Siege of the North
Story of the Brothers
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Revenge on the Fire Nation





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May 15, 2013

"Bye, my dear love," said Kaku and Shin's mom.

"I will always love you!" Shin and Kaku's dad replied back, and with that, he starts to tear up. Their mom walks out crying, while Shin talks to his Mom.

"Dad, what's going on?" Said Kaku, confusingly.

"Your mother and I are divorcing, you and I will live in the Northern Water Tribe, while your brother will live in the Earth Kingdom Colonies."

"What? Why?!" Kaku said, furiously.

"I will tell, when it's the right time." The family hugged each other, as they will never see each other again.

"I will you see you again, baby brother." Kaku talking to Shin.

Ten years later, Siege of the North

"Hey dad, will I ever see Mom and Shin again?" coming from a befuddled Kaku.

"... Well ummmm, let's just say a miracle would have to happen." Kaku's dad said, hesitantly.

"Why?! There my freaking family I can't pretend their nothing. I can easily just take a boat there" Said Kaku, acrimoniously.

"Well, you see son the Fire..." Before Kaku's dad could finish, a Water Tribe warrior interrupted them.

"Sir, the Fire Nation Navy, has a fleet of ships. Coming to attack us."

"Holy Shit! Looks like I'll tell you later, now let's go!" Said Kaku's dad.

"Okay?" Sadi Kaku.

"You ready son?" Kaku's dad said.

"Yes, Sir!" Said Kaku.

"Men defend our Tribe!" People are dying left and right. The Water Tribe was clearly outnumbered, but the Fire Nation is outmatched. Kaku is helping Pakku create a giant water wave, and they take down one ship, but then a Fire Nation soldier throws a spear directly at Kaku.

"Son, watch out!" His dad said, pushing Kaku out of the way and takes the spear, making him fall directly on the ground, severely injured.

"Dad! No!" Kaku screamed in tears.

"I love you...son, the same people that killed, are the same reason, your and I aren't together They would of killed you and your brother. Find your broth..." Kaku's dad murmured slowly. And then he dies.

"Once I'm done, the Fire Nation will not exist! Come on guys, we're finding my brother." Kaku screamed in anger. His girlfriend, Kaamil and best friend Juk (both are Waterbenders) comforting him.

"Look, we can't go to the EK, just right now. We'll get killed on the spot, lets be patient." Coming from a tranquilized Kaamil.

Fire Nation Raid.

Shin and his friends, were playing earth soccer. With his three best friends Shing, Gung, and Zing.

"Oh no!, Shin! Get in here! Shin's mom screamed.

No! I'm playing out here, sucks" Said Shin, stubbornily. She knows how stubborn he can get, so she earthbends his feet and arms and tosses him in the house.

"What the hell, Mom?" Said Shin, with fury.

"Shut your mouth, and look outside!" Shin's mom said.

"What is that, Mom?" Shin asked, in confusion.

"The Fire Nation" Shin's mom answered quietly in terror.

"Come out, earthbenders! If you defeat us, we will not kill you!" The Fire Nation captain said. And then 20 earthbenders came out and fought.

"Stay in here, son, I have to fight." She runs out before Shin can get a reaction. But right when she comes out, she gets burned all on her body.

"Mom!" Shin shouted in terror.

"Don't worry your older brother will find you." Those were her last words.

"NOOOOOOO!!" Shin screamed.

"Looks like we're a family, now," said Shing.

Brothers passing messages

A year, after Shin's mothers death, him and his friends have been living in the same house, where him and his mother lived. They've been doing guard work, in his town, for money. Shin was transitioning from a kid to a man. And during his break, shin asked...

"Hey, do we still have that messenger bird?" Said Shin.

"Yeah, it's out in the back," said Gung, getting the bird from the cage, and giving Shin the bird.

"Thanks," said Shin, with relief.

"Wait, why did you need the bird?" Said Gung.

"I'm sending a message to my brother, Kaku," said Shin.

"What's it gonna say?" Coming from an eager Zing.

"Talking about Mom's death and how we can reunite," said Shin

"Do you that's the best idea?" Coming from a caring Shing.

"YES! I do! Okay, now just shut up! Please!" Said Shin, with a temper. Zing was a little offended by the comment, and his eyes were starting to get watery. Then, Shin realizes what he just said. "Shing, I'm very sorry, I just want to meet my brother and father."

"It's okay, I understand your pain. Do you need any help writing the message?" Said Zing, with forgiveness.

"No, it's gotta come from me," said Shin. Finishing the letter. He was writing the letter straight from the heart, wondering how his brother is, seeing how his father is. What the Northern Water Tribe was like, he was very eager to get a response back. The letter said, Dear Kaku, how has life been in the Water Tribe, with your father. I heard about the attack from the Fire Nation, is everything alright? When can we see each other? I miss you alotAnd I have very tragic news, our mother died by the horrific Fire Nation, I will get my vengeance back on the Fire Nation. Love, Shin. "Alright. finished!" Said Shin rejoicefully. And sends the letter.

Meanwhile, Kaku has become a water bending instructor, he's also been planning with Juk and a couple other Water Tribe men. 6 months before, he married his longtime girlfriend Kaamil, and she's helped him a lot with his anger. The day after, Shin sent his note...a Water Tribe courier walks up to him hands him the note.

"Kaku, you have a note from your brother," said the courier.

"No way!" Kaku said, in tears of joy.

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