Iroh's Return
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Iroh's Return

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Ozai stroked Zuko's bottom with a healing cream.

Zuko is a small and skinny boy and consequently, a weakling. Android 11 despises weakness and loathes his template's son. Zuko's smallest accidents had always resulted in Android 11 beating him severely.

The only punishments Android 11 ever imposed upon Zuko were severe beatings, except for spanking kept for what No. 11 calls serious offenses but which were always Zuko's accidents that are slightly larger than usual.

Ozai moved on with the healing cream to Zuko's sit spot. Ozai was furious that No. 11 had spanked Zuko for mere accidents.

He shouted "That piece of scrap metal."

Zuko asked, "You mean, the impostor."

Ozai said, "Yes. The impostor."

A royal messenger entered the room.

He said, "Sir, General Iroh has returned."

Ozai smiled at this news.

He said, "That's great. Tell him I request his presence as soon as he is ready."

Later that day, Ozai sat on the Fire Lord's throne. His wife and their kids sat before the flames. He smiled as his elder brother entered.

Ozai bent the flames before his throne away from him as he walked towards Iroh.

Ozai said, "Iroh."

Iroh said, "Hello, Brother."

To Iroh's bewilderment, Ozai embraced him. The embrace was so hard that Ozai was squeezing Iroh. After Ozai let go, he climbed back to his throne and sat down again. Iroh took his seat next to his nephew.

Ozai focused his attention on his wife, their children and his brother.

Ozai said, "I'm still evil. I still want to rule the world, I love all four of you. Family is not important to me in general. Just the four of you."

He turned to his brother.

He said, "I am sorry that you have lost Lu Ten. But, that is no reason to abandon the siege of Ba Sing Se. When you abandoned the battle, you insulted your son's memory. He died for nothing."

Iroh suddenly realized this.

He said, "'re right, Ozai."

Ozai said, "On my own account, I do not regret Lu Ten's death. He is your son, Iroh, but my love for you is not hereditary. He is of no loss to me."

His wife and their son looked at him with their mouths open in awe. Iroh began to cry. Azula was as calm and focused as ever.

"As I told you, family in general pales to power. I don't really care about my nephew's death. Iroh, I love you. I am not asking you to love my wife and our children. You do so on your own account."

Iroh said, "I love you as well, Ozai. And I love your wife and your children."

Ozai addressed his children.

He said, "Children, your mother and I love you both. But, I don't want for you two to love each other. You do so on your own terms."

He smiled the evil smile that is seen in the other dimension

Azula share her father's sinister expression.

She told him "Don't worry, Dad. We understand."

She smiled wickedly at her brother. Zuko and their mother looked at her with surprise. Ozai noticed this.

He said, "Iroh. Azula. You both have my respect."

He smiled in their direction. He turned to face his wife and their son.

"Ursa. Zuko. You're weaklings. I love you both. I consider each of you a miserable failure. I tolerate your weakness. I think you're both worthless, but I stand it. So, why can't you tolerate my evil ways?"

Ursa looked him in the eye.

Ursa said, "I love you, Ozai."

Ozai said, "I love you too, babe."

He bent the flames before his throne and cast them away.

"Come. Take your place by my side."

Ursa climbed the steps to the Fire Lord's summit and sat down next to her husband. Ozai kissed Ursa's lips and she reciprocated. They drew apart, gazing at each other with eyes full of love.

Ozai turned to his son.

Ozai said, "Because you two are weaklings, I'll hurt you physically whenever I feel like it."

Ursa said, "Ozai."

Ozai looked into her eyes and smiled evilly.

Ozai asked, "What are you going to do about it?"

He turned to face Zuko again, grinning evilly.

Ursa asked her husband "What about the War? What are you going to do, now that you're the Fire Lord."

Ozai told her "The War will continue, but no lives will be taken as long as I sit upon this throne."

Ursa kissed him square on the lips and he reciprocated. They broke apart, smiling lovingly at each other.

Ozai addressed his wife, their kids, and his elder brother.

He told them "Generations of Fire Lords have left too much devastation on our Nation and on the Earth Kingdom. If I am to make everything the way I want it to be, I must travel the world. I will do this during the children's summer vacations. We will journey across the Fire Nation and throughout the Earth Kingdom to repair the damage caused by my father and my father's father."

He looked at Zuko.

"Zuko, I'm sorry. I promise to spend time with you after the world is the way your mother and I want it to be."

Zuko said, "Of course, Dad."

Iroh said, "Actually, Ozai. You and Zuko can spend time together. In fact, you can spend a whole year together in one day."

Ozai asked, "What do you mean?"

Iroh said, "You have heard rumours of my journey into the Spirit World. In the Si Wong Desert there is a hidden library, underground in fact. According to legend, it was built by the great knowledge spirit, Wan Shi Tong, with the help of his foxy assistants."

Zuko asked, "And the legend is true?"

Iroh said, "Indeed, it is. Wan Shi Tong and his knowledge seekers collected books from all over the world, and put them on display for mankind to read. And they built a chamber in their underground library, a room of spirit and time for benders and warriors to train."

Ozai said, "A room of spirit and time?"

Iroh explained "This chamber squeezes the time span of one year inside the room into a single day in the real world. It can only accommodate two people at the same time. Lu Ten and I used it for training. We increased our strength and fighting ability from this experience."

Ozai said, "You took Lu Ten. Now, I'm taking Zuko. If I may, Ursa."

Zuko smiled happily.

He asked, "Please, Mum. Can I go with Dad?"

Ursa smiled at him lovingly.

She said, "Sure, sweetie. Go ahead."

Ozai said, "It's a really good way for a father and son to get to know each other."

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