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Introduction Chapter
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Chapter 1: Your Legacy Begins (Male)

After a series of atomic wars following Avatar Korra's life, the world is now different. Technology has downgraded to the point where it's similar to Avatar Aang's life before the 100 year war. Not many electric things exist and few people own cars. Only the richest of the rich have enough money for cars or steamboats. Life is completely different. The only thing that seems to have an upgrade is weaponry. People from all nations are finding new ways to fight and win. Atomic bombs are extremely rare and only one nation owns them. Small handguns and early versions of rifles were created in order for Non-Benders defenses, but are now being misused by many people, including the army of every nation. Chaos is going to break loose soon, and you must be prepared.


February 23rd, 235 AG (After Sozin's Comet)

You awake from sleeping, and it's your birthday! You clean yourself up and go towards the door to walk outside. Right as you're about to open the door, your mother stops you.

"Good Morning, and Happy Birthday! Come with me. We have something to tell you," she says. In your head you're wondering what she means by 'we' since your father died in the war while your mom was pregnant with you and you have no other siblings.

She walks you to the front room where you see an old man sitting on the couch with a younger lady and man beside him holding papers.

"Please, have a seat for what we're about to tell you," the old man says.

"This is going to be wonderful news," the young lady adds.

You sit down and look at your mom, wondering what's going on.

"You see, 16 years ago today, Avatar Korra left the physical world permanently, and after an Avatar's death, the cycle must continue," the old man says.

"As you know, Avatar Korra was born into the Southern Water Tribe, so the next Avatar should be here, in the Earth Nation," the young man says.

You start fussing with your hands, trying to prevent yourself from sweating or looking scared and nervous. You look at your mom, she has tears in her eyes, but she's smiling.

"You, you're the Avatar," she whispers.

Your eyes open wide and begin to water up.

"Me, I'm the Avatar? I doubt it. How do you all know?" you ask.

"With today's science, we have new ways of determining the next Avatar. But with you, we had to run no tests," the old man says.

"When you were a baby, maybe 9 months old going to Republic City to visit family members, the plane began to go down. The plane luckily was heading towards the water, so less injuries were predicted, but it's a good thing you were on that plane because there were no injuries," the young lady says.

"As the plane was about to connect with the ocean, you went into the Avatar State as a baby. The plane did end up crashing into the ocean, but the impact was softened due to the fact that you, yourself, bended the water so it could some how absorb the plane, and dramatically soften the impact."

"Once you we were in the water in the plane, you made a huge air bubble around the plane, and it lasted long enough for help to arrive," your mom says.

"And it was all done with your mind young Avatar. You didn't lift a finger. Afterwards, the White Lotus clan ran tests on you to see if you were the real deal. The first, and last test they did was put you in a small pool and rose the water higher than your height by 3 inches. Pretty brutal and weird test if you ask me, but you bended the water at them and began breathing underwater. They figured if you can Airbend and Waterbend, you're the Avatar," the old man explains.

"But what happened to the traditional test? The one with the toys?" you ask.

"The special toy was lost long ago in the previous wars around the world," the young man says.

"Well, wouldn't this mean I can still bend Air and Water, as well as Earth?" you ask.

"Most likely yes. It's in you somewhere. You just have to bring it out again."

The old man, young lady, and young man are beginning to leave as they are getting their things.

"As you may know," the old man starts saying as he walks to the door, "The world is bracing for probably the most destructive war yet to come."

"Yeah I've been hearing about what's been happening in the news. Are you trying to tell me you need me to fix it? Because I barely know what's going on," you say.

"No need to fix anything that isn't broken. Nothing is wrong at the moment. Just try to maintain peace between the nations."

"And how will I do this?"

"You'll know what to do once you're on the spot," the old man says as he starts walking closer to you. He leans in to whisper in your ear.

"I know you may be a bit confused now, young Avatar, but if the world is to survive a world war, we will need you to pick no sides. If you fail, your legacy ends, the world ends, and the following Avatar will inherit your mistakes. Don't fail us."

The old man and his accomplices left the house.

"Mom I'm scared of this. I don't think I can handle it. I doubt I can handle it," you said as you stare outside the window. In the distance you see a dark figure running up in the distance. The figure starts coming closer. You turn around to tell your mom, but you see she isn't there anymore. You look back towards the window and you see more shadows running towards you. There are about 15 and they appear to be sprinting towards you yelling something.

You run out the back door of the house looking for your mom. The shouting starts getting extremely loud.

>"Run away! Go far away now!" you hear someone screaming. You run into the house searching everywhere, panicking. You look outside your window and the shadowy figures are now visible people sprinting towards you holding torches and handguns. You hear a shot fire off and hear someone shout "Leave now! We're tired of being mistreated!"


"Burn the houses down!

"Take the food and the money!"

"Have them suffer!"

You start to panic, looking for someone to help you. You hear about 2 gun shots fire off and begin sprinting down the street, away from the people.

"Mom! Where are you? Mom! Please answer me!" you say as you begin to tire out. The people in the houses can be seen panicking, leaving the area. The police begin making huge walls around the city.

"Everyone evacuate to the town square! We just have a few people angry is all. We'll settle this" an officer says.

A part of the wall tears down and a few people make it into the city.

"We will never go down so easily!" you hear in the distance as you begin running towards the town square. You turn around for a second and bend huge shield around your house out of earth, when all of a sudden your body starts to feel different. You can't control it. You can spot someone in your peripheral vision bloodbending you.

"We've come here for you" the person said. You start to scream when all of a sudden you feel control of your body again. You look towards the person to fight them, but they aren't there anymore.

You make it to the town square where everyone is panicking. Trouble has already started. The world is bracing for another world war with new weapons and technology for more brutal attacks. This was only a small group of people attacking the town, but what if there were more, you began thinking.

The town's leader stepped outside of Town Hall and began to stare at you.

"Everyone calm down. The world is becoming more chaotic than it has probably ever been. What we seen today was just a glimpse of what is yet to even happen. But fear not my citizens, for the Avatar was born into our village 16 years ago! All hail Avatar...."

Proceed to Chapter 1: Your Legacy Begins (Male) if you are a boy.

Proceed to Chapter 2: Your Legacy Begins (Female) if you are a girl.

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