Iroh: Ba Sing Se
Chapter 1: The Dragon
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Nathan Miranda


1 written: CH. 1: THE DRAGON; more on the way!


Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

Part 2 is also available. For that story click here: Chapter 2: The Mystery


Iroh carefully guided his soldiers over the next set of hills. How he longed for another sip of sweet Fire Nation tea. Now it would be a very long time until he got some. He was in the Earth Kingdom with an army to lead against Ba Sing Se. No, he thought, tea will have to wait.

"How much further?" the tired soldiers behind him called out. Iroh sighed and said, "Just a few more hills and we can set camp. Anyone up for some camp fire Tsungi Horn songs?" He tried to sound upbeat, but he was just as tired as they were.

The next thing he new they had reached the designated spot for their camp that night. The soldiers began to roll out their camping supplies and tents. Iroh walked over to where his royal tent had been prepared. Just when he was about to go inside for he night a messenger hawk swooped down from above and land on his hand. Iroh opened the message container and pulled out a note:

Liberation of Ba Sing Se

An older Iroh with the Order of the White Lotus.

Dearest Iroh, general of the Firelord,

How do you plan on keeping the Earth Kingdom and the whole world safe if you are about to destroy Ba Sing Se's walls to the ground?

yours truly,

The Order of the White Lotus

Iroh groaned. So, the Order still wanted him to give up the Fire Nation for their own ideas of world peace. He remembered when he had first signed the table that signified that he was officially a member of the Order of the White Lotus. How could he now keep his oath for world peace if he had been ordered by the Firelord to bring Ba Sing Se's walls crashing to the ground. Ah, he said to himself, a nice cup of tea and a good nights rest and all will be well.

This he said to himself with more doubt than he liked to admit.

Chapter 1: The Dragon

Today was a new day. Iroh woke up ready for a great day- and a fresh cup of tea. He slipped into his traditional general's uniform. No, he thought, this will not do. I am going to see Lu Ten today, not a proud fire general. Iroh undressed again, and put on a relaxed tunic similar to the one he had worn the day he had left Lu Ten at the palace. How he missed his son now. To think that he would now see his baby son after 2 years made him smile.

Iroh marched out to see his soldiers. They had apparently been waiting for him to wake up for quite some time. "All right, men," Iroh said, "let's set out to the next army base. We go to see young Prince Lu Ten."

Chears rose from the group, for everyone new how much this day meant to Iroh. The men packed up camp and started marching away towards valleys and mountains near Ba Sing Se. They would stop at the next Fire Nation army base, and then begin the final fase of their mission- tear down Ba Sing Se's walls. Iroh still had a guilty fealing inside. The Order had told him that it would be difficult to uphold his beliefs, but he never imagined it might mean going against his country's demands. How could he stop now and declare that he would not help the Fire Nation claim rule over the Earth Kingdom. Perhaps, he thought, the Order of the White Lotus will send another letter with advice on what I should do.

They were nearing the base now. Iroh could see the Fire Nation symbol on the flags over a small hill up ahead. Home at last! he thought.

His words were shattered into pieces at once. A huge shadow swooped


A dragon- these rare beasts were thought to be extinct, but Iroh is now being attacked by one!

over himself and the soldiers.

"What is that?!?" the men cried out in confusion.

Iroh stared. He had thought that dragons had been wiped out long ago. However, his eyes disproved that thought. A large fiery dragon was flying around his men! The dragon swooped down and then up, then came crashing down at the soldiers. Iroh tried to control his men, but they were running around in total confusion. Iroh attempted to firebend at the dragon but the beast was too fast. The dragon landed on the ground. A wave of flames and heat flowed out of its mouth. Several soldiers were knocked over, but none appeared to be injured. One of the men grabbed the Tsungi horn from the previous night and blew into it, trying to get the attention of the nearby army base. "No!" cried Iroh, "don't you see? They will come and kill the dragon."

"Yah. So what?" the soldier asked, unsure of what his general meant.

"The dragon is a sacred animal," Iroh said, raising his voice, "it should be respected and treated as such."

"But-" the soldier never finished because a dozen archers from the nearby Fire Nation base were coming down the hill. Several of them shot arrows at the dragon, but it was too quick for them. They continued shooting but this just made the dragon more and more angry. Iroh tried to stop the archers but there was too much noise from the dragon and shouting soldiers. More archers shot a large net at the beast which instantly covered it. The animal fell and rolled hill where no one could see it.

"After it!" shouted the excited men.

"Wait!" Iroh commanded, and silence fell on the group, "the dragon is mine."

They all knew what the rewards were for killing a dragon. It meant untold honor and riches. No one wanted to get in the way of Iroh's reward.

Iroh walked down the hill, and cautiously approached the dragon. Two choices were laid before him. He could kill the dragon and be titled Dragon Slayer. He would be given fame, respect, and wealth. However, this would contradict the teachings of the Order of the White Lotus. He could also choose to release the creature. This would disappoint the soldiers but Iroh new it was the right thing to do. Slowly he began to cut the net off of the dragon. When he was cutting some rope near the dragon's leg his hand slipped and he accidentally cut a small wound on the dragon. The beast roared in pain.

Meanwhile, the soldiers waited anxiously for something to happen. Suddenly, a loud roar was heard from down below. It sounded as thought the dragon had been killed. Iroh must have killed the last dragon! Their hearts left with joy for their general. Everyone watched as Iroh walked up the hill. Almost everyone noticed the tint of red on Iroh's knife. He had killed the dragon.

Iroh was led up the hill to the Fire Nation army base. The people there welcomed him and clapped happily, shouting, "Iroh the Dragon Slayer! Iroh the Dragon Slayer!"

Dragons firebending

Dragons are powerful beasts that are very hard to destroy, but Iroh would be strong enough to take one on.

How could Iroh tell them that he had not killed the dragon. He couldn't, he decided. So Iroh made up his mind to act as though he had killed the last dragon. This would bring honor for himself, and it would give Lu Ten something to look up to. However, Iroh had forgotten something when took on the title Dragon Slayer. The Order of the White Lotus did not approve of animal slaughter.

Chapter 2: First Attack on Ba Sing Se has unforutnately been postponed. It will probably be moved to Chapter 3 or 4. The official title of the next chapter is Chapter 2: The Mystery

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