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Special Night

It's starting to get dark here in the Fire Nation.

"Rokai! You have to hurry up! You don't want to be late, do you?" Rokai's father yells out to him.

"I'm coming father! Almost done!" Rokai yells out from his room.

Rokai steps out of his room dressed nicely with his hair put to the side, and with his fancy sandles on.

"You look just fine! She is just going to die over your good looks!" Rokai's father says jokingly.

They both laugh.

"Thanks dad," Rokai says.

"Alright son. Go have a good time. Let me know how it went when you get back," his father says.

"Sure dad," Rokai says as he heads out the door.

Rokai heads down to the hot meal shop, and doesn't see Azula yet. He finds an empty table and takes a seat.

An old man at the counter sees Rokai at the table.

"Well, you are looking pretty spiffy today young man. Waiting for a girl to show up?" The man says.

"Yes actually. I'm so nervous," Rokai says.

The old man chuckles and hands the worker some coins to pay for his food. He heads over to Rokai.

"Don't be worried. You look like you're a fine young man. Everything should go well with you," the old man says as he heads out the door.

"Hm, okay," Rokai says to himself.

Rokai sits at the table for a few minutes while he watches other people eat their food. He finally sees Azula walk in. She spots him and walks over.

"Well, I see you showed up," she says. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting for too long."

"No, not at all. It's nice to see you Princess," he says with a smile on his face.

She quickly smiles at him.

"What did you want to get to eat?" He asks.

"Hmm. I'm always in the mood for cow chick steak," she says.

"Okay. I'll get the same. I'll go order it," he says as he gets up.

He comes back to the table.

"So, I had just wanted to know, what made you say yes to me?" He asks.

She looks at him for a moment.

"I was impressed," she says.

"How?" He asks.

"You most likely heard about my harshness when it comes to this matter. That is why boys don't really ask me. But, I was impressed by your courage to come and ask me even after hearing about me," she says.

Rokai smiles.

"Well, I don't like to back down from things easily, or from being scared," he says.

"That is a good quality to have," she says.

At that, the food is brought out to them, and they continue to talk about plenty of things, and enjoy themselves. When they finish, Rokai pays and walks with Azula back to the palace. Rokai looks up at the palace.

"Nice place you got here," Rokai says.

They both laugh.

"Well, thank you for the food. I must go now. I'll see you sometime soon," she says.

"Okay, have a good night," he says as they both go back to their homes.

Rokai gets home to hear snoring coming from his fathers room. Rokai chuckles and slowly walks to his room to go to sleep.

At the palace, Azula walks in with a big smile on her face. The palace workers look at her with wide eyes.

"Is that Azula?" One of the workers say.

"I think so. What's got her so happy?" The other says.

"I don't know. It's different though, and I like it. Let's try to keep her happy," the worker says.

Going on a Trip

Rokai finishes telling his father everything after breakfast.

"Wow son. The Princess?! Wow! I can't believe this. That is just amazing," his father says.

"It's true dad," Rokai says as he chuckles. "Anyways, I wanted to let you know that me and Daeden are going on a trip for a few days. We will be back in a little bit."

"Okay son. Have fun," his father says.

Rokai picks up some stuff and heads out the door.

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