Sozin's Comet in a vision
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Journey's End





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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

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May 20, 2011

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The Letter "A"


This is the introduction to my fanon series, Journey's End. Although it isn't long, it tell which characters will be featured in the series. Hope you enjoy it!


Far, far away, a distant object in space. Floating past planets and stars, glowing brightly with a reddish hue. Sozin's comet, the greatest and most dangerous of all comets.

Seething in heat, it travels at rapid speeds. Far away right now, but not for long. It gives strength life to the firebenders, but they don't use it justly. Will they use it to destroy their world? Many as innocent as lambs, are hurt by it. The world awaits for the comet to arrive.

Everything depends on its arrival to their planet. People from every land watch.

Aang, the Avatar, and only one who can save the world.

Azula, who hopes to be worshiped.

Bumi, whose radical thinking changed his life.

Chong, who lives a simple life of wandering and songs.

Due, who may not know much, but survives in the most dangerous of swamps.

Enma, monkey from the spirit land, peacefully dwells in meditation.

Fire Sages, who have been defected by years of war.

Gyatso, who witnessed Sozin's Comet years before, and paid his life to the firebenders.

Hakoda, leader of the Southern tribe of water, who bravely fought for freedom all his life.

Iroh, the wise one who guided a lost prince to joy and peace.

Jeong Jeong, who believes in truth and justice rather that power and lies.

Katara, whose love for the Avatar cannot be separated by death.

Long Feng, who watches as his world slowly fades away.

Mai, whose bored eyes now widen in excitement.

Nukk, villager in the Southern Water Tribe, who's been waiting for this day.

Ozai, evil and hungry power, ready to kill the Avatar.

Piandao, master of the sword secretly protecting the world.

Qin, a genius of mechanics, but cruel in warfare.

Roku, who could have stopped the war, had he paid more attention.

Sokka, the planner and maker of smiles, and brave as a wolf.

Toph, strong and caring, hard as a rock.

Ursa now banished away, waiting for her only son to return.

Vong, protecting his family in Ba Sing Se, from the waves of flames.

Wan Shi Tong, in a library reading as the comet passes by.

Xu, triple personality, triple the amazement at the comet.

Yue, the moon, push and pull, half of Tui and La; protects her people.

Zuko, once was lost but now is found, a king at heart and blood.

The world watches, and Sozin's Comet arrives.


Nukk and Vong are two non-canon characters that I made up. When we get to their chapters, I'll make character pages for them, so you can learn more about them.

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