By Jall Part of the The Legend of Iraris continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Spirit World





Physical description

Muscular yet thin


Ten feet


Ten pounds

Hair color

None (Spirit form) Black (Human form)

Eye color


Personal information

Can bend what was used to create him.



A spirit made to hunt. Iraris had gotten bored with hunting animals. When the Avatar came into creation Iraris swore that he would slay everyone that would be born. Only two have escaped him. Those two are Roku and Aang.


Iraris had come into creation when humanity had. He was made out of air, clouds, water, plants, blood, earth, sand, mud, metal, fire, lava, and energy. He was a deformed spirit who had become mummified during his creation and had become a hunter and was respected and feared. Not long after he had gotten bored with just hunting animals and the first Avatar had come into being and Iraris had become angry that there was someone who could bend all the elements and fearing for his life swore to hunt every Avatar to ever come into creation and thus began his eternal hunt.

Over the years many Avatars had fallen to Iraris but when he had become ready to kill Roku he had found himself beaten to it by a volcano. Finding it pointless to destroy a volcano Iraris started to search for the next Avatar. The next one he had seen only briefly and had learned that the Avatar's name was Aang. When Aang had been frozen in an iceberg for a hundred years he waited for the day that Aang would be freed. Over the years he had met Fire Lord Sozin. Sozin had asked Iraris to join him in the war but Iraris declined and said that his place in the universe was to destroy the Avatar. Sozin had said that Iraris constantly failed if he had not been able to find a way to stop the Avatar from being reincarnated. Thus Iraris waited again and over the years had become frozen and any one who would see his frozen body claimed it was an evil spirit who would kill you if you disturb him during his rest.

When Aang had become free from the ice Iraris had become free as well. He had confronted Aang in a cave and Iraris might have killed Aang if not for the intervention of a young water bender named Katara. Iraris had becomed distracted at the sudden appearance of this daughter of the south and got hit by Aang's air bending and Iraris turned into air. Aang and Katara left the cave believing that the hunter had been destroyed. Alas he had not been. Iraris had attacked the Southern Water Tribe and he was about to attack Katara's grandmother, Kanna when he had turned into a cloud and was being pulled to the sky. By some spiritual curse Iraris was being pulled back to the Spirit World, but Iraris had turned back into his normal form and fell back to the world, seeming to die.

Iraris once again survived and had found out where the Avatar was. He discovered that the young airbender was headed to the Southern Air Temple. Thus Iraris had found Aang. This meeting between the two was very short as when he entered the Avatar temple in the Southern Air Temple Iraris could not stand and was struck down by Aang.

Months later, Iraris had gotten himself back together. He had found Aang in the North Pole.

By the time Iraris had gotten to the North Pole, the war was over. Iraris was furious yet happy. Now he would easily track him down. When he arrived in Ba Sing Se, he almost killed Aang, but then suddenly everything went dark and Iraris found himself in human form. It seemed the history had been re-written and only a Team Avatar, Iraris and the one responsible for history being re-written. The one responsible was a boy by the name of Jall who had found a temple and accidentally re-wrote history. It now seemed that Iraris wanted dire vengeance for being robbed of his victory.

Human Time

As a human, Iraris found himself slowed down. As he let out his anger he found that he had a new power. He could control a person through their blood. Iraris made his use of this power and slowly made his life in the world.

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