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This is the seventh chapter of the fanon Legend of Mei Lein written by Skybender101.Yes! I finally finished! This was all by email! It took me a whole afternoon. I hope you enjoy this readers.

What this Chapter is about

Mei Lien, Lanying, and Lanji are continuing their way out of the mountain. They discover a girl being attacked by a mountain lion-bear. They help the girl and she takes them to their tribe. The tribe has a secret that Mei Lien, Lanying, and Lanji will all try to help.

I will not release anymore.

Into the Mountain, Part 2

Seconds went flying.

Mei Lien was brutally chucking rocks at the beast that almost attacked the little girl, and so was her friend Lanji. She was unsure what her mother Lanying used for a weapon, but she was only focused on fighting. The mountain-lion bear roared in pain as he felt the impact of the round earth being smashed into his pelt. He tried to attack the two Earthbenders, but he was in too much pain. Finally, he gave up on the girls and sprinted off into the bushes whimpering.

The tiny girl with long black hair quietly wepped as she huddled closely behind a bush. Mei Lien, Lanji, and Lanying rushed to the girl's aid. As Mei Lien advanced to the girl's side, she studied her features. The child was as thin as a stick. Her black hair was messily brushed and she wore a ragged brown dress made out of thick deer skin. In her left hand perched a ripped up horrible-looking doll. The head of the doll was bitten off, and so were the arms and legs. All was left was the body. The girl started to cry more when she saw Mei Lien staring at her broken toy.

Lanying pushed Mei Lien out of the way to help the frightened girl.

"There there little one," she whispered softly at the six year old. "Now what's your name?"

A tear dripped down the girl's cheek. "Ni...."she muttered.

"Sorry, I did not hear what you said."

The girl tried again, louder. "Niha. My name is Niha."

The Royal Palace

Yong hated his new life. He deeply disliked Ranu and the Earth King.

"Yong! Please get me some Earth flakes please! Now!" the Earth King demanded from his bed chamber.

Yong grunted miserable. "Yes your majesty."

He collected a bag of Earth flakes, and slowly made his way to the royal highnesses' bed chamber. As he made his way through the spiraling hallways of the royal palace, he thought about his home and his old life that he was forced to leave behind. I miss my family, my friends, and my home. I will never have a life. No girlfriend. No giant house. No anything except this wretched place.

A defeated Yong entered the Earth King's room.

"Here's your flakes," Yong announced tossing the bag on the Earth King's lap. His royal majesty was meditating on his large pricey-looking bed. Yong stared hatefully at him. I thought only Air Nomads meditate...


"Niha, where do you live?" Mei Lien's mother Lanying asked kindly to the small girl who was afraid.

Niha stared at the lady who spoke to her. Her eyes sparkled with tears. "I-I live with my tribe i-in the mountains."

"What is your tribe called?" Lanying questioned.

Niha barely spoke the words, "The Shin Tee Tribe..."

"Niha, we are going to help you find your tribe, okay?"

Niha's eyes brightened like a child receiving the best present in the world. "You will?!"

"You bet! Right girls?" Lanying asked the girls who were behind her.

"Of course!" piped Mei Lien.

"Yes!" Lanji put in.

Lanying turned to Niha. "Do you know where your tribe is located?"

Niha shook her head quickly. "I-I forget. Sorry."

Lanying's caring expression faded. "This may be harder than I thought," she told her daughter and Lanji.

"We have to try mother," Mei Lien reassured.

"As much as we can daughter."

After a few minutes of getting ready for their journey in search of the Shin Tee Tribe, they headed off into the tick wilderness of the mountain.

Heading to the Shin Tee tribe

Lanji carried Niha on her shoulders, while Mei Lien and her mother lead the way.

"I think m-my tribe is on the top of the mountain," Niha murmured to her new-found friends.

"The top of the mountain?!" Mei Lien yelled suddenly, panting from the weight of her backpack.

Lanji looked in surprise at Mei Lien's outburst.

"Mei Lien, we've been across valleys, forest, rivers, and storms. I think we can make it to the top of this mountain," Lanying breathed.

"Your mom speaks the truth Mei Lien. I think we can make it up this dumb mountain. I've been through a lot worse after leaving the orphanage," Lanji proclaimed.

"I think this trail that we are currently following on will lead us to the peak of the mountain," Lanying declared, changing the subject. "At least, that's what my out-dated map says."

"Yeah, yeah let's keep moving," grumbled Mei Lien.


As the sun reached to the top of the sky, the afternoon birds came out to sing. The warm breeze whipped through the fresh air. Lanying knew by they were close to the top of the tall mountain.

Mei Lien peered off the cliff of the trail. She could not see the horizon because giant pine trees blocked her view. She wished that she could see the walls of Ba Sing Se, the city that will be her home in a day.

Lanying interrupted Mei Lien's roaming thoughts. "Look over there! I see smoke!"

Lanying was right. Up ahead, behind some trees was a trail of thick black smoke that surged into the sky.

Niha squealed in delight. "I remember where we are now! I know we are close to my tribe village!"

"Great!" Lanying smiled. "I believe this trail leads to your tribe." She peered off in the distance where the trail zigzags around the trees.

"We are almost at your home Niha."


Ranu practiced brutally. He was sure he was going to face the Avatar soon. He could feel it.

He fought out in the arena against other Earthbenders to prepare for the battle he knew was to come. He practiced daily for hours. He never stopped. He thought a lot while training. I know that we are going to fine the Avatar soon. Probably in a day or two. These thoughts helped him concentrate.

He laughed at the consideration if the Avatar was some weakling who did not know how to use his powers. Then all I have to do is kill him if he was a weakling. Ahahah! He grinned evilly at the thought. Maybe being the ruler of the world would not be as hard as I thought. Hmm I wonder how I can overthrow the Earth King... but first I will need to destroy the stupid Avatar...

The Shin Tee tribe

It took at least a few minutes for the group to weave their way around the trail bend to the smoke where Niha's tribe was located.

They approached a long wall of bushes that blocked the way to the tribe.

"Okay, let's do this carefully," Lanying instructed. "If we rush in suddenly, we might surprise the tribe and they might have let's just take this slow okay?"

The girls nodded in agreement while Niha perched silently on Lanji's shoulder. Lanying took a deep breath and pushed through the bushes, the rest of the group trailing behind.

Mei Lien had an instant to take in her surroundings. There were at least ten pointy tents that were placed in a circle around a campfire that puffed out smoke. What really caught the Earthbenders attention were the people who were in the encampment. All looked thin and wore poor clothes like Niha. Or me..., Mei Lien thinks. All eyes of the tribe members focused directly at the uninvited visitors.

A tall thin lady shrieked when she saw Niha sitting on Lanji's shoulders. Lanji placed Niha down on the ground slowly as the women scooped her up in her arms and slowly backed away. The lady stopped moving when a man, who looked healthier than most of the tribe members, stepped out of the biggest tent in the camp. He wore a hat that looked significant as if he was the leader of the tribe. Mei Lien suspected he was.

"Hello, visitors," he greeted in a very low voice. "What brings you to the tribe of Shin Tee?"

Lanying stepped bravely in front of the chief of the tribe. "We found a member of the Shin Tee. The little poor girl named Niha. She was almost mauled by a mountain lion-bear."

The whole tribe gasped, and the lady who held Niha in her arms squeezed the poor girl tighter.

"Is this true Niha?" the leader spoke. Niha nodded her head vigorously.

"Thank you travelers for your kind deed," the chief grinned. "I'm not sure how Niha wandered out in the forest on her own. We will make sure that this will not happen again," he paused. "Since you have brought Niha home safely, I will provide you with a feast."

The members of the tribe gasped once again. "We barely have any food to feed ourselves, Leader Bao Yu!" a man protested. "Why should we throw them a feast?! They look like they have enough to eat!"

"Yeah!" other members shouted.

Suddenly, the whole tribe seemed to be yelling and staring at the travelers with hatred. "Enough!" the Bao Yu shouted, bringing things back to order. "We will give these ladies a feast!"

The Feast

Mei Lien, Lanying, and Lanji were served with a meal that included grains of rice, berries, and nuts. There was no meat which confused Mei Lein.

"Sir," she stated to Bao Yu. "Not to be rude, but does your tribe eat meat?"

Bao Yu's expression faded into a sad smile as he sat cross-legged on a cushion that was in the tent. "My tribe has never learned the skill of obtaining animals and eating their meat."

Mei Lien's jaw dropped. This tribe living up in a mountain filled with wild animals does not know how to hunt them?! That's unbelievable!

Lanying and Lanji shared the look on Mei Lien's face. They could not believe it either.

Bao Yu grinned slightly. "You must think our tribe is not so smart for not knowing this."

Mei Lien shrugged and said nothing. Suddenly, a brilliant idea came across her mind. "I know! How about I teach your tribe how to hunt? In return, you could help us find out way out of this mountain."

Lanying and Lanji smiled in agreement to this excellent idea that Mei Lien proposed.

"That's wonderful Mei Lien! I would love you, your mother, and your friend's help. Do you think you will be able to train all of my tribe members?"

Mei Lien glanced at her mother and friend. They both nodded.

"I think we'll be able to pull it off," Mei Lien grinned.

"Then it's settled. If you teach us how to hunt, we will lead you out of the mountain before midnight."

Mailo's Quarters

Mailo wrote quickly on a blank piece of paper in a book.

My plans:

Defeat Ranu and his Evil Plans

Make sure The Earth King has nothing to do with Ranu and his plans

Ally up with the Avatar and destroy Ranu

Release Yong

He blinked back away tears thinking about the boy.

Teaching the tribe

Mei Lien, Lanying, and Lanji worked hard for about two hours of instructing the tribe members on the basics of hunting and building bows and arrows. The three teachers were successful. The Shin Tee members learned fast and they all did well.

Mei Lien was teaching a tribe girl her age how to hunt.

"Okay steady with your bow. See that deer over there? Now aim where I told you to, and...release."

The girl sent the arrow flying right at its target. "I did it!" the girl cried happily, but then she frowned. "The deer never did anything to us..."

"Think about it this way," Mei Lien stated. "If the deer kills something to eat that has not harmed it in anyway, then I think we deserve to kill it for food."

The girl nodded slowly, still now convinced.

The minutes passed, and more and more tribe members began to shoot their first animal. At about noon, all of Shin Tee had their own animal that they hunted.

Bao Yu was very joyful and pleased. "Thank you Mei Lien, Lanying, and Lanji Tong of the Earth Kingdom. You ladies have taught my tribe the ways of hunting and building hunting supplies. Now our tribe will repay you three by leading you out of the mountain."

The Shin Tee tribe cheered in glee as they escorted the group out of the campsite. Mei Lien, Lanying, and Lanji were lead through a trail with the whole tribe. Going down the mountain side took a long time. Bright lights twinkled in the sky and the sun disappeared over the horizon, showing the signs of night.

The moon

"...showing the signs of night"

Finally, they arrived at the end of the trail. The Shin Tee tribe gave their thanks to the three. With one last group hug with Niha, the tribe left back up the mountain.

Mei Lien, Lanying, and Lanji emerged from the trail onto the flat ground.

"Wow!" Mei Lien and Lanji gasped in awe. Blocking the horizon was the most beautiful sight they have seen. The towering walls of Ba Sing Se!

Author's Notes

Okay, Microsoft Word is still not working for me, so I guess I'll be writing the next chapter by email again until it works.


  • Earth flakes are an Earth Kingdom version of Fire flakes. Can you guess what they are made out of?
  • Skybender101 took a week and a half to finish this.
  • Microsoft Word was supposed to be used to type this chapter first, but since it was not working, Skybender101 has to do it on email.
  • Bao Yu is abalone and dried seafood in Chinese.
  • Niha was a name Skybender101 thought of in five seconds.

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