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Last Time On Survivors

Cheng was in a tree when he overheard a conversation between two scouts. As he leaned over to hear more, he fell out of the tree and into a bush. The guards attempted to capture him, but he proved too powerful, and easily escaped the two benders.

Meanwhile, Ashley convinced Cong to go back to the cave, and as they got there, they ran into Cheng, who got Ken for them. Cong asked Ken about Energybending and the caves, while Cheng asked Ashley to teach him Firebending; they both got what they wanted. However, the cave was being ambushed by agents from the Energizers who were too much for Ashley and Cheng. Cong came to their rescue, and placed bombs near the enemy for Ashley to blow up; the explosion knocked out all the Energize agents. They moved the motionless scouts out of the cave, and started what they thought would be a peaceful walk back home.

The Cave

"Hmm, I wonder who were those men," said Ken quizzically.

"Hey, Ken, don't go to the village," said Cheng quietly from behind a crystal.


"They're watching us."

"What? Where are they?"

"Shh, everywhere."

"Well, should we fight them?"

"No, just thrust me, and spend the night in the woods."

"Okay, where's your cave, hut or tent?"

"Follow me, I'll take you to my house."

"You have a house!"

"Ken, of course I do, I'm not an animal."

Ashley's Village

"So, Cong, how do you come up with these things, because your inventions are amazing. They have saved my life more than I can count."

"No, you're exaggerating. I've only saved your life like two, maybe three times."

"Oh yeah, do these things ring a bell? Scorpion Bee Valley, Storm Mountain, the waterfall, Ms. Fuu's boarcupine, the wild boarcupine, the boarcupine at the Leechi Nut Farm? Need I say more?"

"I guess you've made me realize two things: I save you a lot, and nature hates you, especially boarcupines."

"Yeah, I guess your right. Well, good night," said Ashley.

"Yeah, good night."

Cheng's House

"This is your house?" said Ken.

"Yes... and?" said Cheng quizzically.

"Well, I just didn't expect it to be so clean and well maintained."

"What did you expect, me living in a pigs die or an out house?" said Cheng angrily.

"Well, I wouldn't have been surprised if you lived in a farm house," said Ken quietly.


"Nothing... well, want to show me around?"

"Okay, sure."

Ashley's House

The next day

"Bye, Mom, thanks for the bread," said Ashley, while hopping on her bike.

Ashley rode her bike to Cong's house, where she met an angry Cong.

"What took you so long?" said Cong angrily.


"Let's just hurry up to the caves, please."

They rode there bikes through the woods until they reached the hole they were supposed to go down.

"Wait, Ashley."


"Look down there."

"Ohh, not these guys again," said Ashley, noticing that those were the guys she fought yesterday.

"Maybe we should take the other entrance true the gardens."


So the two turned there bikes around and started pedaling towards the other entrance.

Ken's Village

"Go into the escape tunnels, hurry!" said Ken's Father.

"But someone would have to shut these tunnel entrances or they might just follow us out," said Ken's mom with a worried look.

"We'll do it," said the leader of a small group of villagers.

"How?" asked Ken's mom obiously still worried.

"Earth bending or corse," said one of the men.

"But you're an energybender" stated Kens father.

"Not anymore," said the man while demonstrating his new found bending by picking up a boulder and chuking it out of the cave entrance.

"But..."said Ken's dad

Just as Ken's dad was about to finish his sentence, the group closed the earthen tunnels tunnels leading out of the village.

"Okay, men, now when they break through the barricade, we'll make the biggest cave-in they have ever seen to make sure they don't follow the other villagers," said the leader to his followers. As soon as he finished that sentence, an army of forthy-something men and woman broke through the blockade. Approximately twenty firebenders, twenty earthbenders and five energybenders running right towards them. As soon as he saw them, he and his men made many motions with there hands and feet, causing a huge cave-in. crushing part of the village and anything or anyone inside.

The Forest

"Were here," said Cong.

"Finally," replied Ashley.

"Are you saying you would have preferred fighting your way through the main entrance?" asked Cong.

"Yes, that would have been much more fun" stated Ashley.

"Okay, well, le'ts just go," said Cong.

"Wait, are those the guys we fought yesterday?" asked Ashley.

"And look, they're coming out of Ken's village," said Cong.

"We have to warn him," said Ashley.

"You two aren't going anywhere," said one of the scouts.

Cheng's House

"Okay, well, it's been fun and all, but I think whoever was following me would have given up by now, so bye," said Ken.

"Okay, but first take this," said Cheng.

"What is it?" said Ken.

"You will know when you need it," said Cheng.

"Well, thanks, I guess," said Ken.

The Cave

"How do we get ourselves into these messes?" said Cong.

"Just run and stop with the metaphorical questions," said Ashley dodging a fire ball.

"Wait, I've got an idea," said Ashley.

"We can't just stop!" stated Cong.

"Yes, we can," said Ashley breaking a crystal..

"What just happened? It's all dark!" said Cong confused.

"Shh, it won't last for long, I say we have one minute to escape," said Ashley.

"Wait, I know where to go! Follow me," said Cong.

"Okay," replied Ashley.

The Forest

"Okay, the entrance should be right here," said Ken.

"Is it always this dark during this time of the day?" said Cheng.

"Hmm, either Ashley broke another crystal or we have an intruder."

"Actually, it's both, now run!" said Ashley coming out from the garden.

"What was that about?" Cheng asked Ken.

"Here they come, now run before it's too late," said Cong warning the others. As soon as he finished his sentence, a group of agents came out of the cave.

"Yes, now it's too late" stated Ashley as the energizer agents surrounded them.

"We're surrounded!" said Ken.

"Just the right time to try my new move. Ashley, could you help me with this?" said Cheng.

"I would be delighted," replied Ashley.

"Okay, now make a ring of fire, then launch it into all directions," said Cheng.

"Okay, and why do you think they haven't attacked us yet?" said Ashley, following Cheng's orders.

"Ugh, who knows, let's just do the move."

The attack hit all the soldiers surrounding the team.

"Yes, it worked! I call it 'fire spin'," said Cheng.

"Well, you have two problems with that. One, fire spin is a horrible name for a move, and two, the move already exists and is called 'fire ring'," stated Cong correcting Cheng.

"Wait, I just remembered, Ken, I think your home is in danger!" said Ashley.

"What!? How?" said Ken worried.

"We saw some scouts coming out of your smoking village," said Ashley.

"Scouts?" said ken confusingly.

"Yeah, that's a nickname I gave the guys who kept attacking us," said Ashley.

"Ohh," said Ken.

"And I don't know if the energybenders are still inside," said Ashley.

"Well, we have to go save the village and anyone who might be inside," said Ken.

"Well, if we're going to sneak in, we're gonna have to find disguises," said Cong.

"Look around you, Cong, we just knocked out ad least fourteen soldiers with one attack," said Cheng.


"So, we take there uniforms, duhh."

"Ohh, well, okay."

Everyone started putting on the uniforms of the fallen agents.

"But most of them are burned, what if they suspect something?" asked Cong.

"Well, then we just fight our way out."

"Yeah, what a great plan," said Cong sarcastically.

"As if you could think of a better one," said Cheng.

"Guys, let's just go," said Ashley, now in a scout uniform.

Outside Ken's Village

"Excuse me leader, our earthbenders have cleared the debris," said the scout.

"Okay, we'll start the search to find out where the energybenders left to," said one of the Elite, being the current leader of the operation.

"Yes, sir!" said the scout.

Ken's Village

"Okay, we're here," said Ashley.

"Look, at least we know they escaped. I say we go home, it's getting late, and tomorrow we can decide what to do next," said Cong.

"Well, okay, but I need a place to stay," said Ken.

"You can stay with me," said Ashley.

"Well, okay."

Authors notes

1) I tried to start the shipping in this episode, but later decided it's to early in the series to begin with shipping.

2)I was going to make this longer, but decided to put the rest in the next episode.

3)I'm keeping all the shippings except Coshley.

4)I will add photos to this chapter and the others soon.

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