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Into the Blizzard is the ninth chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender. The chapter is about Aang investigating the South Pole where he finds more than just another friend.

The Story so Far

Aang has been told to scour the world to find missing Airbenders, but is forced to take a detour to the city of Omashu where he meets a mad genius named Bumi. There, Aang is told to open his mind to the possibilities and explore the South Pole where he learns a life lesson about family...

Into the Blizzard

~~South Pole: The South Sea~~

Aang stared at the sapphire-colored water, as it sparkled in the sunlight. The cool, fresh sea breeze blew against his face, relaxing him. Despite the cool breeze and the sea, Aang felt a sudden drop in temperature. He was almost there. Appa's roars snapped Aang from the breathtaking view of nature. The Airbender blinked as he cleared his head and gazed at the ocean. A blanket of fog was nearing the Airbenders announcing their arrival at the South Pole.

"Soon," Aang said, as he was consumed by the calm, reassuring fog.

~~South Pole: Isura Village~~

The girl's blue eyes stared at the fortress of water. It moved left to right as if it was giving a warning. Do not move, and do not escape. The girl stood up, clutching her bow and arrow that was made out of polar bear dogs. She turned to see the massive city of the Southern Water Tribe. Buildings made of ice rose to the top of the highest glaciers, as canals formed a labyrinth under the city. Many people would love to live in the South Pole as it was far nicer than the North or at least that's what she heard. Her father, when he was alive, never let her leave, in case she would be attacked by Polar Bear Dogs. RING! The girl looked around as the door to the boathouse opened. Multiple boats descended the dock, passing by the girl, and disappeared into the misty fog.

"That's it," The girl said. "No one is going to stop me from having an adventure," The girl turned and ran down the ice.

~~South Pole: Glacier Canyon~~

Appa roared as he descended toward the giant glaciers. The sky bison roared as he did a loop and landed on the ice. Aang Airbended himself from the saddle and onto the ice. "Okay, first up is to find a small village. Maybe we can ask them for help." Appa roared as if asking what he should do. "You can look around for a cave. We might be here a while." The Airbender said, taking the glider from Appa's saddle.

Appa roared in agreement and walked down the ice, disappearing from view in the light snowstorm that had recently started. Aang looked up as the hail danced around in the sky before finally dropping toward the ice or water. He stared at a snowflake as it fluttered around. Gazing past it, the Avatar saw a canoe drifting in the background. "Hey!" Aang shouted. "Over here!"

The canoe turned slowly coming towards the Avatar. In a short while, the canoe docked and a girl, with a bow and arrow over her back, stepped out eyeing Aang up and down. "Hi, I'm Aang, do you live around here?" Aang asked, holding his hand out.

"I'm Akua and yes, I do," Akua said, shaking Aang's hand. "Why do you need to know?" The girl asked, raising an eyebrow. RING. The girl turned shocked. "That must be Kelron! He's looking for me! Come here!" Akua turned and grabbed Aang's hand dragging him around a short slope.

"Who's Kelron?" Aang asked.

"My brother," Akua said, eying the water carefully.

"Why are you hiding from your brother?" Aang asked.

"No reason in particular." Akua said. The two waited in silence until Akua sighed and got up from her hiding place. "It looks like he's gone." Akua said, and turned to see Aang staring at her. "Why is an Airbender in the South Pole?"

"Oh, I'm doing something really important and I need help," Aang said, taking out the scroll from his pocket and handing it to Akua. Akua looked at the map carefully as Aang spoke. "The monks told me to visit the places where the pictures of flames are, but a mad genius told me to check the least likely place Airbenders are hiding and that's here."

"I haven't seen any Airbenders, but then again, I haven't seen much of anything," Akua said and rolled the map back up. "But I could help you look for them. Where do Airbenders mostly live?"

"Airbenders like to live on high places. Are there any high glaciers around here?" Aang asked.

"You're in Glacier Canyon! The canyon where glaciers grow and thrive. My father told me that the highest glacier here is Zen Berg." Akua looked around for the glacier, until she finally spotted it. "There!" Aang turned his eyes toward a huge looming glacier, staring at all the others. "C'mon, Aang, I'll give you a ride." Akua offered and ran toward the canoe.

"Okay, thanks!" Aang said, and ran into the canoe. Akua followed suit and picked up an oar. The girl pushed the oar against the ice, causing the canoe to move to the side, and follow the current downstream.

~~The Southern Air Temple: Courtyard~~

"Is there any news about Aang?" Mia asked Gyatso with hope in her eyes.

"None yet, Mia," Gyatso said sadly. "I fear that Aang might have left for good."

"Not Aang!" Ko shouted, running up to Mia. "Why did he have to go?" He asked, a tear streaming down his eyes. "I miss him."

"It's going to be okay Ko," Gyatso said.

"Gyatso!" Monk Tashi shouted, walking towards the Courtyard. The small Airbenders screamed and ran away. The elder only scowled as he walked up to his fellow elder. "Aka has just arrive. We need you to be there to formally welcome him."

"Aka?" Mia asked. "The one Aang beat in the Sky Bison Polo Championships? What is he doing here?"

"Nothing of your concern young girl," Monk Tashi said. "Come along Gyatso." The elder turned and walked away.

"I must go. Take care, Mia," Gyatso said and followed Monk Tashi.

"We need you Aang," Mia whispered, before laying her head on Ko, as tears poured down her face.

~~The South Pole: Glacier Canyon, Nearing Zen Berg~~

"So, Akua," Aang said, sitting on the boat, watching as his new friend rowed the canoe. "What made you want to run away? Don't you miss your family, your friends?"

"Nah, I have no friends," Akua's expression went sad. "My father died in a scouting mission on the Eastern Waters and my mother is always talking with her friends or grieving. She never has any time for me," Akua said, as they kept rowing. "You see I live on Isura Village, a little island in the middle of this canyon where girls aren't allowed to leave, hunt or do anything. I ran away to live a life full of adventure."

"You ran away?!" Aang asked, shocked. "But what about your mother? She must be worried sick."

"I already told you that she doesn't have time for me!" Akua shouted. "I've always been alone while my brother, is off hunting for the island."

"This isn't right," Aang said. "The monks told me that the bond between two people is inseparable. Even the bond between the land and the water. They both depend on each other. You need to go back and fix things. Tell your mother what you really want."

"Oh, yeah, and what about you?!" Akua shouted. "Why are you in the South Pole? You must've left a lot of family and friends behind when you chose to travel the world."

"I didn't choose, the monks chose for me!" Aang raised his voice. "I don't want to be the one responsible for finding these Airbenders! I want to live a normal life and have fun and freedom. Air is the element of freedom!"

Aang stopped, stunned at how his voice raised. Still, Akua was right. Je didn't have an argument. The Airbender remembered all of his friends. How were Mia and Ko feeling? What about Gyatso? The Avatar stared at the direction of Zen Berg. He had to get back.

Thump. "We're here." Akua said without any emotion The girl jumped out of the canoe, tying it up to a broken icicle. The Avatar looked up in the sky as the hail started to pick up. "It's going to be a blizzard soon, isn't it?" Aang asked.

"Yeah," Akua said, joining Aang as they looked up at Zen Berg.

"You stay here Akua," Aang said.

"No way," Akua said. "I'm going to have an adventure. Whether you like it or not." Aang nodded and the two walked over to Zen Berg and started to climb.

~~The South Pole: Glacier Canyon~~

The fourteen-year-old boy watched as the canoe was lowered from the boats. He couldn't believe that his twelve-year-old sister would do something this rash and stupid. Now, he had to abandon the mission and chase after her like always. The boy looked around until he heard screams echoing off the glaciers. One of the voices was familiar. Could it be? Yes, one was his sister's but the other was a voice that he never heard before. Reluctantly, the boy changed direction and headed toward Zen Berg.

~~Glacier Canyon: Zen Berg~~

Aang Airbended himself up the cliffs and ledges, occasionally stopping to help Akua get up. "Are you sure you wanted to climb? The blizzard's picking up," True to his word, more hail started to pour down.

"Are you kidding?" Akua asked. "It's too late to turn back now." The girl pulled herself up, landing on the same ledge as Aang.

"This is going to be a long climb," Aang sighed and Airbended himself higher.

Akua sighed and grabbed the next crack. She heaved herself up when suddenly, her foot slipped. Akua screamed but the blizzard drowned her voice. "Aang! Help!" Akua shouted. The ice started to crack, reaching toward his prey. "Ah!" Akua shouted. The blizzard whipped down on her, forcing her fingers to slip as if saying to let go. "Help!" Akua shouted, but to no avail. The blizzard released one more powerful gust of its power exploding Zen Berg. An avalanche of snow started falling down from the sky. "AANG!" Akua shouted with all of her power. Akua's fingers slipped and she started to fall. Suddenly, Aang was there, riding his Air Scooter around the glacier.

"Akua!" Aang shouted. The Avatar dove into the snow feeling nothing but the heavy snow crashing on him. Struggling, Aang tried to open his eyes, but failed. The Avatar was tossed side by side, flipped and flopped all around as a fish attached to a hook trying to escape. His glider flew out of his hands as he looked for Akua. In an instant, he spotted her blue jacket, tossed wildly all around. Aang kicked his leg in the air, but was smashed by the snow and sent flipping toward the other side. He couldn't breathe and he couldn't see. Suddenly, Akua was knocked alongside him and the two screamed together as the snow piled its weight onto the friends, sending them spiraling downward until they reached their deaths. BOOM! The snow landed on the water causing a typhoon of water to splash everywhere. The two friends accepted their fate until they landed on a small ledge. Aang quickly got on top of Akua, trying to stay up while the snow crashed into them like hammers, trying to knock them down.

The blizzard roared with evil as it knocked another powerful blast at the iceberg. The snow crashed into each other, deafening the friends screamed until a heavy snowball slammed Aang in the back, causing him to fall on the ground. Aang's eyes tried to stay up as a man walked up to them carrying two sticks. The last thing Aang saw was the man opening a stick in the shape of his glider as the snow continued to fall behind them.

~~Glacier Canyon, In Front of Zen Berg~~

The boy smiled as he neared the remains of the canoe. The storm last night had shattered it into just a pile of sticks and twigs. "Akua, I told you not to tie a canoe in front of a glacier. Especially Zen Berg out of all icebergs." The boy looked up to the top of Zen Berg where the sun rested peacefully on top. ROAR! The boy turned around as a bison, which was attracted to the sound of his master screaming, walked over the small slope.

~~Zen Berg: Cave~~

"What," Aang asked, rubbing his head. "Where am I?" The Airbender looked around, and gasped. All around him were Airbending relics and in the middle of the room was a man, meditating. Aang quickly got up, spotting Akua next to him. "Excuse me, are you-are you an Airbender?"

"Avatar, I was part of a group of Airbenders known as the Air Agents, a secret squad of Air Nomads sent to investigate if anything was happening. My most recent mission was in the Fire Nation, snooping around Sozin's Library in the Temple of the Avatar. There, we were caught by the Fire Sages and we were all captured. The Air Agents were at the mercy of the Fire Lord, he tried to have us all killed. I was lucky enough to escape."

"Bumi was right," Aang whispered. "Please, you have to come with me. The monks are looking for missing Airbenders. They think that the Fire Lord is plotting something."

"I am sorry, Avatar, but I cannot. Just tell them Ento sends them his regards."

"Aang?" Akua asked, waking up. "What happened?"

"Nothing," Aang said, turning his gaze for Ento. "C'mon, it's time to leave." He turned to Ento and sighed. "Are you sure you're not coming?" Aang asked.

Ento sighed. "I am sorry young Airbender, but I think it is for the best."

"Have it you way," Aang said, grabbed Akua and jumped from ledge to ledge down Zen Berg. Ento sighed, and turned his head down, facing the statue of Avatar Yangchen.

~~Glacier Canyon: Outside Zen Berg~~

"Do you any help going back home?" Aang asked.

"I'm a tough girl," Akua said. "I can handle myself." The girl pounded her chest.

"That's gr-BOOM!" Aang leaped into the air, dodging a blast of ice from the boy.

"Kelron, what are you doing?" Akua said, as soon as she saw her brother.

"Saving you from the likes of him!" Kelron shouted, and bended the water into the air, sending it towards Aang. The Avatar quickly spun sideways as the water crashed onto the ice. Kelron shot water up and bended them into ice. Like knives, they were shot straight for the victim. Aang landed on his feet, and pushed his hand outwards, sending a cyclone of wind at the knives, knocking them off course.

"There's been a misunderstanding!" Aang said.

Kelron bended the water around Aang, trying to hold the Airbender down. The Avatar jumped onto one of the glaciers before ricocheting off the glacier and behind Kelron. The Waterbender quickly bended ice around his feet and started moving his hands creating rings of ice at the Avatar. Aang sidestepped each one of them until he shot a blast of wind that sent him spiraling back. "Please, you don't understand!" Aang said.

"Kelron, what are you doing?!" Akua shouted, bending water into a whip and snapping his back.

"What am I doing?" Kelron asked, getting up. "I'm trying to protect you. You know things haven't been well ever since that Fire Nation ship almost reached our shores."

"A Fire Nation ship?" Aang asked. "Where is it?"

"It doesn't matter!" Kelron said. "Like my sister, we share a similar taste for freedom, but I only want to protect her."

"You do?" Akua asked.

"Yes, Akua, you're my twelve-year old sister and I don't want anything bad to happen to you," ROAR! Kelron turned around to see a polar bear dog walking towards them. "Like that."

"Go!" Aang shouted. "I'll hold her off!"

Kelron and Akua nodded and ran toward Kelron's canoe. The two quickly boarded it as Aang shot a gust of wind at the dog. "We don't have to fight." The polar bear dog jumped over Aang and raced toward the siblings.

"No!" Aang shouted. Suddenly, a gust of wind rammed into the dog, crashing into the glacier. Aang turned to see Ento flying down on his glider. The polar bear dog roared as Aang grabbed his glider and shot a whip back at the dog, causing her to spin backwards.

The dog ran toward Aang, jumping over the Avatar and turned to its side. Ento quickly bended the air up and rocketed skywards before landing next to Aang. The polar bear dog got on its hind legs and slammed its front paws on the snow creating a mist that blinded the Airbender's view.

"Ento!" Aang shouted.

The dog ran up to Ento, and spun to its side, slamming the old agent into the iceberg. It turned and headed straight to Aang. ROAR! Appa quickly slammed his tail, shooting the dog onto the slope. The dog turned, whining, and ran off.

"Ento, are you okay?" Aang asked, running up to him.

"Yes, please, take me to the Air Temple," Ento said, wheezing.

Aang grabbed Ento and Airbended himself onto Appa. "Yip, yip." The bison slammed his tail on the ground again and soared into the sky. Aang looked back at the ocean to see a small canoe drifting with the current to a small island.

"Those two made up," Aang said. "Would it be that easy with Gyatso and me?"

The Avatar sat in silence as Appa roared loudly, announcing his excitement to be returning home.

Author's Note

RotB97: So, here is Chapter 9, Into the Blizzard. Many might be wondering why I called it that and that is because, that after this chapter, things are going to start getting better. Be prepared for more action, more twists, more secrets, and best of all, more Appa!


  1. Akua means Aqua and Isura means Isla in Japanese. Ento is derived from Ejento, the Japanese word for Agent.
  2. Zen Berg is in The Lost Scrolls, another fanon by RotB97
  3. This is the longest chapter so far.
  4. A Minisode based on Ento's adventure will be released.
  5. Originally, a scene with Afiko was to be included, but the author felt the chapter was too long.

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