By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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A Nifrin's Discovery (One-Shot)

Method in Madness (A:NU2)

Ion is a large, lion-like spirit that used to work in the Spirit Council alongside Arceus. His job is to find and destroy the evil filled universes, trying to even out the good and the bad among the different creations. He personally was in charge of driving out Slenderman from making anymore evil creations, as ordered by Arceus himself. Although he can't create anything completely, he can however alter creations so they don't appear as dangerous or as bad, to remain fair to the other universes made by the other members.

A Nifrin's Discovery

Although he never appears in the actual story, he does appear in a side-story alongside Arceus. He was seen looking over the other universes, trying to find other worlds to handle. Arceus came in and decided to give him a break from his duties, and so after some conversation he left.

Avatar: New Universe II

Although not entirely shown, Ion does only appear in a flashback in the sequel, when he himself told Slenderman that he gone too far and that he is now banished.

Avatar: New Universe III

His makes his true appearance here, back at the core. When Team Avatar and Teen Titans met him, he became rather aggressive at first, wondering why humans are wondering around in such a sacred place. After some explaining on who they were, he calmed down and warned up to them a little.

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