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It was the giggling that should have alerted him. Unfortunately, in Sokka's mad dash to complete a document on the imports of sea prunes, the small but revealing action of laughter went completely over his head for several minutes.

That is, until he realised Toph, of all people, had made said noise.

Frowning slightly, he moved away from his desk and rubbed his eyes. Looking out the window as he passed it, he was surprised to find how late it had become–and he wasn't even halfway finished. He would have groaned at the realisation, however a further bout of laughter brought him back to the moment, remembering why he had stood up in the first place.

Walking to Toph's room, he heard someone moaning. Not the painful kind, but a different, more pleasant but less innocent one. He burst through the door with little thought of propriety. Or how Toph would beat him senseless.

To say that he was shocked to find her making out was an understatement.

It wouldn't generally be an understatement, finding someone in their bedroom making out, but you have to understand that this was Sokka. Big-Brother-slash-Best-Friend Sokka. Looking at Toph. Making out. Little-Sister-slash-Best-Friend Toph. With a boy. It was strange—and that was definitely not the first word that came to Sokka's mind. "Wrong", "disgusting" and "perverted" all made their own appearances; for one thing, her hair was down, cascading like a midnight waterfall down her back and over her shoulders–unclothed, enough to suggest that she was shirtless. And with Toph, it was entirely possible. That wasn't even the worst of it.

The next surprising thing was that she was sitting—no, straddling—her make-out partner on her bed; the bed that she had never once slept in because she said it made her feel like she was falling. The only time he had seen her willingly be blinded was when they were escaping Azula and her cronies just after she had first joined them. Every other time, she had complained about the lack of sight. Even when Zuko had burnt her feet, and she could still see with her hands she complained; watching her enjoy being blind (and by the way her hands were roaming, she certainly was enjoying it) was a completely foreign experience for him.

The third thing, and this was a combination of a few things, was the fact that she was still kissing her strange make-out partner, despite his presence in her room. She was clutching the chest of whomever she was sucking the face of (he was unable to get a good look because of said midnight-waterfall-locks covering a good portion of them), and the boy was holding her hips with a passion Sokka didn't want to think about. With his hands running up and down her shirtless sides (it was quite obvious now that she was in nothing but her pants and breast bindings) and their bodies far closer than Sokka deemed appropriate, the Water Tribe boy could do nothing but stare. He had never seen Toph be so focused on anything before; he had never seen her so emotive before. It was due to sheer shock at watching her probe the face of a young man, lapping at him almost greedily that had stopped him from going over there and punching the daylights out of whoever deemed himself good enough for his friend.

Startled out of his highly inappropriate staring when Toph uttered a low moan, he realised that the door had swung open noiselessly—they had no idea he was there. Shouting out, "What the hell are you doing?" he felt a small stab of satisfaction as Toph jumped away, falling over backwards and landing on the ground with a loud oof.

"Sokka?!" Her voice would have been a screech had she been capable of such a noise. Instead, she sounded like an extremely upset, extremely pissed off sabre-tooth moose-lion. Standing up, Toph straightened her shirt and marched over to Sokka, glaring angrily.

"What are you doing, kissing a boy?! You're too young for that!" he cried out before she had a chance to speak.

If possible (and knowing the blind girl, it was more than probable), Toph's frown became deeper, and she snarled at the Water Tribe boy, "It's none of your business who I kiss. You were doing worse things than that to Suki at my age. I'm sixteen—old enough to make my own decisions—so get lost."

She turned around and made her way back to the bed, and Sokka finally got a look at the boy she had been kissing.

He was probably the same age as Toph, with a strong jawline and impressive abs that Sokka glared at until Toph's lithe fingers began running up and down his chest, covering them.

"Close the door on your way out," she called before leaning down, capturing the stranger's lips with her own.

"No. This is my house too, and you," he pointed to the boy. "Get out."

"No, stay; it's nicer here." Sokka had never realised how seductive and dangerous Toph could sound at the same time. Making an executive decision, Sokka walked over to Toph and plucked her off the boy, narrowly avoiding her writhing limbs as she fought against him.

Holding her away from the earth she so loved to bend, Sokka glared at the boy until he felt uncomfortable enough to put a shirt on and leave. It seemed as though he was wasting time until Sokka would drop Toph; it became obvious as the girl ran out of energy from fighting the warrior that he wouldn't get what he wanted from her, and quickly left after that. As Sokka heard the front door click, he put Toph down, who automatically swung around and gave him a sucker punch to the lower jaw.

"What the hell was that?!" she screamed at him, pure rage boiling to the surface. It was times like these that Sokka was grateful she wasn't a firebender.

"Ow... Whaddya mean?" he asked, rubbing his aching jaw.

"What do you mean, 'whaddya mean'? What. The hell. Was that?"

Sokka cowered slightly under her glare, before realising that he was a man, and men do not cower. He pulled himself up to his full height, an impressive six feet that would possibly have intimidated Toph had she been able to see it.

"You're too young to be doing things like that. It's disgusting, men only say they love you for a quick shag, then leave you." Toph let out a humourless laugh that could almost have been considered a cackle.

"What, like what you did when Suki dumped you? Oh, yeah. I heard, Sokka. Hell, I felt it. I can definitely tell what disgusting is."

Sokka completely ignored the hypocrisy of the situation, instead plowing ahead as though he had planned the speech.

"It doesn't matter. I know you can protect yourself, but I still don't want to see you get hurt..." He trailed off, not looking at her. Finally dragging his eyes up, he realised with a shock that she was blushing. The weight of the conversation suddenly dawned on him.

I walked in on her about to have sex with someone!

Unable to continue talking to her after such an epiphany, he mumbled a quick excuse and left, allowing the door to her room slam shut behind him. He thought he heard her say something, but quickly dismissed it, not wanting to face her.

"Why do you care so much, Sokka?"

A/N: I've had several requests to turn this into a two-shot. Stay posted ^^"

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