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Iroh's Late Days
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This one shot written by Phoenixbender is set after the Hundred Year War and delves into Iroh's memories of Lu Ten as well as the adventure that awaits him.


At the Jasmine Dragon

Iroh lay down on his bed in the Jasmine Dragon.

You know how to throw a great party... for the Avatar and the new Fire Lord!

Iroh was in a state of torpor. He quickly started snoring, drool was coming out. But his sleep was disturbed. He started rolling around.

"Lu Ten."

"Lu Ten..."

"Lu Ten my son!"

"Lu Ten!"

Lu Ten!

Yes dad!""

Sir, we've breached the Outer Wall!

Siege of Ba Sing Se

The Siege of Ba Sing Se

Sir, we've destroyed the Agrarian Zone!



Sir, your son has been killed

Abandon the siege!

You have failed Iroh, my son...

The last image in his dream was the portrait of Azulon, a Fire Nation insignia in the back. Iroh woke up from the nightmare in shock. Without Zuko, there was no replacement for Lu Ten.

I should not disturb the Fire Lord

Even though I have mentored him, it is time to let go of him

I guess a short visit won't hurt

Fire Nation Forest

Iroh made his way to the Royal Palace: on foot. Meanwhile, Azula had other plans. Azula had broken out of the mental hospital a few days earlier. She wished to seek revenge on: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko, Ty Lee, Mai, and Iroh. Iroh was the oldest and more fragile than the rest and was therefore her first target.

"Leaves from the vine, falling so slow. Like fragile, tiny shells, drifting in the foam. Little soldier boy, come marching home. Brave soldier boy, comes marching home."

"Uncle. Still singing your little kindergarten lyrics I see!"

"Azula! You were sent to the hospital for your own good! Now return there! You belong there!"

"Mom told you to say that!"

Azula shot a blast of lightning at Iroh who quickly redirected it to a tree.

"Azula you must understand!"

"You don't understand! You and mother always loved Zuko. Now even father hates me! No one loves me!"

"Azula! Stop this before you burn down this whole forest!"

"I will burn down this entire world if I need to!"

A Fire Nation battalion came marching. It was led by Fire Lord Zuko.

"Brother! Always interfering in my plans!"

Azula sent a wide burst of fire with the malicious intent of causing destruction. She then escaped in the smoke.

"Uncle! Are you okay?"

"Yes, but just a little bit hurt..."

"Do I need to get Katara?"

"No, my pain is internal."

"I am sorry to hear that Uncle and I hope that rest at the palace will help you get better."

Fire Nation Royal Palace

"Ever since I lost Lu Ten, you and Azula have been like son and daughter to me."

"I understand Uncle."

"Seeing Azula like this breaks my heart."

"It breaks mine as well."

"I am going to find her and straighten her out once and for all because I cannot lose another child."

"Wait Uncle."

"I will be patient."

"At least play a game of Pai Sho with me before you leave."

Pai Sho

Iroh used the White Lotus opening while Zuko used the aggressive Dragon opening. They quickly commenced with the game. Zuko aggressively pushed in, getting closer to Iroh's lotus. Iroh's defensive setup allowed him to stall for a while but he was still being pushed back.

Eventually, Zuko was able to surround Iroh's lotus from afar. Iroh's defensive setup involved a wall of three pieces around the Lotus. They were called the three Lotus children.

Zuko's pieces were advancing. Iroh did no offensive moves because he treasured the three Lotus children. He suddenly realized that to win he must sacrifice them.

He sent his Earth piece, one of the Lotus children, out to attack one of Zuko's Air piece and defend the lotus. The Earth piece was in turn destroyed by Zuko's Fire piece.

Lu Ten...

After hesitation, Iroh sent his Water piece, another one of the Lotus children and destroyed the Fire piece. Zuko reacted by destroying the Water piece with an Air piece, the last piece on the offensive


Iroh sent out his last Lotus child, an Earth piece, and destroyed the last offensive piece with it.

Zuko's pieces were now scrambled all over the board, a disadvantage of the Dragon Style.

Iroh used his last Lotus child to protect his Lotus and guide it to the center and win.


"During this Pai Sho game I realized what I must do."

"Yes, Uncle?"

"I must return to the Jasmine Dragon and let my children decide their own destiny.


  • In this chapter, it is Zuko who teaches Iroh.
  • In this chapter, a game of Pai Sho is explained in detail.

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