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Invisibility is a Specialized sub-skill of Lightbending that allows the user to render themselves unseen to the naked eye. The first known user of this skill was Avatar Shiron.


Avatar Shiron was the first known bender to attempt invisibility, but never fully grasped the skill, only staying invisible for minutes on end, and used Darkbending far more, even more than he used the other elements. For thousands of years, the skill laid dormant due to Shiron locking them, disabling anyone but the Avatar from learning it. Avatar Aang was told of Lightbending as well as Darkbending by Shiron in 110 AG, but refused to learn the skill due to his Air Nomad teachings, and believed holding the power over light and darkness would cause imbalance.

While unknown to the Avatar's since Shiron, every Avatar has the power of Lightbending through Raava and therefore, the potential to use invisibility. However, since Avatar Aang declined from sharing the knowledge of Lightbending and his, alongside every other Avatar's spiritual connection to Korra was severed by the Dark Avatar during Harmonic Convergence, no Avatar beyond him knows of Lightbending or the potentially to use this technique.

In 194 AG, the six Paladins, using the power of energybending from their captives, were bestowed with both Lightbending and Darkbending. Their leader, Bagguk, used his newly acquired Lightbending and unlocked the power of invisibility, enabling him to make his way into small towns in an attempt to find the new Avatar after Korra's death. 

Using this ability, Bagguk was able to evade the Order of the White Lotus and was the last remaining Paladin alive before his death and the Paladin Cycle's creation. 


For a lightbender with this rare skill, not only can they make themselves invisible, but they can also make certain objects invisible.


Like many bending skills, a lack of concentration that leave the bender vulnerable. It is incredibly hard to make moving objects invisible, and requires the object to remain still for the skill to be used.

Invisibility is near impossible in shaded areas, and the user needs to be in a decent amount of light for the ability to work. The user needs to maintain a high level of Ying that can outway their Yang.

Known Users

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