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"Are you ready, Avatar?"

Brek, sweating and breathing heavily, stood up straight and nodded. He stood atop a tall, narrow pole above a large pool of water, with Councilman Keric and three other Waterbenders looking up at him.

The politician and profiteer of the gym signaled to the others and got in his stance. "Again."

Immediately jets of water sped towards the Avatar, who redirected each one at a different target hanging from the ceiling. He was cautious not move his lower body too much, as he could easily fall off the pole. Instead, he used mostly his wrists, arms, shoulders, and waist to bend the water coming from below. He was calm and precise with his movements; the attackers couldn't land a single blow. Seeing this, Keric snuck to another side of the pole and sent a stream straight at Brek's back, launching him forward into the pool. The master shook his head his head in disappointment until he saw bubbling on the surface. Suddenly, a geyser-like blast shot out of the water, carrying the Avatar with it. Proving that he hadn't given up, he flew back onto the poll, where he aimed and fired at Keric, who was knocked off his feet in utter astonishment.

"Pretty good isn't he?" Berani bragged about her boyfriend as she and Zola watched from a window.

"Well, I guess, but Kaeta showed him that move."

"Is that so? Because before at the beginning of our journey before you came along, the best Kaeta could do was freeze part of someone's body."

"Oh is that so? Because I'm pretty sure Kaeta's saved Brek's life plenty of times."

"Oh and Brek has never saved Kaeta?"

"You think that you're boyfriend is the best just because he's the Avatar!"

"Well that is a pretty good reason."

Zola's face became one of pure anger and their argument broke out into incomprehensible shrieks.

"What's up with you two?" Brek had approached quietly, followed by Kaeta who looked confused as ever.

The two girls responded in unison. "NOTHING'S UP! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!"

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry," said Brek defensively. He started to walk away with his best friend and muttered "Girls... am I right?"

Brek tossed and turned in his sleep, having nightmares of what Onjing would do to him. He saw the Airbender suffocate Kaeta as Kimma shot spikes of ice at Zola, all the while Zhouray is torching Berani and blasting her with lightning.

"No!" Brek sprung up in his bed to see a glowing Avatar Korra across the room.

"I used to have nightmares too, you know."

"I doubt you had ones like these," the current Avatar muttered.

"I don't know, mine were pretty bad." Korra was smiling. "But with Avatar Aang's help I learned to confront my problems in order to make them go away.

"Back at the park, when you told me to think of a creative way to beat the Isha... you learned that from Avatar Aang as well?"

"Indeed. Aang is a great teacher. In fact, I'm sure there are a few things he'd like to pass on to you." With that, Korra's image faded and was replaced by a man with arrow tattoos and a beard, dressed in the robes of an Air Nomad.

"Avatar Aang! It's an honor to speak with you."

"It's an honor to talk to you, Brek. I'm very proud of the way you took Avatar Korra's advice. You don't know how long it took to get her to listen to me."

"So every Avatar is mentored by the previous one?"

"Correct. In my case, however, the greatest lessons I learned from my mentor were not part of the advise he gave me. I learned more from his mistakes."

"How so."

"His negligence led to a worldwide war, just like Korra's did."

"Avatar Korra caused a war?"

Before Aang answered, he turned to a faint blue light and vanished, but the empty part of the room was soon occupied by another image.

"I am Avatar Roku, Brek."

"Avatar Roku, Aang said that you helped cause a war-"

"I didn't cause it, I didn't do enough to prevent it. There were signs that the world would soon be in trouble, but I did not confront my problems."

"That's what Korra told me to do, confront my problems."

Roku nodded.

"Wait don't go!" It was too late, the Fire Nation Avatar was gone.

Brek yelled in anger, but not surprisingly, he was visited by another figure.

"Avatar Kyoshi?"

"I am."

"So far, I keep hearing about how Avatar's can't push off their problems, and that doing nothing will only cause pain."

"Then my successors have taught you wisely, but I'm afraid I do not offer the same advice."

"Did you confront the evils of your time?"

"I did, but I failed to recognize the consequences of the actions I took. In my life time, a revolt took place in Ba Sing Se, and I trained an elite force to stop it. They became known as the Dai Li."

"I don't think I've heard of them."

"You've seen what they've become though. Now, they've returned with a different name, still claiming to protect the people."

"The Bao Hu Zhe agents!"

Kyoshi nodded. "Yes, I'm afraid the deaths of innocent people in that city are because of me."

"Well now it sounds like whether I deal with the enemy head-on or not, there will be a terrible result."

"Our actions always have consequences, Brek. Before you face Onjing, you have to consider the possible results of each possible path. You can't ignore him, but you have to think carefully of the long-term effects of bringing him down and the way you do it."

Brek was confused, but then he nodded. "I understand now."

"Laaaaaadies and Geeeeentlemen! Welcome to the annual City Cup pro-bending tournament! I'll be your announcer, nameless Italian guy, and may I just start off by saying what an honor it is to be with you today like my father was all those years ago!"

The esteemed announcer paused as the exhilarated crowd cheered and shook the entire arena.

"You've waited long enough for the most anticipated event of the year, so we're gonna get started in just a few moments. But first, let's take a moment of silence to honor all of those who have been injured and lost in the recent events of this city."

The grandstands become dead silent, quiet enough to hear a pin drop.

"May we all continue to live happy and peaceful lives." The man cleared his throat. "Now! Without further delay, let's meet our first to teams... Introduuuuuuuuuuuuucing, the Avengers!"

"The who?" None of the fans seemed to recognize the team of Kimma, Zhouray, and Sangti as they walked across a narrow bridge to the center fighting arena.

"Facing them will be the notorious Omashu Cave-Hoppers!"

Both jeers wild applause flooded the stadium.

Team Avatar could hear the man's announcements from their waiting area. "Has anyone ever heard of the Avengers?" Kaeta asked. "Avengers... that's a dumb name."

"I wonder what they're avenging," said Zola softly.

"Hey guys," Brek started, "if we turn on the radio, we can hear what's going on in the match." He reached for the table radio and turned it on, just in time to hear the radio commentator introduce himself.

"Keeping you on the edge of your seat as usual will be me, Shiloh Shinobi. For those of you wondering, my father Shiro is doing great and is sitting at a VIP box here today... The teams prepare to face off and... there at it! Serra of the Avengers quickly doges a fire blast from Lozi, and... I don't believe it! She's launched Kamoko in the air! Her aged teammate Lee lines up a shot with an rock disc and FIRES with as swoop of his leg. Amazing! It hits the mid-air Komoko and knocks him all the way to the drink! I'm tellin' ya folks, you may have never heard of the Avengers but they are not to be messed with!"

Brek and his friends continued to listen with awe as the Avengers easily defeated their opponents with a knock-out in the first three minutes. "I sure hope we don't have to face those guys," Brek chuckled.

An hour later, nameless Italian guy introduced Team Ayala, another name that nobody understood, consisting of Brek, Kaeta, and Zola. The three walked to the center of the arena where they found their opponents- each one looked like they could smash a man's head with their biceps, but that didn't intimidate Brek. He was focused and ready. Nothing could stop him.

"Well, that was embarrassing," Kaeta said after they lost miserably.

"I can't believe it only took ten minutes for us to get knocked out of the ring," moaned Zola.

"-And the competition," noted Kaeta.

Brek sighed. "Well, we gave it our best, but at least now we have free tickets to the rest of the matches. I'd like to see those Avenger guys live."

"The others agreed as they went to find their seats, joined by Berani."

The non-bending swords-woman didn't have much to say. "Ummm, I had fun watching you guys..."


  • The team, "The Avengers" is named off a movie released in 2012.
  • Both "nameless Italian guy" and Shiloh Shinobi are inspired by and sons of characters from The Legend of Korra.
  • I apologize that there are no subscription messages, but I had to be at work 6 minutes after posting this chapter.

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