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Into The Storm
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Book 2, Chapter 2- Into the Storm

Waku emerged from his quarters on the ship as Akuma watched the sun rise over the arctic sea, he had watched this many times but not paid as much attention to it as he did now. He knew his second 'home' was at stake and his step on his path to redemption for his acts against the Fire Nation could begin here.

Their scout force was fairly small as they were using a smaller vessel to avoid detection by this threat that had attacked the tribe. Their numbers were about 30 including the two General's but the soldiers their brought were the best, most notable out of them was Jon Fu. As their ship appeared over the horizon of the tribe a lone figure watched it from the shattered outer wall, he smirked and then retreated into one of the ruined buildings.

Their ship arrived quicker than expected as the treacherous ice fields that surrounded the tribes had been destroyed. They departed from their ship to find the city ruined with most of it either completely destroyed or barely standing. Two guards were left to guard the ship as the main party headed towards the spirit oasis to check on the status of the spirit's themselves. Waku and Akuma felt like they were being watched as they glanced at every window expecting an enemy to leap out them and be disintegrated in flames. As they approached the main square Waku ordered 10 troops to secure the area and set up a camp and ready a hawk with a message to the fleet. As the party pressed onward the two soldiers guarding the ship began to feel weird. The first soldier nicknamed 'Bly' turned to his companion 'Dex' and spoke his voice quieter than usual. "Trust us to be left behind to guard this piece of crap."

"Yea they get all the fun and we freeze our ass off" responded Dex.

"Heh I hear ya, can't beat the pay though," said Bly.

"Yea no benefits you know those average guys get more than us," said Dex.

"No chance," said Bly laughing.

"Yea they get health cover, dental," said Dex.

"Dental! those little assholes," said Bly.

"Heh I know what you mean I think we should-" Dex was cut short as the men heard something move in the first building. "Your hear that Bly?"

"Yea lets go," said Bly. As the men moved towards the sound they found a Water Tribesmen curled up in the corner, his face pale white. "You okay?" said Bly placing his hand on the man's shoulder. Bly was suddenly thrown back as the man whipped his across the street. Dex reacted instantly, he threw the man out and Firebended a flame into his body sending him flying back.

"Get help I'll keep him busy!" Shouted Bly assuming his stance. Dex ran as fast as he could glancing back every now and again checking on Bly. As he was about half way he heard Bly scream in pain and his body disappeared along with the man. Dex kept running towards the square, as a soldier in the square spotted him Dex was impaled by a spear that ripped through his armor as if it were paper. The soldier quickly informed his captain who ordered everyone to defend with their lives as they grabbed their lightning blasters. The blaster's focused a users Firebending into to a high powered bolt that could be fired rapidly. Their armor had also been upgraded to survive more harsh conditions it was known as Mark II. "Hold the Line!" shouted the Zaibatsu Captain as the rapidly approaching Water Tribemen charged their perimeter. The Soldiers quickly began firing their lightning blasters killing nearly everyone that came at them. However they kept coming as the crystals that powered the blasters began to overheat they were forced to engage in close combat as one soldier tried to run and get Waku and Akuma he was cut down by a tribesmen as he neared the top. The Captain in a last ditch effort Firebended a flare which got Waku and Akuma's attention. They ran back to the square to see a handful of troops still fighting. Waku quickly turned the tables by activating his devil state allowing the Captain to get a message hawk away. As they group tried to retreat to their ship they found it ripped apart. They were left stranded as a snow storm hit, hiding their foes. They were alone as the screams of the dead got closer a soldier panicked and ran towards them spraying random fireballs. He stopped about 20meters ahead as a scream rang through their ears. Waku and Akuma stood ready as they began their final stand in the city of dead.

Trivia and Author's notes

I will now be using Clone trooper's as Zaibatsu soldiers as Tekken force are hard to find and limited.

Credits to the Star Wars franchise for all future images.

Chapter 3 - out now!

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