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Invasion of Earth


Clone Wars


All over Earth


  • Earth and Republic victory
  • Much of the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation devastated



  • Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker
  • Marshall Commander Cody
  • Senior Commander Fox
  • Senior Commander Gree
  • Captain Rex
  • General How
  • General Fong
  • General Song
  • Tribal Chief Arnook
  • Tribal Chief Hakoda
  • Commander Rune Haako
  • OOM-546
  • OOM-324
  • OOM-986
  • Fire Lord Ozai
  • Princess Azula
  • General Bujing
  • General Mung

Forces involved



The Invasion of Earth was an invasion of Earth in 100 AG (Avatar time) and 22 BBY (Star Wars time). It was executed by a galactic rebellion known as the Confederacy of Independent Systems, who discovered Earth when a CIS fleet was retreating from a battle at the nearby planet of Nar Shaddaa and made a random hyperspace jump, and came out in the Earth system.



During The War, Separatist High Command dispatched another squadron of ships to prepare for invasion. In the final days of the War, the CIS contacted Fire Lord Ozai and negotiated with him, that they will help take over and that Ozai will get to govern the planet, but it will remain under CIS control. Ozai of course agreed, mostly because he was afraid of what would happen to him if he didn't, and a day later was defeated by Avatar Aang and the Battle at Wulong Forest. The CIS decided to continue with the invasion. Ozai told his generals of the agreement, so they already knew what was going to happen. Seven days after The War, CIS ships landed on the Earth in key strategic points.

Fall of Ba Sing Se

The days after the landing were spent on preparing for invasion and planning out movements. Secretly, Fire Nation military troops were ordered to remain at their posts in the Earth Kingdom and were given orders to attack their given targets in the invasion. The CIS commanders placed a large garrison at Caldera City and made it the center of operations for CIS and Fire Nation troops in the area. They began "separatizing" the city to fit the troops there by putting in droid factories, turbolaser emplacements, and fortifications. They even made a shipyard in orbit above the city and forced all men that weren't in the military to go and work there.

Soon, everything was prepared and the invasion was launched. Nine days after the end of the War, CIS frigates and Providence-class carrier/destroyers appeared in the skies above the Earth Kingdom capital, Ba Sing Se, and the citizens only got a short glimpse of the cruisers before they began a Base Delta Zero operation, also known as an orbital bombardment, and obliterated Ba Sing Se and anything within a 50-mile radius in minutes.

Since most of the Earth Kingdom's leaders were off scattered across the kingdom, the destruction did nothing other than frighten and demoralize the Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, and the new Air Nomads population. Minutes afterward, Fire Nation soldiers and CIS droids stormed cities, villages, and military bases, taking half of the Earth Kingdom over night.

Republic Involvement

Several weeks after the official start of the invasion, half of the world was already under CIS control. A bounty hunter who was hired by the dominant galactic government, the Galactic Republic, tracked a Separatist task force to Earth, and witnessed the invasion. He managed to contact Republic troops for reinforcements and send them the coordinates for the planet seconds before his ship was destroyed by turbolaser fire from a frigate that spotted him.

Two days later, a Republic fleet arrived led by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. They arrived just in time to stop a small fleet of Providence-class carrier/destroyers from committing orbital bombardment on the Southern Water Tribe, and that was when the Separatist ships noticed them. They sent down LAAT/i gunships to the surface of the planet to the main center of operations of the Earth defenders, a large city called New Ba Sing Se. There, the two Jedi explained what was happening in the galaxy at the time and who the attackers were, and the Earth leaders that were still alive, Fire Lord Zuko and Earth King Kuei, and Avatar Aang, accepted.

Within the next three days most of the occupied Earth Kingdom was taken back, and the CIS staggered to support it's presence on the world.

Space Battle

A large space battle broke out in the week following the Republic's arrival. By then, most of the CIS troops were moved to the Fire Nation, which was completely controlled by them. Only a handful of small undermanned CIS bases, garrisoned by unsuspecting Trandoshan bounty hunters, remained in the Earth Kingdom, and were quickly dealt with by Royal Earthbender Guards.

The battle started when a handful of Republic cruisers came to the other side of the planet to find a blockade of CIS frigates and destroyers, and attacked with full force. The battle was vicious, and since the CIS was taken by surprise, they lost many ships in the first few minutes. They kept fighting for several hours until the Republic fleet emerged victorious. All surviving Separatist ships were order by Count Dooku to retreat from the system, abandoning the surface soldiers.

With no air support, the CIS troops on the planet were afraid to step outside the Fire Nation borders, and strengthened their strongholds on the Fire Nation archipelago.

Assault on Caldera City

Battle of the North


Behind the Scenes

The author is a fan of the Star Wars saga and also a fan of Avatar, so he decided to mix the two.

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