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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
"You, like many others during my time have defiled my home. You, have killed off my people who have done NOTHING to you! How dare YOU! Now you MUST pay the PRICE!!"
— Avatar Kwan Chun shouted in a thousand voices to General Senline in Chapter 20: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple: Part 2: The Invasion
Invasion of the Southern Air Temple
Adult Aang in the Avatar State


Coronation of the 42nd Earth King


The Blood Moon


General Senlin, Admiral Palartok and a militia of Water Tribe rebels


Autumn, 659 BG


Southern Air Temple, Jong-Mu Mountains


General Senlin, Admiral Palartok, and the rebels were defeated.

  • Deaths not confirmed but assuming of death since they had fallen from a high elevation.
  • Death to one of the Air Nomad monks at the temple



Forces involved


A victory over General Senlin

Jampo dies


First appearance

Chapter 19: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple Part 1: The Courier

Last appearance

Chapter 20: Invasion of the Southern Air Temple Part 2: The Invasion



Death To The Courier

As the courier was ordered to deliver the message, after he had passed the outlaws one of Senlin's archers had shot dead the courier. The Air Nomads hadn't outsmarted the general as he knew they would send for reinforcements.


The militia of rebels had arrived at the Jongmu Mountains, and used an old skill of earthbending to reach the air temple. When they set foot on temple ground, they were ordered to leave by the Head Monk of the establishment. After refusing and threatening the head monk, the head monk and everyone who lived in the temple minus the children had no choice but to defend the Avatar.

The children along with another monk were left behind somewhere hidden within the temple. Avatar Rong Yan and his friends along with the other Air Nomads were fighting off the rebellion of Water Tribe veterans along with the former General and former Admiral.

It is unknown who struck Jampo in the back but it most likely was a warrior or a waterbender the main antagonists had nothing to do with his death. When Avatar Rong Yan had run over to his friend, Jampo had let out his last words before dying telling Rong Yan to get Senlin for him.

Jampo's death had activated the Avatar State, though Rong Yan was not strong enough to defeat Senlin, Avatar Kwan Chun had taken full possession of the young Avatar's body, and defeated Senlin and group by knocking them off the mountain to let them fall their deaths.

That following event was recorded into the history books of the Air Nomads, and should later be recovered by descendants of the Southern Air Temple, there should be luck that the books were not burned during another invasion that was placed on the temple hundreds of years later when the Fire Nation invaded and slaughtered all the Air Nomads in the Southern Air Temple.

If so, the books were rewritten by Avatar Aang during his later years.

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