Invasion of Republic City
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Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes


Book One: Assemble!


Episode 3

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January 5, 2014

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Goblin Strike!

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Invasion of Republic City is the third episode of Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


At Omashu in the Palace...

"The whole entire Earth Kingdom had knew about our conquest now Doctor Doom," said Doctor Octopus.

"Good. Not for long Omashu will become the capital city like it must be! All along!" said Doctor Doom.

"The new army for the conquest of Ba Sing Se is ready sir. I'm waiting for your order," said Abomination.

"Ba Sing Se can be fall later. After I... see power of the United Force and the S.H.I.E.L.D!" said Doctor Doom.

"What?! But your majesty sir, the Republic City is a place where all benders around the world are come to living together," said Doctor Octopus.

"So that is why I want to put it to become part of Omashu Empire," said Doctor Doom.

At Avengers Mansion...

"I can't believe that it's now 3 weeks and Goblin and Lemur still got away!" said Spider-Man.

"We need a plan to catch him," said Hawkeye.

"How? We try everything but not work at all," said Black Widow.

"Chong?" asked Mei.

"I-I don't know," said Iron Man.

"You're the smartest man in the world! You should know!" said Spider-Man.

"Maybe you guys just need a relax," said Hulk.

"Relax? Hulk did you see how much dangerous they are?" asked Spider-Man.

"Of course I see," said Hulk.

"And you're not helping us to stop him?!" Asked Mei.

"Did you ever read a newspaper?" asked Hulk and he's throw a newspaper to them.

"Omashu had start a war with the whole entire Earth Kingdom," said Mei.

"When does it started?!" Asked Iron Man.

"2 months ago," said Hulk.


The army of Doombots led by Abomination walk toward in the city and he's open a hologram Doctor Doom and show everyone his leader.

"Attention citizens of Republic City. I am Doctor Doom the ruler of Omashu and this city is under my control. I demand the citizens that not the earthbenders and natives of the Earth Kingdom leave the city... NOW!" Shouted Doctor Doom.

"We won't do as what you said!" Shouted a man and then a Doombot shot him with its laser.

"Like what I'm said. Go or die!" said Doctor Doom and his hologram disappear.

"ATTACK!" Shouted Abomination and every Doombots start to shoot laser to destroy the city.

"Is that his army from Omashu?" asked Mei.

"Totally!" said Hulk and he's jump out and smash three Doombots with his fist.

"Avengers Assemble!" said Iron Man and he's fly out and shoot laser to the Doombots.

Mei try to metalbend at them but the force field of Doombots protect them.

"Why they not move?!" Asked Mei and Doombots get ready to shoot laser to her but then fire come upon her head shoot at them and explode them.

"What the heck?!" Asked Mei.

"Fantastic Four had arrive!" said Human Torch and he's fly to help Hawkeye and Black Widow defeat the Doombots.

"You must be Avatar Mei," said Invisible Woman.

"Yes and you are...?" asked Mei.

"Kanari or called me Invisible Woman," said Invisible Woman and she's create invisible spear and throw it through heads of three Doombots.

Mr. Fantastic stretch his arms and grab two Doombots and to hit each other. Thing jump down from the building and land on four Doombots.

At Earth Kingdom Embassy...

"Bao the city was..." said Hulk and Black Panther walk out from the shadow.

"I already know," said Black Panther and he's go out with Hulk to save the city.

"HULK SMASH!" Shouted Hulk and he's smash three Doombots at heads.

Black Panther use his vibranium claws to cut the bodies of every Doombots that surround him.

At Omashu in the Palace...

"That claws..." said Doctor Octopus.

"Interesting," said Doctor Doom.

At Republic City...


"Detect the threat. Destroy the threat," said Doombot and Hulk punch it at face and throw it to another one.

"We must find the general of this army!" said Mr. Fantastic.

"If he or she was take down. These guys will retreated!" said Thing and he punched at a Doombot.

"I know who he is," said Hulk and he looked at Abomination, who tried to break into the City Hall along with the four Doombots.

Hulk run to Abomination and grab him and punch him at face. Hulk grab two Doombots at head and use hit at each other heads. Another two try to protect Abomination but Hulk throw a broken pillar to them and destroy them.

"Leave this city alone!" said Hulk and he's punch Abomination at face and throw him to the two Doombots that come to help him.

"Re-retreat!" said Abomination and the remaining Doombots pick him up and retreat back to Omashu.

"Yeah! We won!" said Thing.

"Thank you Hulk," said Mei.

"So... who is this guy?" asked Zoku and pointed to Black Panther and he's unmask himself.

"Prince Bao?!" Asked Kanari.

"So Panther... wanna join the Avengers?" asked Hulk.

"Thank you for this acception. I will in," said Black Panther.

"Welcome to the Avengers you're... umm..." said Mei.

"Black Panther," said Bao and he's wear his mask.

At Omashu in the Palace...

"I'm failed again sir," said Abomination.

"You deserve for a punishment. But I saw something that look important," said Doctor Doom.

"The claws of man in panther suit is... made from something I didn't know," said Doctor Octopus.

"I heard that it had a meteorite fell down near Ba Sing Se. I want you to go and bring it to me!" said Doctor Doom.

"Yes sir my lord," said Abomination.


  • Everyone in Earth Kingdom are now know about war of Doctor Doom.
  • Doctor Doom knew about meteorite that have vibranium inside.

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