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This is the sixth chapter to Legend of Mei Lien written by Skybender101. Enjoy my fellow LoM readers! I really enjoyed writing this chapter!

What this Chapter is about

Mei Lien, Lanji Tong, and Lanying journey into a mountain where they encounter many difficulties.

A new character is introduced which means one more character page for me!

Into the Mountain

Days had passed after Mei Lien and Lanji's escape. They were finally two days away from their destination. Mei Lien paused at the top of a tall grassy hill. Lanji leaped to her side with Lanying falling behind.

"Girls, you guys are too fast. Give me a minute to tend to my leg every now and then," Lanying panted.

The girls ignored Lanying's plea. "We should be able to see the walls by now, but I do not see them. They are supposed to be huge right?" Mei Lien asked looking over the horizon.

"I do not think we will be able to see them until the last day of travel," Lanji replied. "They are large towering walls, but I do not think we will able to see them.....yet."

"Okay, well let's keep moving."

Lanying propped her map down and fell over on her side. She had just made it up the hill. "Not yet, girls. My leg is in immense pain right now." She groaned.

"Oh dang," Mei Lien stopped dead in her tracks. She looked back again at the beautiful horizon. "You see that mountain over there on the left side?" Lanji nodded.

"It looks like we have to pass it if we want to travel on."

Lanji smiled, looking excited. "Then let's go! This will be fun!"

Mei Lien shared a doubtful look with her mother. "Well, I guess it will be."

At the Mountain

It was about an hour until the three reached the large billowing mountain. A piercing chilly air swept through as they stared up at the never ending piece of land that stretched up to the sky.

"Think we can make it?" Mei Lien asked, shivering.

Lanji had a doubtful look on her face. "It looked fun at first, but now...."

Lanying sighed. "I believe we can make it, girls. We will have to be strong, stealthy, and lucky, but I know we can make it."

"What about your leg, mother?"

"I will be fine. No need to worry about me. Oh look, there is a trail right there that leads right into the mountain!"

Lanji glanced at Mei Lien who stared at her mother. "We can do this," Mei Lien stated confidently. "Let's go."

Earth Kingdom Palace

"Your majesty, I think we found the Avatar," a soldier saluted his King.

The Earth King jumped up from his throne. "You did?! Where?! Bring him in now!"

"Patience your majesty," the soldier replied, his face serious. "He is being brought in now."

"Hurry up then!" the Earth King barked.

The soldier grimaced, his eyes darting to the large double doors. Suddenly, the golden doors swung open revealing Ranu and a boy who looked about sixteen.

"This is the Avatar?" the Earth King imposed his eyes studying the thin boy in front of him.

"He seems to be," Ranu answered, his hands gripping the boy's shirt.

"SEEMS to be!" the King roared. "He has to be!"

Ranu stepped back in surprise. "He is an excellent Earthbender. He is an Earthbender who is also skilled and he is sixteen," he growled.

"That doesn't matter! Can he go into the Avatar State?"

Ranu opened his mouth than closed it. The sixteen-year-old boy shook his head.

"Well...I don't know sir. I am j-just an Earthbender," he stuttered.

"This is a waste of time! Go see if he can go into the Avatar State Ranu! If he can't, then put him in the prison!"


Mei Lien wiped the running sweat that dripped down her face. She, Lanji and her mother, Lanying, were trying to climb across a mountain to the other side so they could continue their journey.

Lanji stopped climbing to catch her breath. "Are you okay?" she asked Mei Lien's mother who was slowly trudging her way up.

"Yeah I'm fine. I'm aching, but let's keep going," Lanying breathed heavily slowly following Lanji.

"The trail leads up there and then we have to turn and go across," Mei Lien told her group pointing to a part of the trail they were following.

Lanji and Mei Lien pushed on until suddenly, they stopped right in their tracks.

"AHHHH!!!" a voice shrieked behind them. The two girls whipped around to find Lanying's hand holding desperately on an edge of a cliff. She had almost fallen off, but was holding on for her life.

"Mother!" Mei Lien shrieked as she dashed to the edge of the cliff. "Grab my hand!" she reached out to grasp her flailing mother.

The world slowed down. One minute, Mei Lien had her hand on her mother's, the next minute, Lanying was falling hopelessly down the cliff into the rushing river below.

"Mo...ther!" Mei Lien slowly screamed. She leaped after her, down the cliff, into the river. She could hear the deathening yells of Lanji behind her while she fell.

Suddenly, the freezing liquid met her face. Whoosh! She and her mother were swept down the river.

Into the River

Splash! Mei Lien felt herself being tossed and thrashed around in the large rushing stream. She desperately managed to lift her head above water. Water crashed into every aching part of her body. What a horrible way to die... No! I have to save mother!

She quickly yanked her arms up and started to swim. Mei Lien could see her mother's head bobbing helplessly in the blue liquid about three yards away from her. Using all of her strength, she flung herself down the river near her mother and grabbed the collar of her shirt. Suddenly, she felt another wave of water crash over her, but she did not let go of her soaking mother.

Darkness. Mei Lien knew this was the end of her and the only family member she had left. No! Someone had grabbed her shirt and was pulling her up above the water. Mei Lien dragged her mother up as the mysterious person pulled Mei Lien.

Mei Lien finally felt herself being thrown onto prickly grass. Land sweet Land! She delusively thought, coughing up a heap of salty liquid.

"Worst mountain ever," a familiar voice coughed.

The last thing she heard before she passed out was the thumps of two bodies falling beside her.


Waking up

"Mei Lien? Wake up, please," a voice called to Mei Lien who laid half unconscious on the grassy ground.

Mei Lien quickly shot up, suddenly feeling not drowsy. "What happened? Where are we? What day is it? Where's Ba Sing Se?!"

The first thing she saw was the pale face of Lanji. Her expression was drained of life.

"You're up," she coughed, smiling weakly.

Mei Lien searched her surroundings. Her eyes met the rushing river she was dragged under in front of her. On her left, knelt Lanji Tong and on the right side....was her petite mother. She lay there on the ground, unconscious. Mei Lien's eyes widened.

"Don't worry, Mei Lien. She will wake up soon," Lanji murmured.

"What happened?"

Lanji shifted uncomfortably. "Well, for one, you were crazy for jumping in after your mother. Two, I jumped in after both of you. Third, I dragged both of you up to shore."

Mei Lien gaped. "How in the world did you carry us through the rushing water?!"

Lanji smirked. "I guess I'm just strong enough."

Mei Lien stared at her friend with uncertainty. "Wel-..." Mei Lien's sentence was cut short by the sounds of coughing behind her. She whipped around to see her mother waking up from her black out.

"Wha... happened?" a dreary Lanying muttered, sitting herself up on the prickly grass.

"You woke up from your unconscious state, mother. No worries, you are safe. Lanji helped saved you and me from the treacherous river," Mei Lien told her mother.

"Really? Thank you Lanji for saving us! I am very grateful," she smiled, coughing up water. Suddenly, she leaped to her feet. "We must move on! I know we have just experienced something very life threatening, but we must put that aside and move on. We have a lot of ground to cover to make it out of this disastrous mountain."

"Too bad that river did not lead the way out of here," Lanji Tong sighed.


Sixteen-year-old, Yong, waited for his fate in the freezing cell that was in the Earth Kingdom Palace. His arms sprouted with goosebumps as his cell door slammed open.

The man who was supposedly named Mailo stepped into his lonely cell.

"The Earth King would like you to be his servant," he announced to a poor Yong.

"Why do I have to be his filthy servant?" Yong growled. "You are supposed to take all the captured Earthbenders back to their home when you know they are not the Avatar. I have a home and a family I miss dearly. Take me back to them now!"

Prison bars

Yong's prison cell

Mailo felt a bit sorry for the boy. It was not his fault that he would never see his family again. It's all Ranu's fault...and the Earth King's fault!

Mailo's face saddened. "I'm sorry boy, but the Earth King expects you to be in his throne room now. Come with me."

More Issues

"How long do you think this path is?" Mei Lien asked her mother, panting.

"Well, I have no map for this mountain, but I'm sure we have a couple of hours until we make it out. It's now day 88 since we left home Mei Lien. Your birthday is in three days Mei Lien..." she trailed off, glancing off to the mountain side. "You are getting older, dear."

"Mother," Mei Lien groaned playfully. "I know I'm getting older."

Lanying smiled and chuckled joyfully. Lanji laughed gleefully with her.

Suddenly, a crying shriek interrupted the women and the girl's enjoyment.

"The shriek came from somewhere up ahead of the path!" Lanji pointed to the curvy trail that lay ahead.

Lanji, Mei Lien, and Lanying, who was struggling to catch up, sprinted to the sound of the horrific cry.


A mountain lion-bear stood on all four legs right above a puny girl, who was about six years old. The lion-bear bared its teeth at the horrified female child.

Mei Lien quickly mounted herself in an Earthbending stance and Earthbended chunks of rocks at the beast that meant to hurt the young girl. Her friend Lanji did the same, while Lanying threw large rocks at the animal instead

The fight was on.

Mei Lien's thoughts

Dear Diary,

We found a poor girl being attacked by a mountain lion-bear. The girl is unknown to us, but of course we had to help.

The fight is now on.

Mei Lien

Author's Notes

This is my second favorite chapter! Thanks to Toph Lover for helping me with ideas for this chapter. I hope you favored this chapter!

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