroh, they will find out that I did not kill the dragon and I will no longer feel guilty.

"Well the truth is-" Iroh began to speak but he was quickly interrupted.

"It's over here!" a soldier called out.

"What?!?" Iroh said, confused. How was this possible? He hadn't actually killed the dragon. He had released it then watched it walk away. The people around him began to cheer again. Iroh looked down the hill, and sure enough there lay the dragon's body. Everyone began chanting, "Iroh killed the last dragon!"

Suddenly, several men jumped of some bushes and rushed away. Who were they? Iroh noticed that they were wearing outfits very similar to those worn by members of the White Lotus.

"Should we follow them, sir?" a soldier asked.

"No, leave them alone," Iroh responded. Who could those men be?

After enduring another session of cheers, Iroh walked into the fortress. He of course inquired about Lu Ten, but was disappointed when he learned that Lu Ten had left for a small trip. He would be back soon, though. Iroh walked to his room and was surprised when he found a woman standing there.

"What? Who are-" Iroh began.

"It is okay," the woman responded, "I am Ida, member of the Council of the White Lotus, and a senior inspector." She showed Iroh her badge.

White lotus tile icon

The seal of the Order of the White Lotus.

"I was sent here to make sure you understand the letter that you should have received about a day ago," Ida said.

"Ah," Iroh said, "yes. I received the letter and I understand. I am just a little uncertain about how I will work things out."

"The Order is very worried about you Iroh," Ida said, "you have strayed too far from our ways. I know this is true. Especially after hearing that you killed a dragon. To think that you would kill a sacred beast! Oh how terrible."

Iroh was a bit taken aback a bit by Ida's ruedness but he answered politely, "Well, I guess I have broken a few laws, but rest assured that I did not kill that dragon." He explained all of the surrounding events.

"Well then," Ida said, "as a senior inspector it is my duty to investigate this crime against you. I will spend today and tommorow looking for any clues, and then I will catch the murderer of than beautiful dragon!"

Iroh was glad that someone knew the truth. After saying good-by to Ida, Iroh sat down and drank a warm cup of tea.

The next morning Iroh woke up and once again drank some tea. Tomorrow Lu Ten was expected to return and he would have a splendid day. Ida knocked on the door then came inside.

"Well good morning Iroh," Ida said coldly, "I have interviewed almost everyone and I have examined all of the evidence, and I have a solution."

"You do?" Iroh asked, "well that's a relief."

Ida spoke with more unfriendliness, "You killed the dragon."

"What?" Iroh said surpised.

"Everything points to you. I know you did it." Ida turned and swiftly walked out of the door and slammed it.

Iroh didn't know what to do. He had to figure out how he was going to prove his innocence. Oh what a terrible morning!

Part 2 of 4: More Facts (this part is told from another member of the Order of the White Lotus's point of view)

Inspector Kai looked at all of the papers scattered across his desk. These papers were supposed to help him solve his hardest case yet, but right now they were just making things harder. The case was impossible. Someone was trying to over throw the current leaders of the Order of the White Lotus, and so far they were succeeding. Several different people had proven that almost everyone on the Council of the White Lotus were guilty of one thing or another. Yet none of them said they were guilty. Now, only King Bumi of the Earth Kingdom and Iroh of the Fire Nation remained.

A servant walked into Kai's study and handed him a message. It read:

Dear Inspector Kai,

Please read this carefully. I have strong evidence that General Iroh of the Council of the White Lotus is guilty of killing the last dragon and for planning to destroy Ba Sing Se. I know that many of our council members have been accused of fake crimes but I believe that Iroh really is a traitor. The evidence is attached behind this letter.

yours truly,

Ida, senior inspector

Well, thought Kai, there goes another one of the council members. He read the evidence and researched on Ida. Then, he read more on Ida's background. Slowly but surely he put together his case. Of course, he thought, it was so simple.

Kai wrote a letter to the Grand Lotus explaining who the real criminal was.

Part 3 of 4: The Letter (here is the letter Kai wrote to the Grand Lotus)

Dearest Grand Lotus,

Ransom letter

A letter from inspector Kai to the Grand Lotus.

It is an honor to serve you. Recently a crime was committed against certain members of the council and against you. You have heard that many of the member of the Order of the White Lotus are guilty of various crimes. Well I am here to prove that they are innocent. Please read this letter and the evidence attached to it.

Here is what happened:

Inspector Ida joined our group seven years ago and quickly excelled to become an inspector. Soon she held the third most important spot on the council. She began to plan how she could become the Grand Lotus. She shared her plans with a few of her fellow council members. Her plan would have worked if they had helped her but they refused. When they were about to betray her she created situations that would make them appear guilty. Then she did this to everyone on the council. All that would be left was to destroy you. Please read the evidence attached and sent a warrant for Ida's arrest.

-Inspector Kai

Part 4 of 4 The Conclusion

Iroh laid down in the grass outside the fortress. What a day! First he had been guilty then innocent and now Ida had been arrested. Plus he had been promoted to become the next Grand Lotus when this one passed away. Tomorrow Lu Ten would return and his day would get even better. Now all he to do was figure out how to get the invasion of Ba Sing Se to fail.

Chapter 3: First Attack on Ba Sing Se is coming soon!

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