Bride of Long Feng
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Hunting Long Feng

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Bride of Long Feng

Invitation to Kill is the thirteenth chapter of Long Feng. It marks the final appearance of Ozai.


The men armed themselves with knives, wafers, crosses, and garlic, and went to the chapel at Sozin to hunt for Long Feng's boxes. There was a horrible smell of death and decay. But they could find only 29 boxes. What had Long Feng done with the others.

They thought they saw a tall, shadowy figure looming in the doorway, then hundreds of elephant rats squirmed all over the chapel floor.

Sokka whistled for his polar bear dogs. They were afraid at first, but at last they chased the elephant rats away.

Meanwhile... all day, Katara had been looking very tired and pale. She had been crying, which was unusual for her.

She couldn't forget something that happened the previous night. She couldn't sleep, so she looked out the window.

A thick mist came creeping into the bedroom, and turned into a tall, ghostly figure with glowing green eyes! Was it a dream.

Aang discovered that Long Feng had bought another house on Ember Island.

Meanwhile...Ozai seemed to want to talk about "souls" and "blood." Jet just couldn't understand him.

Later that same night, Ozai had been fighting, and he was terribly injured. No, worse, he was dying. But how could this have happened? He had been locked in his cell all alone.

Jet called for Haru. Ozai had to stay alive long enough to explain! "I am dying. I have but a few minutes," stuttered Ozai. "Tell us, Ozai," replied Haru.

He said he saw Long Feng several times, right outside the hospital. "He beckoned me to the window," said Ozai.

Long Feng offered Ozai millions of rats and flies. In return, Ozai promised obedience, and invited Long Feng into the hospital! "Every one a life! All red blood!" continued Ozai.

Tonight, Long Feng appeared again, and Ozai attacked him. He realized that Long Feng had been trying to prey on Katara, and wanted to stop him. But vampires had superhuman strength, and Ozai was fatally wounded. "He had been taking the life out of her!" finished Ozai.

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